Another Look at the New Fantasy Faire Coming to Disneyland Park

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Last week, I told you we would have more to share about the all-new Fantasy Faire coming to Disneyland park, so here’s another treat for you. These pieces of concept art, just released by Walt Disney Imagineering, offer a first glimpse inside the Royal Hall at Fantasy Faire, where you’ll be able to spend time meeting some of your favorite Disney Princesses.

Royal Hall at the New Fantasy Faire Coming to Disneyland Park in 2013

The art gives you a sense of the rich detail and beauty coming to this new corner of Fantasyland. Of course, concept art being just that, some aspects may be subject to change, such as the specific Disney Princesses visiting the Royal Hall on any given day.

Royal Hall at the New Fantasy Faire Coming to Disneyland Park in 2013 Artist Rendering of the New Fantasy Faire Coming to Disneyland Park in 2013

The new Fantasy Faire opens in spring 2013. Until then, you can meet Disney Royalty elsewhere in Fantasyland, along the path to “it’s a small world.” Be sure to stop by The Disneyland Story inside the Main Street Opera House at Disneyland park to see this concept art in person, in the “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” section of the exhibit, beginning August 10.


  • I have a question about the current meet-and-greet for Rapunzel at Disneyland in California. Is it going away so that Rapunzel can make appearences at the New Fantasy Faire? And is Flynn departing as a permament character?

  • Thanks for answering my question! 🙂

    I hope they reconsider adding the princes to those locations. I enjoy meeting them at the Halloween party, but I miss seeing them around during normal park hours. Does that mean that the princes who are currently park regulars, such as Prince Eric and Prince Naveen, won’t greet guests once the Fairytale Hall opens? I’d be sad to see them go. 🙁

  • I have a question about the Princess Fairytale Hall in WDW, which you just mentioned. Do you know if the princes will be there, along with the princesses? I really hope so! Meeting Flynn Rider was one of the highlights of my trip, and I’m sad that you can’t meet him anymore in WDW.

    • There are not currently plans to include the princes in either princess greeting location, but they are sometimes featured in parades and during certain special events.

  • oops I just realized this is at “Disneyland” I think they are building something similiar to this in Fantasyland at “Disneyworld….@ Shawn

    • No worries, Nicole. There’s lots of Fantasyland news on both coasts right now! At Magic Kingdom Park, the Enchanted Forest in New Fantasyland will be open in February, including the areas and attractions based on “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast.” Princess Fairytale Hall, the Magic Kingdom equivalent to Fantasy Faire, is set to open later in 2013.

  • I hope this & the Princess Hall will be open by Princess Marathon Weekend in February. @ Shawn Slater do you think its possible???Would love to come take pictures here after the race!

  • I would want stage show based on the 1951 “Alice in Wonderland”.

    Question will all ten Princesses be included or only some?


    Will the princes be included?

    • Adam, the plan for who will be appearing regularly at Fantasy Faire is still being determined at this time and could change from time to time even after opening. I’ll have more to share as we get closer.

  • i have a question since the princesses are going to be on the small world platform are we still going to have the disney villans at halloween time? since thats where thay have been placed in the last few years i’ve gone.

    • Vanessa, I’ve learned that the Disney Villains will still be making appearances during Halloween Time this year, but the team is looking at different locations for them, so stay tuned.

  • Any ideas if the actual meet & greet area & queue will be inside? Really would be worth the line if protected from the elements & temperatures..

    • Yes! The Royal Hall will be an indoor venue. Some of the queue will also be indoors, and a portion of the outdoor queue will be covered.

  • Hey, everybody! It’s so great to hear how much you all love the live entertainment in our parks. I, too, have fond memories of shows like Animazement and The Spirit of Pocahontas. The new show the team is preparing for next summer will be an original production, unlike anything they’ve done before. I’ll have more details for you as we get closer, so stay tuned!

  • Sorry for the confusion Adam. I would think it would be a new show. I was just trying to remember the show I saw. I think it’s a great idea to bring back live shows to Disneyland. Now they will have one in California Adventure and now one in Disneyland!

  • Jason–
    Ah, Ok. Yeah that was a very cool show!

  • so the new show at the theatre is going to be an old show they have done before I presume? Or is it going to be an entirely new show?

  • Fred. I figured it out. It was The Spirit of Pocahontas.

  • Thanks Fred, but I did some math and it was August 1997 when I saw the show. From what I could see on the web, Animazement started in June 1998. Thanks for trying to help. 🙂

  • Several months ago while I was doing a google news search I found the following quote from Disneyland Resort spokeswoman Suzi Brown;

    “Swing dancing will return to the park when the Fantasy Faire opens next year, the area is being designed to host a variety of entertainment, from princess meet-and-greets during the day, to a wide range of musical offerings, including our popular swing bands, in the evening.”

    So yes, the classic stage will remain, and swing dancing will still take place at night.

  • “*by some unofficial Disney news sources.”

  • Eric–
    At the D23 Expo last year, Parks and Resorts chairman Tom Staggs confirmed that swing dancing would return. That info had also been relayed but some unofficial Disney news sources.

  • I hope that all 10 of the official Disney Princesses will be at this new location, along with their princes and sidekicks.

  • Jason–
    Are you referring to Animazement?

  • The FF seems to have become a permanent fixture, it needs a more permanent space, to match the one going into WDW–
    But wait, does this mean that all that “Fantasy Faire at Carnation” kicking out the swing dancing was only meant to be -temporary- while the new space is built over the next year or two? You could’ve just told us that at the beginning!

  • Jane, I’m not sure, but I would think that the princesses will still get out and walk around the castle area.Especially by the wishing well. I’m interested in the show they are putting together in the soon-to-be old princess meet-and-greet area. I recall a show there before the princesses called it home and it was FANTASTIC! Wish I could remember more about that show. Does anyone remember it?

  • I got to hear Tony Baxter speak a bit about the new Fantasyland Faire last weekend at the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet in Seattle. While I probably won’t be waiting in line to meet the princesses, I am very excited to walk around this new area and see all the hidden treasures that are going to be included!

    • I’m with you, Nicholas. Fantasy Faire is going to look great and offer something for everyone!

  • Very cool. I loved seeing the model in last week’s post. So detailed and beautiful.

    I’m glad that the concept art will be available to view in the Opera house lobby.

  • From the first piece of concept art, it looks like it is very similar to the way that the meet and greets at Princess Fantasy were like. Do you know how the Royal Hall will operate?
    I will miss seeing the princesses outside near the castle.

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