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Caption This: The Jungle Cruise Sends Safari Guides Up a Tree at Disney Parks

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

You probably recognize this week’s photo from The Jungle Cruise at either Disneyland Park, or right here at Magic Kingdom Park.


This humorous scene finds a pack of safari guides literally up a tree, while a rhinoceros and hyenas await their descent.

What are they saying to one another? How did they end up in this mess, and whose idea was this voyage anyway? You tell us. Go ahead and “Caption This!”

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  • Top Guy: I can see what they are building in the New Fantasyland from up here!

  • Why do I have to be low man on the totem pole!

  • It could have been worst, you guys could have been zebras.

  • OH MY GOODNESS! Look at all of those pebbles on that beach! There must be over 45,623 of them!

  • Well I do agree gentlemen, today’s meeting does seem rather pointed…..

  • Those deer on that rock are so majestic, aren’t they?

  • How can we distract the Animals, give them food and get me outta
    here Ahhhh

  • Its a shish kabob for the lions!

  • Guy #1: I told you we should have gone swimming, not tree climbing!

    Guy #2: Well, I’m sorry, but I heard Ginger snaps and I do not want to test her.

  • Doing the daily routine!

  • Looks like we could use a Mousekatool , everybody say real loud OH Toodles.

    • My son loves that show!

  • Guy on bottom: “Okay, okay, we made a few jokes we shouldn’t have, I admit it, I’m sorry…But look, the hyenas liked it!”

  • Kabob anyone?

    • Ha!

  • Leader at the top: I’m never trusting another “How To” instructional video with Goofy.

  • Hey, look! There’s my friend Ena! Everyone say, “Hi-Ena!”

  • This is a funny scene every time I see it on the ride. But I feel sorry for the guy at the bottom, He looks like he might get the horn of that Rhino. And then the Rhino will just pluck the rest of them off with his horn one at a time.

  • Proving once again: You don’t have to outrun the rhino. You just have to be faster than the other guys running from the rhino.

  • Hyena #1 “What’s for dinner?”

    Hyena #2 “Shish kaBOB, Shish kaTOM, Shish kaRICH, Shish kaTIM and
    Shish kaDOUG.”

  • A Wrong Turn at Albuquerque!

  • I told you not to feed the rhino a Dole Whip float! No one can have just one!

    • 🙂

  • What time did you say the guys with real food come bye? Maybe we can jump into one of the passing boats, the passengers look friendly!

  • Gentlemen, Gentlemen. I don’t mean to get us off point, but we’ve got it better than that poor zebra over there “sleeping” with the lions!

  • Says the guy at the top: Uh, guys…I hate to tell you this but the hut is not up here anymore.

    Says the guy at the bottom: Oh man! This rhino is not going to be happy when I tell him he cannot watch Animal Planet.

  • Fellow at the bottom: “I really should have paid more attention to the tumble monkeys during the Festival of the Lion King.”

  • “I told you, taking away a Rhino’s credit cards does not really keep them from charging!”

  • Let’s run it up the flag pole and see if anyone salutes.

  • This is a hostile work environment, someone hand me the satellite phone so I can call the state labor board.

  • This weeks “cheesiest joke on the Jungle Cruise” was “pointed out” by the Animals of the attraction. They have yet to pick a loser…

  • He’ll get the point in the end!

  • That bottom guy’s name is Ahontas… looks like that Rhino is going to Poke Ahontas!

    • This one literally made the guy next to me laugh out loud.

  • The guy on the top is saying “See guys, I just had to out run ya’ll”, the guy on the bottem is saying “Can ya’ll climb a little higher!”, the guy next to the bottom is saying to the guy next to the top “Why did you want to go on this stunking saferi!!” and the guy in the verry middle is saying “Whose bright idea was it to wave the Mickey ice cream bar in the rhinos face!!”

  • This is not what I had in mind when I said I wanted to climb the corporate ladder!!!

  • Two relatively unknown facts about the rhinoceros: 1) Rhinos are very good tree climbers. 2) They are also extremely patient, and don’t mind waiting in line for their turn to climb.

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