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Help Us Name Our New Sheep in the Big Thunder Ranch at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

UPDATE 7/16/12: The votes are in, and our new sheep has a new name – Bolt. (Sorry, all you Lambert fans!)

The New Sheep in the Big Thunder Ranch at Disneyland Park

We’re getting ready to welcome a new member of the Circle D family to the Big Thunder Ranch at Disneyland park, and we need your help. This Friday and Saturday, July 13-14, come see our new sheep and help us name him! Disneyland park guests can vote for their favorite, and when all the votes are tallied, our new sheep will have a new name.

I’ll update this post when we learn the winning name, so be sure to check back!

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  • looks like a Cloud. I cant wait to him/her in person!

  • Lambert

    • I’ve got good news! We told the Circle D team that Disney Parks Blog readers suggested the name Lambert, so it has been added to the names that guests can vote for. Be sure to visit Big Thunder Ranch on July 13-14 to cast your vote!

  • How could you name him anything else BUT Lambert?

  • “Lambert”

  • I add my vote to Lambert! Cute 🙂

  • Bud Luckey! (for the narrator and writer of the Pixar short “Boundin'” about a sheep who learns to be comfortable in his own skin.)

  • Wasn’t clear if you are taking name suggestions here on the Parks Blog or if we just can vote in person at Disneyland.

    If you are taking suggestions, I’d like to make one.

    I’d like to suggest “Sherman” in tribute to Robert Sherman whom the Disney family lost this past March.

    The Sherman Brothers through their music have left an indelible mark on Disneyland, so I thought it might be a nice touch to have this little “wink” of a tribute in Robert’s memory.

    • Great suggestions! Voting will take place at Big Thunder Ranch in Disneyland park on July 13-14, and guests will be able to choose from among names selected by the Circle D team.

  • Hagus

  • I gotta go with Lambert as well.

    Its good to know that others remember that cartoon.

  • Elias The Ewe

  • Bucky

  • What about Baaaob. Bob but will a little baa in it.

  • Yep, Lambert is what I immediately thought of. Even though he’s a lamb & not a lion 🙂

  • Wolly!

  • Baaaambi 🙂

  • How about Little Lou?

  • I’m another vote for Lambert! I love that cartoon. Although, Sherman and Bud Luckey are cute too!

  • Lambert or Bud Lucky

  • Shamus!

  • Gotta be Lambert.

  • How about Frosty?

  • Baby Ewie

  • Since he’s a Big Thunder sheep, I vote Baxter.

  • How about Baabie.

  • Since the lambs in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Toy Story’ do not have names, my vote is for Danny (from ‘So Dear to My Heart’) or Max (even though Max is the sheepdog from ‘The Little Mermaid).

  • I’m sorry, but I also must cast my vote for Lambert. I think it’s fitting… and I just watched the short 🙂

  • How about Wool-E?

  • Shelby would be a great name.

  • La-a-a-a-a-a-ambert!

  • Eugene :] (or Flynn)

  • Little Thunder!!

  • 2 questions for Ms. Glover: Is the sheep male or female? Are you taking suggestions for names or asking us simply to choose our favorite from a provided list?
    Thanks for the “heads up” on the new addition to the ranch.

    • Our new sheep is a male, and voting will take place inside the park (not here on the blog – sorry for the confusion!) at Big Thunder Ranch on July 13-14.

  • Aren’t sheep, girls; and goats, boys? If that’s the case, name HER Ellie May!

  • Boundin’ like the Pixar short 🙂

  • Allie Baa-Baa

  • Booob

  • Dallas, after Dallas McKennon, who provided the host voice in the Big Thunder Mountain attraction, or Tumbleweed, the name of the boomtown associated with the attraction in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

  • My suggestion is Lala. One of my sons favorite books is about a lamb named Delilah. When he was younger he couldn’t say Delilah it came out Lala. We thought it was so cute.

  • Dolly. And everyone after that Dolly.

  • Mckenna!

  • For 3 reasons I would name the little sheepster “Huckleberry” from Disney’s Tombstone words of Doc Holiday, it’s timely reference by Mark Twain, and I will tell you the third if it is picked.

  • Ramsay is a cute name for a male sheep!

  • Name him Milo from the Disney movie Atlantis! I had an FFA sheep named Milo and he was great! Loved him!

  • Baaaashful…

  • Flamby!

  • Lambert or Wool-E. I really like those two.

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