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Disney Parks After Dark: Wildest Ride in the Wilderness at Magic Kingdom Park

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

A few of you reminded us how amazing Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is when the sun sets. So, tonight we’re there – and we’ve got a spectacular “Disney Parks After Dark” photo to share.


At nighttime, the experience of rushing through the gold-mining town of tumbleweed on a runaway train is hard to beat. It’s a family favorite. And if you keep your eyes open, you can see some great sights around Magic Kingdom Park, including fireworks.

Is this your favorite attraction to ride after dark? Let’s us know what others to include in our “Disney Parks After Dark” series.

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  • I love doing the Haunted Mansion late at night when there are few guests around. I can take my time and soak in the spooky atmosphere. 2nd would be Tower of Terror. Little bit of a Halloween nut.

  • How do you get to attend the private opening of the Halloween Time for the Haunted Mansion Holiday when they have the special limited edition items only on that one night before it opens to the General Public. I read about it every year and when I ask people at the Park they do not know. Please let me know how I can get to attend the Opening Night of the Haunted Mansion Holiday 2013?

  • I love riding BTM at night, as well as Test Track. TT just seems a bit faster when you are out on the loop at night.

  • I would have to agree with those that said Jungle Cruise…it does become a totally different ride after dark.

  • I like the view from the top of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse at night.You can see Space Mountain, Mainstreet and some of the nightly fireworks.

  • On a trip to celebrate our graduation from college, my eventual wife and I saw the Electrical Parade from atop Splash Mountain. It was true magic 🙂

  • My family’s 3 favorite rides to do after dark are Thunder Mountain, Jungle Cruise, and our most favorite HAUNTED MANSION!!

    We just got home yestarday and got some great photos of Haunted Mansion after dark!

  • Dumbo will be awesome once the expansion is complete.

  • My most magical moment is riding on the Matterhorn north station. If you time it just right you can be zipping by the trees and look out to the fireworks blasting over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle near by. It is an experience to behold.

  • I love Andrea and Brian’s suggestions about the Jungle Cruise after dark–that would be fun for my little one without being TOO scary, especially since our trip will be her first visit.

  • Brian…. Haunted Mansion on a stormy night is wickedly fun! Super spooky.

  • I agree with Andrea, Jungle Cruise is almost a completely different ride at night. One of my favorite ride experiences was riding Big Thunder Mountain at night during the fireworks. Also, even though the ride is inside, walking up to the Haunted Mansion at night gives you a different feel when you enter the building.

  • Not sure if it’s been done yet, but I always loved Tower of Terror after dark or at sunset especially. The view is so amazing and different in the dark, plus it makes the whole thing a little spookier.

  • This is awesome! Is there a link for those of us with big monitors? (1280×1200)

  • Hey get one at Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mt at Sunset, from Big Thunder Trail facing South? That would so cool

  • Thunder Mountain is definitely my favorite after dark but the Tower of Terror has some fun spooky views at night as well!

  • I like the teacups after dark. Test Track is another one that is better after dark. I’m itching to ride Expedition Everest after dark but that hasn’t happened yet.

  • A very fun ride, and a great sight at night. The Big Thunder Railroad looks even better at night than it does in the day!

  • One of my favorite memories at the park was my last night in Walt Disney World when we went there right before high school graduation– we were on Splash Mountain, and we looked up through the opening above, before the logs go into the enclosed part of the ride, and the fireworks felt like they were right above us. I was seventeen at the time, and it was the first time since about age six that fireworks had earned that kind of awe from me. It was absolutely beautiful.

  • One of the things I always look forward to on a Disney vacation! Nothing is better than Frontierland at night…soft music, low lighting, and best of all, countless rides on Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain in the dark as fireworks over Cinderella Castle go off. Its the perfect end to a long day in the Magic Kingdom.

  • It’s a good one, but my favorite is Jungle Cruise. It’s a completely different experience at night!

  • Can’t wait f0r Oct. 26,2012!!

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