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Cool Ear Hat Ornament Collection Expands as Summer Heats Up at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs

New Ear Hat Ornaments Coming to Disney Parks

Last summer, I was reflecting on winter temperatures when I shared a look at Mouseketeer ear hat-inspired ornaments. As summer has recently descended on the Sunshine State, I’m again thinking about cooler temperatures with a first look at new ear hat ornaments. Aaron Babcock, Product Developer for seasonal merchandise, told me that last year’s ornaments were so popular that they expanded the collection.

“We were thrilled with the response from our guests about the porcelain ear hats,” said Aaron. “This year, we have significantly expanded the assortment to include hats inspired by villains, princesses, classic characters and even Pixar characters. We’ve also added a tremendous amount of detail to each new ornament.”
New Ear Hat Ornaments Coming to Disney Parks

There are approximately 40 new ear hat ornaments. The majority of the hats were designed by Disney Design Group artist Costa Alavezos and professional intern Derrick Lirette. Artist Cody Reynolds contributed the princess ear hat designs. I spoke with Costa about the details found on the ornaments.
New Villains Ear Hat Ornaments Coming to Disney Parks

“This year, we made the ornaments out of resin,” explained Costa. “This material allowed us to capture lots of details. By using resin, we could add glitter, decals and other embellishments that can’t be added to porcelain. I was delightfully surprised to see the final hats as each hat has such personality.”

The hats will be introduced to Disney Parks in the coming weeks. They will also be found via the online Disney Parks Store. The best places to find them at Disney Parks are Disney’s Days of Christmas and World of Disney at Downtown Disney Marketplace in Florida, World of Disney in the Downtown Disney District in California. They will also be found in the Emporium location found on Main Street, U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom Park, and the China Closet location in Disneyland park.

New Ear Hat Ornaments Coming to Disney Parks

One detail I love is how the artists used the front and back of each hat (best seen with the Chip and Dale or WALL-E and Eve hats). I also thought the Princess Aurora design was clever (pink dress on one side and blue dress on the other). Rapunzel’s extra long hair was a nice touch.

Each hat is limited edition with the exception of the princess collection. Aaron said to watch for additional holiday and fashion-inspired hats coming in the next few months.

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  • I LOVE those!! My Christmas tree is 100% Disney already, I’m always looking for new unique ornaments to add!! Pretty soon, I’m going to need 2 trees!!

  • I want them all!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh those are adorable! I let out a loud gasp when I saw the chip n dale ornament!I will need to get many of these for my tree this year

    • @Kimberly – Right on! My parents still have two trees in their house – one being filled with Disney. I can completely relate!

      @Jennifer – They look great! Just wait until you see them in person. The Chip and Dale has flocking which makes the ornament feel fuzzy. Same thing is used on Grumpy.

  • I love them! They are seriously awesome! My tree is all red/gold/ivory/disney to match the victorian Mickey & Minnie stockings that my husband and I have but I may need a smaller tree to put all of these on! *LOVE*

  • I love them and I must have them all. I love Christmas and getting to have all of my Disney things out on display. I hope to add a couple of things while we are Disneyland in a couple of weeks.

  • While I love these being a Huge Donald fan, the ornament is a must. I was wondering if there are any plans for a Donald Christmas stocking design? My family and I have been waiting for one, and have put off buying the other character stockings (Mickey,Pluto,Goofy,Minnie,Tigger,Pooh)because “My” Donald stocking does not exist 🙁

  • These ornaments are SO cute! We always put up several Christmas trees in our house, and the one in my room is an all-Disney tree, complete with a Tinkerbell topper! I definitely want to add some of these to my collection. 🙂

    You said that these are limited editions. Do you know if they will all be released at once? When will they be sold online? Are they all going to be available online? If they’re limited, I don’t want to wait until my next park visit, in case they sell out, so I want to know when I should check the website.

    • @Justin – Great question. I spoke with Aaron who said that a Donald Duck stocking is something he is considering. So you may be in luck at a future date. 🙂

      @Allie – The majority of the ornaments are limited edition (exception is princess as mentioned). They each have an edition size of 6,500. They will begin to arrive in locations in the coming weeks.

      The same is true for the Disney Parks online store. You will see them released starting later in July and into August (a couple each week). The Dalmatian puppy and Cruella DeVil ornaments will be online exclusive.

      All of the ornaments should be released by September.

  • These are AWESOME!!! Cannot wait to add these to my already Disney filled tree! Will all 40 styles be available through the Disney Parks Store, or just a limited variety? If the latter is the case, is there a way that SKU numbers can be provided so that we can order through Disney Parks Merchandise?

    • @Stefanie – I’m glad to hear you like them. If you do create that tree with all 40, I’d love to see a photo 🙂 The plan is to carry pretty much all of the ornaments via the online store – http://www.DisneyParks.com/Store

      You will begin to see them released toward the end of July and into August.

  • OMG, I love those so much!!!!! I’m totally going to pick up a couple of them!!!

  • THESE ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I want all of them!!!

  • Great-when are they ready for purchase?

  • This is way too dangerous. With my Christmas ornament collection and love of Disney…I want them all. Must get job. Must get job.

    • @Charles – Look for them to be arriving in the coming week at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. They will also be sold via the online store (few each week) starting toward the end of July and into August.

      @Mark – Try http://www.DisneyCareers.com 🙂

  • These look amazing!!!!! Is there any possibility of the ornaments becoming real mickey ear hats??? I would love to see this happen.

  • Love these but the wait for them to go on sale at the online store will be a painful one, want them now!

  • Are these all based off of real hats? I’ve never seen a “full” version of the Chernabog ones and would LOVE to have them.

  • I LOVE IT!!! They NEED to make these real hats!!!

  • We love the hats. Wish there was a Stich one. As he is our favorite!!!

  • I got the R2D2 ears ornament at Star Wars Weekends – is that one part of this collection? Love all of these!!

  • Love, love, love these ornaments. With my collection of Mickey ears, a matching ear hat christmas tree is a must! Great job!

  • Love these so much!!!! Will there be a Marie or Duffy one???? I would love both 🙂

  • OMG! I love these!! Just like some of the other comments, my christmas tree is 100% Disney. I am a huge Christmas and Disney Fan so there is a tree in almost every room during the holidays. I can’t wait to get the Princess set for my daughter’s tree. Every year when we visit Disney I come home with a least two or three ornaments and when I visit in August I think that will change to a larger amount. 🙂 (My husband is not going to be too happy. LOL) One question Steve, Do you know how much they will cost? I have to plan ahead of how much I can spend cuz I would love to get all 40!!

    • @Brittany – I would say they are part of this collection simply because they use a “character” on an ear hat.

      @Jessica – There will be additional designs coming next year. I’ve seen concepts for Princess Jasmine, Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and, my favorite, a steampunk inspired design which looks amazing!!

      @Christine – That sounds incredible (and probably looks like my parent’s home during the holidays 🙂 The ornaments are $21.95 each (note – retails are subject to change without notice).

      And I know they are available in select locations now. I bought a few last night (July 12) at Disney’s Days of Christmas at Downtown Disney Marketplace. I also saw them at World of Disney.

  • disney should turn all those into hats!!! i would buy them all!!!

  • Is there any chance of me being able to purchase these in the uk?!?
    Stefani xx


  • Oh My GOSH !!! I love them all ! How can I choose just a few….. WELL maybe a few at a time ! LOL Disney has done it again! Wish I was closer to either park, well maybe not, I would never be home! Better dust off those credit cards cause I will be shopping ! Love the dalmatian (I have one) so that will be on the first batch. Do you know if they may sell them in sets? That would be nice especially with the villians ! I miss going to Disney Days of Christmas 1 of my favorite places……. maybe soon !!

    • @Mike – The ear hat team is considering making some into ear hats at a future date.

      @Stefani – I would suggest visiting the Disney Parks online store – http://www.DisneyParks.com/Store

      These ornaments will be released (a few each week) starting toward the end of July and into August.

      @Nicole – These ornaments are only being sold individually. Next year, however, you will begin to see some sets.

  • Are they at the Emporium yet? I really want a Walle one and I’m not sure I will be able to get to Downtown Disney during my short trip next week.

  • OMYGOSH I Love these. I agree with making these regular hats and also making them antenna toppers. Thank you for being so creative and making our Holidays and every day so special. ALWAYSDISNEYDREAMING 🙂

  • Please tell me that you have POOH! Thank you to the design team. Can’t wait to purchase them!

  • OMGosh!! Im In Love! I grew up with disney, lived close to disneyland, worked at disneyland, and my daughter was a minnie fan when she was little. Was able to go back last year and didnt want to leave. I want all of these ornaments! what a great Idea, and something to pass on to my kids when they are on their own and have their own families some day!

  • I love all of these and my Niece and Nephew would squeal if I got them for their tree this Christmas! So where can I purchase these adorable ornaments?

    • @Rachel – I know that the ornaments should be arriving to all locations that will carry them within the next week or so. I only found them at World of Disney and Disney’s Days of Christmas last week. Haven’t made it over to Magic Kingdom yet 🙂

      @Kristee – Look for Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore next year. I’ve seen concept artwork for both and they look great.

      @Christine – There are a variety of locations that will carry them at Disney Parks. I would also check via the Disney Parks online store as they will be sold (a few each week) starting toward the end of July – http://www.DisneyParks.com/Store

  • Nothing says, “Merry Christmas” like Disney Villains! NEED! (And crossing my fingers that ALL of them translate into actual mouse ears for Halloween, maybe?)

  • All those ear hat ornaments are so cute. My tree is filled with Disney ornaments and I would love to add the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse ear hats and a Princess Jasmine one (if she is included in the Princess ear hat collection), as Jasmine is my favorite Disney Princess =) A friend of mine is a Belle fan and I’m sure she would love to own the Belle ear hat ornament. I have another friend who is a fan of Donald and would love the ear hat ornament with him on it =)

  • Oh my Mickey! Giddy with delight at these wonderful ornaments! Just makes me even more anxious to go back to Disney! One day I will have a room in my home where I can display all of my Disney collection. I would do that now but we have to sleep somewhere!

  • why is Hades never in with any villain collection???

    • @Ashleigh – Look for a Jasmine ornament coming next year.

      @Mary – I know! He’s my favorite villain because “he rules!” (plus I’m a fan of James Woods who provided his voice).

  • When will they be introducing the more holiday themed hat ornaments?
    I will be at Disneyland at the end of October and would love to add some to our Christmas tree, but I’m afraid the others will all be sold out!

  • I can be a pretty hard sell on ornaments I’m really picky and I NEVER buy villain and princess stuff, but THESE are phenomenal!!!! I’m tempted to buy them all! And yes, PLEASE w/ antenna toppers! Do you know how many red Toyota Siennas pull up in front of school to pick up kids each day?? LOL We need to stand out in SOME way.

  • when will these avalable online?

    • @Kinsey – The holiday-themed ornaments should be introduced in locations in the coming weeks. There will be a few different holidays represented including Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day.

      @Stephanie – I’m not sure if they will be turned into antenna toppers. But I am working on a different article about some new attenna toppers that are coming this fall. Stay tuned.

      @Lila – Currently, the plan is to feature a few ornaments each week via the Disney Parks online store. It looks like they will begin to appear online toward the latter half of July. Releases will continue each week or so into August.

  • Hey Steven,
    Is there at all a way to purchase these directly from the theme park? I know you’ve mentioned that they would become available, a few at a time, starting the end of this month. I would much rather just order all the ones I personally like and want now. I know I won’t be able to afford the entire collection of 40 as that’s an $800+ order; I have to keep in mind that I also have a $500+ order to place with the villains dolls in the coming months. Plus there’s soooo many movies finally being released on 3d blu-ray and blu-ray for the first time: “Aristocats,” “Nemo,” “Up,” “Pocahontas,” “Rescuer’s,” “Pete’s Dragon,” “Brave,” “Avengers,” “Cinderella Trilogy,” “DisneyNature Chimps” and “Great Mouse Detective” are just a few coming out this year.

    If the Disney Store website only offers 2 or even 3 at a time that doesn’t really help to utilize the free shipping on orders of $75 or more. So if I’m to spend shipping on multiple orders of the few ornaments that are released at a time than I might as well just spend the little extra on shipping to have the ones I want sent from Florida’s Theme Park directly to my home in NY. Most likely because they are limited each guest will only be allowed to purchase 1 to 2 per order which might also limit those from getting the free shipping option.

    If these are $20 a piece there should be at least 4 being released at a time to ensure that guest will at least get free shipping. I wouldn’t mind spending more if these ornaments were ceramic, porcelain or glass (like last years), but they’re made of resin which is probably slightly more durable but is ultimately a cheaper quality and can still can break easily. However, the designs are clearly far better than those of last years ear hat ornament line.

    I would really hate to lose out on the ornaments I like in this collection. Unlike some of the people posted above I have only a few Disney Ornaments on my tree during the holidays, but would love to add more as it truely brings a more festive ambiance in your home. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve contacted the Disney Theme Parks Merchandise number, but they don’t seem to show these ornaments in the system yet. They only show Woody and Buzz in which case its pointless to only purchase 2 ornaments from Disney World and have them shipped on NYC. I was also told something about limited merchandise having to be available 30 days before it shows in the system. I know they must be available though because people are already selling them all on eBay for a third more the retail cost. Hopefully there will be fair chances on purchasing these ornaments for the same reasonable price as theme park guest.

    Wish I was at Disney World right now! I would be handing picking my ornaments having them boxed and shipped home to be waiting for me when I get back 🙂

  • Never mind…I finally figured out a way and ordered mine earlier today! Can’t wait to receive them in 7-10 business days!

    • @Michael – Glad to know that all worked out! The best option would be to contact Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services at 1-877-560-6477 or via email to: merchandiseguestservices@disney.go.com

      They would be happy to assit you.

      Remember that the Cruella DeVil and Dalmatian puppy ornaments will be online exclusive (in case you wanted to get the entire collection).

      Thanks for the feedback. I will share your thoughts with the online team.

  • Hello Steven,
    Thank you for the prompt reply today. It took a while to figure out, but after countless calls I finally got through to the right cast member in Disney World who was able to place an order for the 12 ornaments I wanted in the collection. Although, unfortunately, there was no “Queen of Hearts” available yet. I figure since I still have to get Cruella and Patch I might as well wait until she becomes available online and order those last three together. I wasn’t too worried about the princess ornaments either being that their open editions.

    I have lots of ideas when it comes to Disney merchandising and I appreciate you taking the time to listen to the guest and their concerns. I love Disney and all the classic memorabilia offered, but I wish it was sometimes easier to get a hold of certain items; especially the limited editions.

    Wouldn’t it be easier to create some type of reward program for guest that shop frequently at the Disney Store? There’s Disney Movie Rewards, but that doesn’t necessarily give you a sense of priority with the Disney Store. I’m also a D23 member and in NY its very hard to enjoy the membership with little to no events here. I wish I could afford to go to Disney World every year, but realistically I can’t. I can’t even begin to calculate how much money I spend with the Disney Store yearly between vacations, merchandise and movies. I just wish there was a perk to doing so.

    Thanks Again,
    Pluto’s #1 FAN!!!

    • @Mike – You’re welcome. I’m sorry for any challenges you experienced but I am glad to hear you were able to order the ornaments you were seeking.

      I don’t know of any plans for such a club or program. Things like that were once discussed for Disney Pin Trading circa 2004 (about the time I first got to the Disney Theme Park Merchandise division). For a variety of reasons, we decided not to create such a program for pins.

      I can only offer my sincere thanks for the time you spend with us. I enjoy meeting folks like you who are just as passionate about Disney as I am. That’s when all this becomes more than just a job for me. So, thank you. 🙂

  • Do you guys have any idea how long these are going to be produced?

    I want to start a tradition where I can get one of these hat ear ornaments each year. I fell in love with many the first time I laid my eyes on them. But I don’t want them to be discontinued before I can start my own tradition (my mother buys a european glass ornament every year for her tree) so I thought this would be the perfect tradition to start for my own. (right now it just has cheap walmart ornaments)

    The detail in each piece is mind blowing. I’ve never bought any Disney merch because, quite honestly I’ve seen the merch at the park in Japan, they have AMAZING merch. All we seem to have is stuffed animals and and cheap souvenirs to cater to the tourist. But now I’m in love.. THANK YOU Costa Alavezos and your intern for your brilliant designs.

    • @Victoria – Well, they have all been produced as most of them are limited edition of 6,500 each. The princess ornaments do not have an edition size. So they will continue to be carried until the inventory is gone. The edition sizes were determined based on historical sales record. So I’m hopeful they will continue to be sold through this holiday season.

  • I love these! I will have to order from Disney online since I am not going to WDW until December and I imagine these will probably be sold out by then. I must have the Mater one for sure and quite a few others I imagine. Guess I’ll have to keep checking the website daily – don’t want to miss out.

    • @Elaine – I would keep watch on Mondays starting next week and into August.

  • I will be getting these to continure our tradition of a new Disney ornament for everyone each year…these are adorable!

  • :::flings self to floor::: Oh my! How darling are these! Just what I need! I hang my Disney ornaments year around from the light fixture in my dining room…Im gonna need a bigger light fixture! 😉

  • Steven, how about Tigger? (the real star of the 100 Acre woods)these are incredible! Thanks if you see this post! 🙂

    • @Joseph – He’s the only one! And yes, there will be a Tigger ornament in 2013.

  • I so have to get the chip and dale one…I love them (of course we share the same name), but I am always looking for stuff with them on it and the ornament is AWESOME!!

  • I saw the Grumpy and Evil Queen ornaments. Can you tell me is there a Snow White also? She is my favorite and not always easy to find merchandise with her on it, by herself.

    • @Allison – Yes. There is a Snow White ornament. It does not have an edition size.

  • Awesome!! Thanks for replying! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Steve, is there any way we can get a list of the 40 that will be released? I’m only asking because I want all 40 but can’t afford all 40, hehe! I would like to pick out my favorites, and then buy them online when I see them for sale. Also, do you know how many of the limited ones will be available online of each? Thanks, for your input! And I know this post has nothing to do with Disney Racers, but is there anything new on the horizon?

    • @Jamie – The Disney Parks Online Store – http://www.DisneyParks.com/Store – just released several of the ornaments today (July 23). I’m unfortunately unsure of the total number of units that will be carried online (not information that is shared with me). As for Disney Racers, stay tuned. There is a new set coming for the holiday season featuring Pixar character inspired Racers.

      As for a list, this is what I have so far. Please note that some of the holiday hats are coming soon. There will also be some additional fashion-inspired hats coming in Spring 2013. Two will be released this year (black and white / teal and green).

      Disney Princess
      – Ariel
      – Princess Aurora
      – Belle
      – Cinderella
      – Rapunzel
      – Snow White
      – Princess Tiana

      Disney Villains
      – Captain Hook
      – Cruella DeVil (Online Exclusive)
      – Chernabog
      – Evil Queen
      – Maleficent
      – Queen of Hearts
      – Ursula

      Disney Characters
      – Cheshire Cat
      – Chip & Dale
      – Dalmatian Puppy (Online Exclusive)
      – Donald Duck
      – Goofy
      – Grumpy
      – Minnie Mouse

      Pixar Characters
      – Buzz Lightyear
      – Finding Nemo
      – Lightning McQueen
      – Mater
      – Sheriff Woody
      – Wall-E & Eve

      – Christmas – Tree
      – Christmas – Pluto Reindeer
      – Easter – Thumper
      – Halloween – Witch Hat
      – Halloween – Light-Up Mickey Mouse Pumpkin
      – St. Patrick’s Day

      Fashion Hats
      – Black & White
      – Teal & Green
      – Gold & Black with Feathers
      – Gold, White and Black with Crown
      – Hot pink and black

      – R2-D2
      – C-3PO

  • Steven thanks for answering my question about selling in sets! It will be nice to pick 2 up at one time. Also reading all of the comments, I like Michael’s from NY about starting a points program. I live in Arizona, so its not often we can make a trip to Disneyland or WDW, it would be great to have a program like that. I always fill my cart up so that I can get the free shipping, but maybe if they had a program I would buy more often. Don’t tell my hubby that though !! Thanks for hearing me out.

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