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Adventures by Disney: Roaming the Rockies

Charles Stovall

by , Public Relations Manager

Whoever coined the phrase “every view a post card” must have been talking about Montana and Western Canada. This Adventures by Disney trip has been one spectacular vista after another.

As I write this post, my view is the most idyllic mountain/lake setting you could possibly imagine. It’s straight out of a painting. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the pictures for yourself.
'Roaming the Rockies' with Adventures by Disney

Not only do you get to see the natural beauty of the North, you also get to experience it. This morning’s group activity was a rafting trip. Normally, the experience would include Class II-IV rapids, but since we had some smaller Junior Adventurers (Disney-speak for kids), we opted for a less-intense float-along experience. Adventures by Disney trips are specifically designed for families traveling together. We’ll chat more about the Junior Adventurer activities in my next post.

In addition to regularly scheduled group excursions, “Roaming the Rockies” also includes opportunities for hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, and lots of other outdoor activities.
'Roaming the Rockies' with Adventures by Disney Adventure Guides

I do have to say a word or two about the Adventure Guides. One thing that makes Adventures by Disney trips extra special is the Adventure Guides. Each trip has at least two Disney Adventure guides. You’ve probably seen some of their earlier posts on the Disney Parks Blog. We have three guides on this trip. Lisa and Tiffany are the pros and Whitney is shadowing them so she can learn all the tricks of the trade before guiding her own trips this year.

They take care of everything! From the normal travel stuff like luggage, tips and transport to the above and beyond like, on another Adventures by Disney trip, having clothes you forgot at one hotel forwarded to the next one. Yes – I was that guy.

Well, enough chitchat. I’m off to the next Adventure. As I mentioned earlier, I’ll explore some of the Junior Adventure programs in my next post.

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  • Hi Charles,

    It’s great to see Lisa in the Rockies!! Lisa and I worked together at the Walt Disney Family Museum when it first opened. She is wonderful with people and I’m so glad to see her with Disney Adventures!

    Take care,
    Stephanie Taubert

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