Imagineer Q&A: Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

The five-year expansion is complete, and Disney California Adventure park is officially reopened! Now that Disneyland Resort guests are enjoying Cars Land, let’s hear from some of the people who made it possible: the Imagineers.

Kathy Mangum – Executive Producer and Vice President, Walt Disney Imagineering

How does Cars Land connect with guests at Disney California Adventure park?

The magic of our parks is we take you to places you can’t otherwise go to … What Disney does so well is immerse guests in experiences, and that’s what Cars Land does. As you walk down the street and you walk towards the mountain the real world goes away, and Cars Land reaches out and hugs you. You are surrounded by Radiator Springs and you are in the middle of a movie.

Kevin Rafferty – Senior Concept Writer and Director, Walt Disney Imagineering

Why are you excited for guests to experience the Radiator Springs Racers attraction in Cars Land?

Radiator Springs Racers is going to be one of the greatest attractions Disney has ever designed and built. A great attraction takes you somewhere – it takes you to another place, and that’s what Radiator Springs Racers does.

What would you like guests to take away from their visits to Cars Land?

When our guests step into this land and they see the spectacle and the panorama of the landscape, I want them to feel like this is the greatest road trip they’ve ever been on.

Check back next week for a Q&A with Lisa Girolami, Ray Spencer and Coulter Winn – the lead Imagineers on Buena Vista Street.

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  • there is a song called “Henry’s Made A Lady Out of Lizzie” its sung by a who i beleived to be lizzie in the line for radiator springs racers and i was wondering where i might be able to find that tune on either itunes or somewhere to listen to online ????

  • Chad–I agree! Its really amazing. Most people riding for the first time don’t realize that there is also an indoor dark ride portion. Its both a thrill ride and a classic dark ride experience, with fantastic animatronics and effects!

  • “Radiator Springs Racers is going to be one of the greatest attractions Disney has ever designed and built.”

    This statement is no exaggeration, after riding it on opening day, I was in awe of the ride and I think it is my favorite ride of any at the Disneyland resort as well as Disney World. Since it uses the same or similar ride system as Test Track, I was expecting it to be like Test Track with different scenery, well I was wrong. It is so much more than that! For one thing it’s not a thrill ride. I would describe Racers as the perfect marriage between a Walt Disney inspired classic ride and the latest technology. I wanted to personally thank John Lasseter when I saw him from a distance on opening day, but wasn’t able to do so because of the crowds.

  • Cars Land is amazing. If really feels like you are in Radiator Springs.

  • Cars land really is that good. My daughter and I love it. Flo’s has great food. The rides are awesome. The building, mountains, everything is just awesome. The staff there is very helpful, and will go the extra mile to help you. No other company could pull this off other then disney.

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