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First Look at 2012 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Merchandise

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

'Signature' Artwork by Noah for Merchandise at the 2012 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

I’m counting down the days until the 17th annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival arrives. This festival has become one of my favorite things to do in the fall at Walt Disney World Resort. I recently gave you a look at Duffy The Disney Bear’s new chef outfit for this year, so I thought you may enjoy seeing other new merchandise we are “cooking.” I visited with Lindsay Voigt, Product Developer for Event Merchandise, who shared some of her favorite items.

At first glance, I thought the image above was a photograph. It’s not – it’s a painting created by the talented artist Noah, and it will serve as the main “Signature” artwork for merchandise at this year’s festival. You may recall Noah’s artwork from the recent “Storytellers” collection at Disney California Adventure park (which I enjoy even more now after recently visiting Buena Vista Street). Lindsay said she will be using this artwork on items such as a coffee mug, cutting board, trivet, spoon rest, coasters and more.
Drinkware and Other Merchandise for the 2012 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

Lindsay also shared with me two drinkware items – a wine glass with the festival logo and a fun light-up tumbler.
'Sketch' Merchandise for the 2012 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

In addition to Noah’s “Signature” artwork, there will be a new program called “Sketch” that uses colors found on the oven mitt and pot holder shown above. That program will have an apron, drinkware, towels and dishes.

This year we will also have a limited edition Vinylmation figure featuring Tony from Disney’s animated classic “Lady and the Tramp.” This 3-inch figure has an edition size of 2,500 and was designed by artist Billy Davis.
Vinylmation and Pins Available for the 2012 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

A selection of limited edition pins will return this year to the festival. The adorable Chip and Dale pin will serve as the main logo pin found at locations throughout Epcot. We are also releasing a Minnie Mouse pin for Disney Vacation Club members, while Annual Passholders will find the Figment pin shown above. I’m thinking my fellow Disney Parks Blog author Gary Buchanan will love the limited edition pin with Mickey Mouse in the cranberry bog.

Look for these items and more at the Festival Center and at select locations in Epcot when this annual event returns on September 28.

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  • When will the vinylmation be available? i was gutted i missed last years as i live in the uk and i really love this one, I am over for Mickeys circus and hope to get some great new vinyls 🙂
    Will you be at Mickeys circus ?

    • @Caroline – The current plan is to release the Vinylmation figure on the first day of the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot. Glad to hear you will be here for Mickey’s Circus. It’s looking like it will be a fun event. I’m still unsure if I will be attending since I’m not as involved with Vinylmation and Pins as I once was. If my schedule permits, I may stop by for a moment. Have a safe trip!

  • Love the merchandise! Can’t wait to see in person on our Nov trip. Thanks for posting.

  • I want to see the Minnie pin! This is the one and only year we’ll be passholders so I’m snapping up that Figment! Also our first food an wine. THANKS for the sneak peek! Can’t wait to see more. <3

  • Love the Figment pin!! Is it only going to be available to Annual Passholders? I would absolutely LOVE to have one, but am not a passholder.

    • @Danielle – I hope your daughter and you have a wonderful time! It’s such a great time of the year to visit Epcot and the festival is awesome!!!

      @Cheryl – The Figment pin will only be sold to Passholders. Sorry.

  • My daughter and I (WDW fanatics) are visiting the Epcot Food and Wine Festival for the first time this year. We typically travel to WDW in the summer, but decided to try a fall visit this year. We are both very excited about it!

  • This is such a great event. Are there any plans on bringing this back to DCA or Disneyland Park?

    • @Brian and Rene – I don’t know of any plans at this point. But the bacon-wrapped shrimp and cheese biscuits at Carthay Circle Restaurant were amazing. I tried them during a recent visit. 🙂

  • Can I actually use the light up tumbler during the event??

    • @Andrew – The tumbler will be sold in merchandise locations. However, the food and beverage Cast won’t be able pour things into it for you.

  • Hey whats going on with DCA’s Food and Wine Festival?

  • Very classy looking stuff, I’m hoping that we’ll see a men’s polo shirt as well this year.

    • @Barry – I checked with Lindsay. Sorry, no polo shirt option this year.

  • Why don’t you date the pins with 2012. I go every yea
    r and would love to collect one with the year date.

    • @Brian – Take a closer look at the images above. Look just below the logo banner and you will see “2012.” We typically like to add a date to these event specific pins for the very reason you mention (helps build a collection).

  • I’m so excited that I’m going this year!!! Can’t wait to get all those pins…

  • Love the F&W merch! We have several items from over the years that are decorating an EPCOT section of our basement and wine room. Looking forward to adding to our collection when we are down in late October!

    • @Dale – I’m happy to hear that you liked the items. Just wait until you see the other things. And what time is dinner at your place? Ha ha!

  • I agree with Sean it’s great to see Figment on a pin. He’s been a long time favorite and the Food & Wine Festival is an outstanding event.

  • When will the map with the countries and menu items be posted?

    • @Danielle – There will be a deluxe print, a giclée and poster. The original painting will also be offered for sale. Good eyes by the way! 🙂

      @Katie – I contacted my marketing partner who said that all additional information should be posted by the end of the month to the official website –

      Please note, the URL currently re-directs to the official Facebook fan page for the festival.

  • Gorgeous painting!!!!! I would love to buy a print of it. Also, I found a hidden Mickey in it. Classic! DVC Pin here I come.

  • What about the clothing? Please, please, please print a women’s cut t-shirt that is NOT long enough to be a dress!!!

    • @Jennifer – Good news is there will be shirts. I know there are logo shirts for women and men, a “brews around the world” shirt (which looks great!!), shirts for the “Sketch” program and a ladies shirt for Noah’s “Signature” artwork shown above. Look for a future article about additional items. I can’t say if the shirts are like how you described – they looked like “normal” cuts to me. 🙂

  • Lots of questions for you: can you tell me what the coasters are made of (ceramic?)? Any pics of the glasses and dishes from the other line of items? And will these items be available online or by mail order?? Thanks

    • @Jonathan – I checked with Lindsay who said they will be “absorbent stone coasters.” Look for additional images coming in another article (I only wanted to “whet your appetite” – I know, keep my day job – LOL).

      As for items being sold online, there will be a limited selection of these items that will be sold via the Disney Parks online store. There will be a very limited time frame for sales and I’m not 100% sure of the assortment at this point.

      Similar to the Flower and Garden Festival, select items may be available via Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services (1-877-560-6477 or email to: at the conclusion of the festival.

  • I just love the painting! It’s done so well that it definitely does look like a photograph! Beautiful! I can’t wait to get down there in November!!! I hope there will be a Chip and Dale pin left for me by the time we get there November 3rd! Does anyone know when Disney will post dates and more information about events during the Food and Wine Festival??? Anxiously awaiting news!! 🙂

    • @Lisa – I’m glad you liked the painting. Just wait until you see it in person. As for the Chip and Dale pin, it is a limited release logo pin which means that we have produced a lot (since the festival runs for many weeks). I too hope you are able to find one when you visit.

      As for more information, I believe you will continue to see additional information shared in the coming weeks and months. I know my fellow author Charles shared information last week about HGTV stars returning to the festival –

      This merchandise article was designed as a first look. I intend to have some additional follow up articles as we get closer to the end of September.

  • The vinylmation is pretty cool, but I vastly prefer last year’s more abstract, adult design. I like that the F&W festival has it’s own spirit, and I think you’d be better off sticking with that rather than trying to attach a lesser-known Disney character to it.

  • Looks like some great items. Love the Figment pin.

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