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Caption This: Visiting Robots at Epcot

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

It’s time for a 1980s flashback!
Caption This Photo from 1989 at Epcot!

This promotional shot, taken in August 1989, shows some teens having fun with a robot that used to entertain guests at Epcot.

What’s the gal in the red so excited about? Is the robot telling her a hilarious joke? Demonstrating futuristic teeth-whitening techniques? Or is this hug just plain out of this world?

You tell us. Go ahead and “Caption This”!

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  • You think that’s funny… Wait until they turn me into a talking garbage can!

  • I guess this is the Droid they were looking for.

  • Oh look girls it Flobee the robot!!

  • Yes, yes, a thousand times yes of course I will marry you!!!

  • Looking for an update on Test Track please. We will be at Disney the week of Thanksgiving and hope it will be open. Thanks!

    • I hope to have something new to share very soon.

  • Help! It’s grabbed me by my mullet!

  • Whew! I am so glad we’ve come a long way from having a robot nibble on our faces to just a finger scan to get in with our tickets!

  • No really! I think I’m stuck on the future.

  • Johnny 5 you’re alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh Yuck! Robot Germs!

  • This robot is soooo totally like mine, mine, miiiiiiine!

    • Did we really talk like that? Like really?

  • “I don’t want to sound like a zeek, but this robot is the JAM! Epcot really is the world of tomorrow, today!”

  • Sorry to break it to you, but in the future, you are not married to a member ot New Kids on the Block.

  • Kid?…No, kid, I am NOT Wall-E, will you let go? He’s shorter than I am, and he’s over in Tomorrowland! Honestly, this’s…Ma’am, will you tell him to let go, this is embarrassing!

    • They do look similar!

  • You want to come see Captain EO with me?

  • “Guys! He’s like TOTALLY powered by hair spray!”

    • Funny

  • As I look in your ear, I can not say what I see more of in your future…Mission Space or maybe the Black Hole.

  • LOL, no I must have missed the memo on it being Striped Shirt and Big Hair day!

  • OMG! It is SO a robot. I thought these things didn’t exist until, like, 2000!

    • 🙂

  • Girls just wanna have fun!

  • In the future, we’ll only be allowed to have this hair in New Jersey! (Disclaimer: I’m from New Jersey.)

  • I got her nose, I got her nose!

  • I’m not R2D2 – I’m R2EatYou!

    • Looks like it.

  • OMG Heathers! You both said it was a plant eating Robot. AHHH!

  • “In the future, they’re going to completely get rid of all the cool stuff upstairs in ImageWorks.”


  • Ahhh, I have so much hairspray in my hair, that I’m stuck to this robot!!

    • Good one! (PS: I had totally radical hair like this back then!).

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