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All in the Details: Step Inside the World of Belle Through Her Magic Mirror at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

We’ve hinted before on the Disney Parks Blog that Enchanted Tales with Belle, in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park, will be no ordinary character greeting. Today, we’re excited to share more details about this special experience. As you’ll see from the video below – provided by Walt Disney Imagineering – the goal of this attraction is not just to give you a place to meet a Disney character, but to completely transport you into the world of “Beauty and The Beast.”

The journey begins at Maurice’s Cottage, where they’ll walk through the whimsical garden and find inventions created by Belle’s tinkerer father, Maurice. Inside are books, pictures and other symbols that define the home of Belle and Maurice and their lives there, including leftover gadgets and artifacts from experiments gone awry. But guests also will see a mirror that magically becomes a portal into Beast’s Castle

To be continued!

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  • This looks truly amazing…you people are sooooo clever!
    We are coming next May for our first visit & my DD will be 4 and I just know she is going to be completely blown away by this..she loves all of the princesses but Belle has a special place in her heart, as does Snow White, as does Rapunzel, as does Ariel, as does Merida…you get my point. 🙂
    We so cannot wait for the Disney magic we have read and hear all about! 🙂 Roll on May 16th 2013!

  • I’m so excited!!! I’m going back June 2013 and I cannot wait. This is something that will be a must see for next year. I have my countdown already on my calendar to make my dining reservations and I cannot wait. Wahoo!

  • I’m so sad! I’m coming in October and I wanted to see the new Fantasyland!

  • Very excited to see this in person. My wife and I are already booked for 2013. I’m putting money down on my guess..That is a door to Be Our Guest restaurant and the house will serve as an interactive queue for waiting guests. 🙂

  • Very excited! We will be there for the preview time! Couldnt have planned our trip at a better time 🙂 November 22 – 27 ! Was sad to see Mickey and Minnie’s homes go…BUT this fills that “void” for us for PERFECTLY!

  • Can I just say that Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie, broadway musical, stage show, and soon to be favorite area and restaurant!!! You should have seen my reaction back when this was all announced in 2009 at the D23 Expo!!! AND now it’s all coming together and seeing this video makes it all worth the wait! As soon as I check into Bay Lake Tower December 15th, I am running over to Magic Kingdom (literally) and going straight here!!! Thank you for all these amazing updates!

    • Sounds like you’re excited Kory. 🙂

  • That has got to be one of the best jobs to have. Just think, you come to work everyday and get to see something like that. I only hope that the workers are as excided as I am and can’t wait for it to open.

  • OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so amazing, so beautiful!!! I may have to move to Florida. We so NEED this in Disneyland!!!!

  • OMG !!! I can’t wait to get there in December.

  • I literally about to begin to cry I’m so excited to have my first daughter now after 3 boys and doing all the boys things everytime we went to disney world and now I get to spoil a princess for her 1st birthday with not only MY favortie princess but what has become her fav princess as well. WE LOVE YOU BELLE!!! We can’t wait to see it all in Nov or Dec when it opens.

    • Sounds great, Christina. I think both boys and girls will enjoy this new area. It’s so well themed and the detail is amazing.

  • Great job Imagineers! Can’t wait to see it in December!

  • I will visit it on December 11th!!! Can’t wait!

  • Cant wait to see it going the first week of December 102 more days. Plan to make reservation for “Be Our Guest” online tomorrow.

    • Have a great visit.

  • Very excited about this! 🙂

  • We never get tired of Disney. Thank you for the preview. My daughter and I will be there once again, on the 25th. We love the magic of Disney.

  • Just showed my little ones – between this magical preview and telling them we’re eating at Beast’s castle has them promising to be good “at least until Nobemberer” when we go. Now THAT’S magic!

    • Have a magical trip, Laureen. I can’t wait to share the new experiences with my family as well.

  • When will this be done? we are comimg October 12 through 19th… staying at the new Art of Animation resort….. was hoping most of this was also ready to see!!

  • I have been to Disney World almost every year since I was 3 and I think this years trip is the most exciting for me yet. I am looking so forward to seeing the new expansion. I just wish there was going to be more open when we arrive the end of October. I am such a Disney freak!!

  • I am soooo excited! It is sooo amazing what these Disney Imagineers can do, I am almost in tears! I am coming the 1st week of November but I have already booked an additional trip at the end of January so I can surprise my mom for her Bday and see this and eat at Be Our Guest. I LOVE DISNEY!

    • Wow, what a great surprise! Don’t forget your camera. This will be one memorable birthday!

  • Oh my goodness- can’t wait to see it with my grandkids!!

    • I’m sure it will be a VERY memorable trip!

  • There’s no place like Disney! This is just magical! Thanks for sharing!

  • I am never disappointed in the creativity of Disney…even though I barely remember my first trip to Disneyland in 1955, I still have a few memories of the high points and suspect that this will be one of the things that a young child on their first trip will remember forever…Disney always does it well, and never disappoints you with a repeat or remake…

    • That’s very nice of you to say, Jim.

  • I cannot wait to see this in January!!! It’s amazing!

  • I have a question about the Be Our Guest reservations. A lot of people commented about making reservations without having given credit card numbers, but some people said that those reservations would get deleted. My mom made two reservations for Be Our Guest during our upcoming January trip (I’m SO excited!), but she didn’t give a credit card. She made the reservations on the phone, shortly after the reservations opened. I checked online, and it seems like the reservations were successful. But could you confirm that it’s okay that we didn’t give a credit card?

    • The safest way to check your reservations is to call 407-WDW-DINE. I don’t have access to any of that info.

  • Ditto to Lauren’s comment about wanting more in-depth information/details about the Little Mermaid areas of the expansion. I mean, I like Beauty and the Beast too, but we’ve seen A LOT about those areas lately. Please bring us some goodies for those of us who love The Little Mermaid. Thanks.

  • WOW!! I got goosebumps when I saw the portal mirror. I cannot wait to see your next “preview”. I love Belle and can’t wait to walk thru the portal myself. 🙂

    • Happy you liked it, Shannon.

  • I am SO excited for the Fantasyland Expansion! We were going to go in October (we have an annual trip in October, to go to the Not-So-Scary Halloween party), but something came up and we rescheduled… to attend the official opening in December!!!!! I am SO excited; I can’t wait to see this in person!

  • I can’t wait to see this in person at Christmas. Managed to make reservations to eat in the castle on Christmas Eve.

    • Nice!

  • As a little girl watching Beauty and the Beast I always wondered how the rest of the cottage looked liked and the Imagineers have really brought it to life. Plus incorporating a magical door to the Beast’s castle takes it to a completely new level. Love the idea and can’t wait to experience this!

  • Hi Jennifer. I love that you’re able to get all this detailed information/photos/videos for us. I just wish that I knew more juicy details about The Little Mermaid areas of the expansion beyond just photos on the exterior of Prince Eric’s Castle. It’s been six weeks now since we’ve heard anything about Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid or Ariel’s Grotto in your weekly blog post. Please give us Little Mermaid fans some love!!!

    • Will do. Sit tight, Lauren.

  • “Less than” 4 months till I see all this with my own eyes and dine at Be Our Guest (yay for getting ADRs right at 7:02am with a nice Cast Member yesterday.) Loving all the attention to details. Those Imagineers sure are a talented bunch!

  • I was so sad to see Minnie’s house in Toontown leave us, but I think exploring Maurice’s cottage will be just as fun!

  • A BIG shout out to all of the Disney Imagineers! I have a 14 year old son who dreams of being an Imagineer one day. We have really enjoy watching the videos that have been posted. They can be a great incentive for making good grades! I was very fortunate yesterday that I was able to secure a reservation at Be Our Guest for New Years Eve. We can’t wait to for the holidays to get here so we can see all of these great things in person. Every detail is what makes Disney so magical!!

    • Congrats, Jennifer! Sounds like you have a great son. I hope you enjoy your trip.

  • Amazing! The area already looks amazing, but that mirror!! What a feat! That made me go look at the latest picture of the area, and Maurice’s cottage does back up to a mountainous area…what’s through that portal could be almost anything! I’m really amazed by that and I expect a lot from Disney (and my ticket price!) Nobody else does stuff like this and as well. Wow. thanks so much for posting!

  • No, I’m on my home computer. I was able to watch by searching for the video directly on YouTube. Looks so neat. Sure hope there are some soft openings in October as I’d love to see it on our next trip!

  • That mirror may be one of the most brilliant things I have ever seen!

    • Wait til you see it in person. 🙂

  • it looks so wonderful, we are just sad it wont be open when we are there in oct…i just want to spend all day in that area and take it all in!!

    • We’ll keep the updates coming so you don’t miss any of the opening, Joseph.

  • Thank you Jen and Disney imagineers ! Can’ t wait for our trip during the preview time . The posts very week get us more excited to see all the exciting new adventures that are ahead 🙂

  • OMG!! How breath-takingly imaginitive! The mirror is just completely phenomenal! We’ve been so spoiled with all the details Disney creates in it’s attractions, but this is a new standard of creativeness! Can’t wait to see it in person Dec 13!

    • They totally took it to a new level here. 🙂

  • Very cool. Looking forward to seeing this in person when it’s complete.

  • I just have one question though. If Belle and her father had just moved to the village in recent years, how can she have a growth chart on the wall starting at 12 months?

  • I never can see the videos; they just come up as a black box on my screen. 🙁 Is there a program I need to have loaded on my computer in order for them to come up?

    • Are you watching on a home or work computer? Some employers may restrict YouTube access.

  • Thank you so much for sharing these, Jen. This looks amazing! I can’t wait to be there, this Christmas.

    • Thank our friends at Imagineer (who worked super hard on getting this done!).

  • OK. So I got butterflies and even a bit misty-eyed for that last bit. So excited.

    • 🙂

  • It’s all so amazing. We hope to enjoy this attraction. Unfortunately we can not dine in the castle of the beast yesterday as the first day for reservations call around 1 pm there were no more seats available for the 11th of December. My daughter is sad because I wanted this dinner of Christmas present.

  • Wow the cottage looks great, not to mention that AMAZING mirror! Only Disney makes magic like this.

  • How creative and fun! Being an architecural designer, I can’t wait to see everything new in person. We will be there on December 29th and I’m counting the days. I’m more excited than my 13 and 9 year old daughters. 130 days to go!!!

    • The entire area is amazing. You’ll love exploring. Have a great trip.

  • WOW!!! What a cliffhanger!

    • Just wait to see what comes next! 🙂

  • Wow. Wow. Wow!! This looks so fantastic! I got the chills just watching this video! Can’t wait to see more!

  • THAT IS AWESOME!!! I can’t tell you how much I look forward to that mirror that turns into a door. Way to go Disney!

    • It’s AMAZING!

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