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Got a Disneyland Resort Question? Just ‘Ask Otto!’

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

This summer, Disneyland Resort guests have a new way to get answers to many of their questions: Ask Otto! You can reach Ask Otto! at 714-520-7090*.

Ask Otto! is a Voice-Based Guest Service Designed to Answer Frequently Asked In-Park Questions

A test program by Walt Disney Imagineering, Ask Otto! is a voice-based guest service designed to answer frequently asked in-park questions, such as:

  • Attraction locations, wait times**, and Disney’s FASTPASS Service return times**
  • Park operating hours
  • Parade, fireworks, “Fantasmic!”, “World of Color” show times
  • Park food and beverage options, restaurant locations, and general dining information

Ask Otto! can also connect you to cast members in Disneyland Guest Information & Ticket Sales, Disney Dining (for dining reservations), Walt Disney Travel Company/Hotel Reservations, as well as the Disneyland Hotel Operator.

In addition to Ask Otto! (714-520-7090*), you can also take advantage of these other options for in-park assistance:

*Normal call charges apply, subject to availability. Your call may be recorded. Please obtain parental approval for callers under 18 years of age.

**Times are estimated and not guaranteed.


  • “Ask Otto” really helped me out when I was at the Disneyland Resort recently. I love being able to ask about attraction wait times.

    This is a great service, and I hope people catch on to it, I notice that there is a note about it on the entertainment guides.

  • I love this! I find it more convenient than the mobile app because of my Android’s horrid battery life and my spotty mobile data coverage…

  • I love it too. I guess I’m just surprised that this hasn’t happened sooner?

  • this is such a great idea.
    my mom loves the idea of the mobile magic but doesnt use it because she doesnt like to use the internet.
    now she can call whenever she is at disneyland and get the information she needs.
    I told her about this and she is so excited to try it out.

  • Otto is also a Disney Parks Blog reader.
    (see #14 of ‘Help us name our sheep’, et. al.)

  • I agree D.!

  • That’s not Otto…That’s Carl, from “Meet the Robinsons”! 😉

  • Hi Otto!

    I saw a post yesterday informing us of new fast passes,
    & that they will be implemented ‘soon’ ~
    Do you know when? We’ll be back at Disneyland again this November ~ Wondering if it’ll be operational by then ~
    & what are the changes/improvements all about?
    We were just there a few months ago, so wondering how they can improve upon an already fabulous idea.

    Thanks so much for your help!
    Truly, Donna

  • I really like how Otto hums and whistles while he is thinking about your question. Nice touch Imagineers!

  • Pretty cool idea!

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