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Designing a Desert Landscape in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park

Cars Land has been open for just over a month now and many of our you have commented on our beautiful landscaping. It’s almost its own attraction! Our landscape architects really outdid themselves as they researched and designed just the right planting palette to add beauty and detail to Radiator Springs. And of course they also were concerned with providing appropriate trees to provide shade and comfort for our guests.

What you probably aren’t aware of is the amount of research that went into designing a desert-looking landscape for the middle of Anaheim and the numbers of trees, shrubs, plants and cactus that were used in the making of Cars Land.

Check out the video below, where two of our talented landscape architects, Russell Larsen and Jennifer Mok, talk about the beautiful plants in Cars Land!

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  • You’ve taken the beauty from the deserts across the US and brought them together in an amazing way!

  • From all the coverage that ive been watching, the landscape looks fantastic! Great work team!

  • The landscape is great in Cars Land. Its awesome how everything in the land works together to put you into the world of Radiator Springs and Route 66. 🙂

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