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All in the Details: Meet the Gang at Pete’s Silly Sideshow in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Come one, come all to Pete’s Silly Sideshow in Storybook Circus at Magic Kingdom Park!
Pete’s Silly Sideshow is Coming to the Storybook Circus Area of New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

Many of you have been asking for details on what’s happening in the big-top tents in the Storybook Circus area of New Fantasyland. I’m happy to share that one tent will house Pete’s Silly Sideshow character greetings, a place where guests can meet some of their favorite Disney circus stars who wait to show off their special talents.

“Pete’s “Pete’s

Once inside the tent, guests have two options: Join a line that leads to Minnie Magnifique (Minnie Mouse as a circus star) and Madame Daisy Fortuna (Daisy Duck as a fortuneteller), or head to see The Great Goofini (Goofy as a daredevil stunt pilot) and The Astounding Donaldo (Donald Duck as a snake charmer).

In case you were wondering, Mickey Mouse will continue to greet guests in his current location at Town Square Theater on Main Street, U.S.A. And as usual, all entertainment is subject to change.

Which character are you most excited to meet? Tell us in the comments section below!

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  • We are going to Disney World next fall, and my son has never been and whenever people ask who he’s going to see at Disney World, he doesn’t say Mickey Mouse, he says,” Pete!” Pete is his favorite character, and I was thrilled to see that there was going to be something related to Pete in the new Fantasyland. He gets mad when looking through our family vacation pictures from last year to Disney, he was too young to go, because he is always looking for Pete and doesn’t see him. That is because there was nothing Pete there. Now that there is I REALLY hope they have a Pete character at the side show! 🙂

  • Another vote for Pete! It is HIS silly sideshow, after all… My family would love to meet him!

  • I ready that both Pete’s Silly Sideshow and Big Top Souvenirs will open on or before Dec. 6, the grand opening date set for New Fantasyland, but that is all subject to change

  • I read that a couple of the rides will be open for test at nov. 19. But, there is posibility that the area will be open before November 19? Maybe just to walk by?

  • Out of curiosity, will there be any clowns included in this Fantasyland expansion? Slight fear of clowns here and I’m headed there for the Tower of Terror run and hope that the race is the only thing I’m running.

    • As far as I know, you are safe. 🙂

  • Wow that looks really fun! I can’t wait to meet Madame Daisy Fortuna! I wonder if she will predict I will have a ball in New Fantasyland?

    • Good one, Maggie!

  • I can’t wait to meet the Great Goofini. He’s one of my favorites but Pete really does need to be hanging around meeting his fans too.

  • I wish that they were going to have Pete there since it is Pete’s silly side show. He is one of my daughter’s favorite characters!

  • Would love to be able to meet Pete here…it only makes sense, since it’s named after him…right? My husband always complains that there’s never a Pete to meet! 🙂

  • Goofy has always been my favorite!

  • Couldn’t be happier that Daisy is getting her time to shine! What a great surprise. Really hope this is open for our trip in December. My daughter has always loved Daisy more than Minnie!

  • Jennifer, I hope you’ll reassure us that Pete, Horace, Clarabelle, Oswald, the 3 Little Pigs, Humphrey Bear, etc. will still be made available for meet-and-greets at Storybook Circus, even if they’re just going to randomly roam the area instead of being in the tent.

  • I heard that the third yellow tent between Pete’s Silly Sideshow and the train station will be a Humphrey the Bear Counter Service, is this true ?

  • Donald has pants?! Donald has PANTS!!! I hope the concept art comes true and Donald gets to wear that outfit. I love them all, but especially Donald and Daisy.

    I gotta second the demand for Oswald. Not only is my black lionhead dwarf bunny named after him, I have multiple pins and shirts with the lucky rabbit too. I miss Thumper/Miss Bunny at Animal Kingdom, Disney needs their bunny stars to represent somewhere! Plus, he stars alongside Mickey in Epic Mickey 2. *cough* synergy *cough* tie in promotion *cough* love Oswald! 🙂

    • The outfits are cool, aren’t they?

  • Why not Dumbo or Timmothy Character. I’ve never seen them in the parks before, Or how about Merlin.

    • Timothy actually sits atop the sign for the new Dumbo the Flying Elephant and welcomes guests to the attraction. He’s super cute!

  • Who will take Daisy’s place on Main Street USA? Or will Pluto be there by himself? My first thought would be the chipmunks

    • No word yet…we’ll communicate it when the info comes available. 🙂

  • Any word on their being a fast pass?

    • There will not be a Fast Pass for this area.

  • Agree they absolutely need a Pete character greeting! My kids would be first in line. Pete, and Professor von Drake. They would LOVE that.

  • Any idea when this will be open??

    • We hope to have an update on opening dates very soon.

  • Thanks for sharing this, Jennifer! This area looks like its going to be great! Maybe even better theming than Mickey’s current meet and greet?

    I have to admit that I, too, am a little bummed that Pete won’t be there. But I suppose it might be hard to run a sideshow and meet with his adoring fans 😉

    And who knows, maybe additional characters will be out roaming around Storybook Circus. I recall that used to happen in Toontown sometimes.

  • will any or all of these characters talk?

  • I am excited to see Daisy in her new role. I am sad to hear that there is no Pete. That is who I was really looking forward too meeting. I would also loveeee to have the 3 little pigs!They are my favorite!

  • No Pete at Pete’s Silly Sideshow! I was hoping that Pete & Humphrey would be new additions to the character line up. That is since Humphrey is in the original concept art and posters.

  • Looks cool, and i love the new costumes. But, I too was hoping for more of the older/obscure characters that are rarely, if ever, seen in the park. Namely Oswald, Horace and Clarabelle(though i’ve met them in Frontierland before) and of course the namesake of the area, Pete. You can see the VIPs in all the parks and at character meals. This is a golden opportunity to rejuvenate the classics – Kids and Adults would line up for them!

  • I have to say I love all of the older characters! In fact, I bought a new Oswald shirt over the weekend 🙂 I was lucky enough to meet Horace a few years ago, so meeting anyone else would be awesome! Thanks for the reply!!!

    • An Oswald shirt? Lucky you!

  • I can see them doing a rotation similar to the Pixie Hollow areas (where Tink is the only guaranteed fairy, with the others showing up randomly), by having the Silly Sideshow guarantee Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy, with the other classic toons joining them randomly.

  • Any more info as to when we can start making reservations for Be Our Guest Restaurant???? But this seems like fun, I will let my Family who is going down later this year know about this.

    • The entire Storybook Circus area is amazing. I was there over the weekend and we had a blast with our son.

      We’ll have an update on reservations as soon as everything is in place – promise!

  • Looks awesome! But where is Pete?

  • Im also hoping that Goofy, Donald, Daisy and Minnie are only the “scheduled/guaranteed regulars” and that the more obscure characters (Pete, Horace, Clarabelle, Oswald, the 3 Little Pigs, etc.) will still show up with them randomly/occassionally/unadvertised.

  • Wait a minute – Pete’s always up to no good, so what’s his angle here??

    • We’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂

  • This looks awesome. The costumes and sets look very good! Because Minnie will be in the Storybook Circus, will Pluto take her place with Mickey in Town Square?

    • I have no word on any other changes in Town Square…easiest way to locate any character is to pick up a Times Guide on your way in to the park. That will always have the most accurate information. 🙂

  • Jennifer, I was referring to the YELLOW tent, not the blue one.

    I know the blue one is Big Top Souvenirs. I’d like to know what the third tent (which is the one that’s yellow) is going to be (more characters, dining, etc.).

  • Could we get more attractions and less meet and greets? Thanks.

  • I’m happy about the set-up of the meet and greets. It reminds me so much of the Toontown Fair set-up with lines to meet so many favorite characters. I too hope we get to see more classic and obscure characters from Disney shorts as it would make it so much more enjoyable, different, and like Toontown before the Princess specific meet and greets. How cool would it be to meet Pete and Oswald who have pretty much never been seen, or the 3 Little Pigs who are only in parades?!? I like that tv is helping kids recognize such classic Disney characters again, and hope we get to see a response to that knowledge soon in the parks!

    • I like that my son knows Pete and Clarabelle from “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” Which older character is your fav?

  • No dumbo? 🙁

  • And what will happen to Goofy and Donald’s current locations in Adventureland and Frontierland respectively? Will other characters be taking over those spots? It would be a golden opportunity to have the 4 Country Bears and/or the “Song of the South” characters resume making regular meet-and-greet appearances in Frontierland, for instance.

  • I love that Daisy will be featured. I had planned to skip this on our next trip but now that I see the characters I may have to rethink my plan…

    • You do not want to miss this area! The level of detail throughout Storybook Circus is amazing – and the characters look cute, too.

  • Also, please tell us that the aforementioned “secondary characters” will be there too. It would be a bit of a missed opportunity by not giving Clarabelle, Horace, Oswald, the Pigs, Pete, etc. chances to shine.

  • Also, since the other VIP’s won’t be joining Mickey in the Town Square Theater, what will happen to the princess room after the princesses move to Fantasyland?

    And what will the yellow tent between the Silly Sideshow and the train station be? Will that be a second character spot?

    • 1. There is no word on this. The opening of Princess Fairytale Hall is still a bit away. We’ll have more to communicate when the time nears.

      2. The second tent is Big Top Souvenirs. We hope to have a post with more details on this merchandise location soon.

  • Looks awesome! My daughter loves Pete and Clarabelle on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Any chance Clarabelle might appear anywhere in the Storybook Circus? Thanks!

    • No word on this, although I do love Clarabelle on “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” I always imitate her crazy voice for my son. He gets a kick out of it.

  • Brandi…Mickey already has a meet and greet near the entrance to the Magic Kingdom at the Town Square Theater. It actually kind of goes with this theme too as he is Magician Mickey!

    • That’s an awesome themed meet-and-greet area, too, isn’t it?

  • I thought there were going to be more obscure characters at the Silly Sideshow, like Clarabelle Cow, Horace Horsecollar, the 3 Little Pigs, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and even Pete himself.

    I hope that they’ll have a place there too.

  • So no Pete? That’s disappointing! He’s my daughter’s favorite. 🙁

  • How exciting to be able to meet Minnie AND Daisy in the Magic Kingdom! The gals get their due. The costumes look amazing, and what a great addition to Storybook Circus. I sure hope it’s open the week after Thanksgiving. Any update on those opening dates? It has been August for a whole week now! LOL

    • We’ll have an update on opening dates very soon – stay tuned.

  • Looks nice and love the character concepts, but it’d be kinda great if Pete was there – since it’s his side show and all.

  • @Brandi – Mickey’s permanent meet-and-greet is at Town Square. He can’t be in two places at once! 🙂

    • I like that this area gives our other characters a chance to shine – especially Daisy. 🙂

  • Why no Mickey…?

  • I’m looking forward to both Donald & Daisy. Their costumes are unlike anything I’ve ever seen them wear before! Very cute!

  • Thanks for the update. Do we know when this is going to open? Will it be “this holiday season” along with the next phase of New Fantasyland? Earler? Later? Thanks!

  • Can’t wait to see the Great Donaldo! Although Daisy’s meet and greet area looks like fun too…very Madame Leota-esque!

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