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Celebrating 57 Years at Disneyland

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Celebrating 57 Years of Magic at Disneyland Park

Today we celebrated 57 years of magic at the Disneyland Resort! This afternoon, Disney characters filled Town Square, balloons in hand, to sing “Happy Birthday To You” with Disneyland park guests.

Celebrating 57 Years of Magic at Disneyland Park

All of us at the Disneyland Resort are proud to celebrate 57 years of creating happiness. I wanted to share with you some thoughts from my fellow cast members, who were asked to share one reason why they love Disneyland park:

“I grew up coming to Disneyland and now I refuse to grow up at Disneyland.” – Jeremy P., “Fantasmic!” and Haunted Mansion

“I’ve spent more than half my life in a place designed and built to make people happy, alongside cast members wired to make others happy and filled with guests who come wanting to be happy. How could anyone not love that?” – Matt G., general manager, Disneyland Park Food and Beverage

“Because one feels proud to be part of the magic that Disneyland creates, and from the time we are children, we wish to visit this wonderful place full of joy and dreams.” – Ricardo H., Central Bakery

“I love Disneyland because it was part of my childhood as a guest, teenager and college years as a cast member. I literally grew up here!” – Colleen N., CMR Program Manager

“Working with such an awesome and remarkable man [Oscar Martinez].” – Robin P., Carnation Café

“Because it is a place where families can pass on or make traditions for generations to come.” – Andrew S., Global Rooms Assignor

“Disneyland represents everything that has made America great: optimism, imagination, nostalgia, pioneering spirit and innovation.” – Nathan E., Disneyland Resort Creative Entertainment

“I’ve been watching Tinker Bell fly over Sleeping Beauty Castle for 50 years and it’s always just as magical for me as the first time!” – Sandy R., Pre-Arrival Sales

“The magic Disneyland creates leaves you with a big smile and a full heart.” – Jenny P., Disneyland Resort Casting

“How many places are there that you can be taking a break and have Goofy walk by and wave at you? You can’t help but smile.” – Cindy D., Public Affairs

“I love seeing one man’s dream being not only lived out, but still growing and evolving long after the dreamer has passed.” – Carrie H., Hollywood Land Attractions

“I love Disneyland park because when other people sigh and say, ‘I’m going to work,’ I say, ‘I’m going to the Magic Kingdom.’” – Wade H., Guest Service Manager

“It is the only place where I enjoy a Dole Whip for breakfast, five churros for lunch and a Mickey Pretzel. Plus another churro for dinner.” – Christian C., Disney University

“I grew up coming here with my family and friends, I met my true love here, made some of my best friends here, and it’s here that I get to spend my time with an amazing group of people at an opening-day attraction, cruising around the Jungle Rivers of the World… Move it up skip!” – Ryan W., Jungle Cruise

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  • Happy Birthday, Disneyland!!! Wish we could have been there to see it in person. What I love are the references to Oscar the chef from Main Street, he is such a legend and sweet man, and who could forget about Wade!! You all certainly know how to celebrate your people the right way. My love to all of the cast members and people that make Disney so special, my entire family thanks you for making the world a better place!!!

  • Happy birthday to you too Disneyland!!! I will never forget that day that you gave me that SAMPLE of YOUR MAGIC!!! I miss you!!! I will see you and visit you soon!!! And to all disney cast members…Hope to see you soon as well!!! I cant wait to spread and embrace that happiness again…as ive been spreading so much love :)!!!
    Happy birthday!!!!

  • Thanks for the wonderful pictures!! I grew up at Disneyland, meet some life long friends, and it is my HAPPY PLACE! My first Grand Daughter was born today 7/18/12 so every year I will be celebrating 2 very important Birthday’s!!

    • Congratulations, Stacey!

  • There is no place like the Magic Kingdom. I worked in the park in the late 80’s as a Jungle Guide on The World Famous Jungle Cruise, and then transferred over to parades and street shows till the early 90’s. No job, will ever compare to the joy and pure happiness that I experienced while working there. I left my heart at Disneyland, and long to visit it as much as possible.
    I still shed a tear when I have to leave the park. I will forever have that Disney Spirit…

  • My best wishes and hope for many, many more at the Happiest Place on Earth. My only regret is that I cannot attend every birthday celebration there.

  • Happy Birthday Disneyland and my little girl. My Daughters b-day is July 17th and she thinks it so cool Disneylands bday is the same as her’s. We are planing on being at Disneyland for it 60th and DD’s 10th 🙂

  • The Cast Members are a big reason why we return as often as we do — they make the magic happen!! A friend of mine is going to Disneyland next week for the first time. She asked me why we go so often. I told her once she visits she’ll discover why we go so often 😉 I can say that with confidence, because I know she’ll be impressed!

  • Happy Anniversary Disneyland, 57 years of magic and happyness.
    Thank You Walt

  • Happy Anniversay Disneyland. I always thought it was serendipitous that my Birthday is also on July 17th. I was very forth ate to spend my 35th Birthday in California for Disneyland’s 50th. Greatest birthday ever.

    • Happy birthday to you as well, Juan-Carlos!

  • Erin – It was great seeing you today and it always feels AMAZING to be a part of Disney history and all of the magic in the air! These celebrations are always short and sweet but loaded with fun! Also great to read all of these comments from the amazing cast members! Happy 57th, Disneyland!

    • Great to see you too, Corey!


  • When you walk through the turnstiles you become that magic, that dream. It’s just that happy place! In today’s world we need that escape. I LOVE DISNEYLAND!

    • That’s very true, Karen.

  • Happy Birthday Disneyland! 😀

  • Orange County has, and always will be, a place where change is constant and old things never survive. But there’s that familiar little oasis in Anaheim that has been a constant symbol of hope, happiness and magic.
    Happy Birthday to that friend of mine up the road. When I am old and barely able to walk, I know she’ll still be there. And I know I’ll always be welcome.

    • Well said, Sam!

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