Celebrating Independence Day with Voices of Liberty at Disneyland Park

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Nothing stirs my patriotic spirit – on July 4th or any day of the year – quite like listening to the incomparable Voices of Liberty, the a cappella group that has become a cherished tradition at Walt Disney World Resort. Recently, a new Voices of Liberty ensemble made its debut at the Disneyland Resort, and they are just as impressive.

You might be interested to know some Voices of Liberty alumni from Epcot were involved in the formation of the new group. Show Director Dimitri Toscas and Music Director Tony DeRosa both sang with Voices of Liberty in the late ‘90s, and Tony has served as musical director for the group at Epcot since 2006.

“The advantage of Tony coming to Disneyland is he keeps the continuity of the style and the sound and the tradition,” said Dimitri, who wrote some of the unique scripted sections for the Disneyland park version of the show.

“It’s been such a staple of Walt Disney World entertainment for 30 years now,” said Tony. “What a great opportunity for that landmark entertainment from Epcot to come home to the original and become part of the fabric of Disneyland.”

Have a listen, and I think you’ll agree!

When visiting Disneyland park this summer, you won’t want to miss this celebration of the music that inspired our nation. Voices of Liberty is scheduled to appear at the Main Street Opera House prior to select performances of “The Disneyland Story Presenting Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln,” each Friday through Tuesday, through September 16.

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  • I will be visiting Disneyland in mid September… hopefully the Voices of Liberty schedule will be extended (please).

  • I say keep them there forever too

  • Thanks for posting this video. We will be at Disneyland next week so I hope I get to hear them in person!

    • Megan, they perform every day except Wednesday and Thursday, so check the show schedule when you go. Performance times are also posted outside the theater on Main Street.

  • We just saw the Voices of Liberty 3 times during our latest trip to Disneyland. Please keep them permanently. Not only are they incredibly talented, they are bringing more and more people to see Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, which more guests should see.

  • Thank you so much for this article on the Voices of Liberty! My friend, Darren is the tall man with the glasses. So proud of him and excited about this opportunity for him. The are so wonderful!!! Great job Voices of Liberty!

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