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Where at Disney Parks Can You Find… Jul. 3, 2012

Where at the Disneyland Resort Can You Find This Shadow?

Walking around the Disneyland Resort at night can offer some interesting shadows to photograph. With that in mind, it’s time once again for “Where at Disney Parks Can You Find…” This time, you have to be very specific: who or what is casting this shadow, and exactly where was this photo taken?

If you said this was Francis the Ladybug, inside Cars Land at the entrance to “a bug’s land,” you were right!


  • Splash Mountain

  • Francis from it’s tough to be a bug

  • francis! when walking from cars land to bug’s land!

  • Peter Pan’s Flight, it’s a shadow of Tiger Lily?

  • This Francis, who happens to be a male ladybug from Bug’s Life. I want to say somewhere in bug’s land or animation studio but I can’t be to exact.

  • bugs land the ladybug shadow

  • Francis the ladybug @ the Cars Land entrance to a bug’s land.

  • Francis in bugsland, dca

  • This looks like somewhere in “a bug’s land” at DCA., maybe tuck and roll.

  • As I’ve been to Disneyland only once, this looks like “a bug’s land”–mayble Flik?

  • A Bugs Land? Its Tough To Be A Bug??

  • DCA and it is “Francis the Ladybug” shadow as you are leaving “Cars Land” and entering “a Bugs Land”

  • the entrance way to Bugs Land from Cars Land. This is Francis the Lady Bugs shadow.

  • Great pic as always, Paul. I believe it’s the shadow of Francis the Lady Bug on the fence which now separates the new entrance to a bug’s land from Cars Land at Disney California Adventure park.

  • Francis the Ladybug in DCA on the border of Bugsland

  • The shadow is of the statue of Francis in A Bug’s Land cast on one of the Popsicle benches.

  • A Bug’s Land

  • Walking from Cars Land into Bugs Land! 🙂

  • I’m not sure EXACTLY where this is in DCA, but I could swear that looks just like Francis the ladybug!

  • Peter Pan’s Flight!!!!!

  • This is the shadow of Francis and can be found in Its Tough To Be A Bug.

  • That is Francis the Ladybug’s shadow on the fence at the entrance to BugsLand from CarsLand.

  • It looks like Francis in the Bugs Land area to me.

  • I am thinking Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin.

  • I am thinking Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin in Toon Town

  • Looks like Francis’s shadow in Bugs Land

  • (Francis the Lady Bug)

  • It looks like Wendy in Peter Pan’s Flight.

  • Boo on the monsters inc ride. Maybe?

  • It’s got to be in A Bug’s Land

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