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Grizzly Gulch Opens at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Welcome to the new Grizzly Gulch at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

In a spectacular ceremony last week at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, I was joined by key members of the Hong Kong Government as we unveiled Grizzly Gulch, a thrilling and distinctive new themed area that is the first experience of its kind at any of our parks around the world. Also with me for the opening event were Bill Ernest, President and Managing Director of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts in Asia, and Bruce Vaughn, Chief Creative Officer for Walt Disney Imagineering.

The second – and largest – area of our multiyear expansion, Grizzly Gulch transports guests to a Wild West mining town that recalls a golden era of hope, adventure and opportunity.

The miners who founded the town back in 1888 did so unknowingly on land with natural springs, resulting in unpredictable geysers and fountains throughout the town that will surprise and delight our guests.

Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine, the centerpiece of Grizzly Gulch at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

The centerpiece of Grizzly Gulch is our E-ticket attraction, The Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. With an innovative new ride system developed specifically for Hong Kong, Guests will take a thrilling adventure on a runaway train that goes forwards, backwards and crisscrosses in and around the entire area.

Grizzly Gulch joins Toy Story Land, the first of the new themed areas in our current expansion, which opened last November and has been a big hit with guests.

While we were in Hong Kong, Bill, Bruce, and I had a chance to do a walk-through of Mystic Point, the third and final component of the expansion, opening next spring.

With music by Danny Elfman, some of our most innovative storytelling ever, and a rich, beautiful setting, I feel confident that this third piece of our expansion will be an instant classic.

Once these three areas are complete, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort will have expanded by roughly 25%, giving guests even more opportunities to create shared memories that will last a lifetime.

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  • When Geysers erupt they are at the boiling point temp, and wonder how that can be explained here so close to guests?

  • I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see this ride get the “copy and paste” treatment to come on over to one of the U.S. parks. I think is would look pretty good over by Big Thunder Railroad at Walt Disney World ;). Hey, a man can dream and hope right? lol

  • This rides looks like so much fun. It’s as if Big Thunder and Everest had a roller coaster baby. Hoping one day to get to visit HKDL!

  • Speaking of music, where can I get my hands on the HK Disneyland soundtrack?

    I am a huge Disney fan from Canada, and I am teaching in Hong Kong this summer. Naturally, I bought an annual pass to use throughout the summer – and will be heading over to check out Grizzly Gulch in a couple hourse – but was surprised that a cast member said there are no CDs available in the park. Is there somewhere online that one can purchase the soundtrack for this wonderful Disney Park?

  • This looks awesome. I’ve been to WDW & Disneyland many times, and Disneyland Paris Once – I hope to eventually hit all of the parks at least once. Maybe I should think about a single trip to hit Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai…

  • Grizzly Gultch looks really nice, and I agree it would be a much nicer fit for Animal Kingdom then AVATARland.

  • Do you think you could build grizzly gulch in animal kingdom instead of avatarland because I don’t care much for avatar,and grizzly gulch looks so much cooler.

  • In the gallery the last picture is of a Grizzly Mtn board game. Where can we purchase one of those online? Saving my money to go visit Disney Hong Kong & Disney Shanghai in 2016!

  • Such an incredible coaster and land that is growing to be a tremendous and a true Disney park!

  • I am contemplating going there just because the music’s by Danny Elfman. I love the rainbow in picture 15. And what’s a Disney Park without a runaway mine train?

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