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Disney Parks Merchandise to Attend Star Wars Celebration VI Event in August 2012

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Star Wars Vinylmation Figures from Disney Theme Park Merchandise

Disney Parks has a long history with Star Wars that dates back to 1987 with the opening of Star Tours at Disneyland park. Since that time, we have offered a variety of collectibles including action figures, pins, shirts and more. I’m happy to report that Disney Theme Park Merchandise will be attending Star Wars Celebration VI, a Star Wars fan event coming to the Orange County Convention Center from August 23-26, 2012. This year, we have created some items that fans will only find at this event.

One of those event exclusive items is a 3-inch Vinylmation figure of Princess Leia as a hologram. This figure has an edition size of 2,500, and is considered the variant figure to the Leia figure found in Vinylmation – Star Wars #2 series (which will also debut at the event on August 23 and will later be sold at Disney Parks).

Princess Leia Vinylmation and Starspeeder Figures from Disney Theme Park Merchandise

Another Celebration VI exclusive item will be the 25th Anniversary Starspeeder die-cast set. This set features both the Starspeeder 3000 (for the first time ever) and the Starspeeder 1000 from Star Tours – The Adventures Continue.

Star Wars Celebration VI Event T-Shirts with Disney Characters Playing the Role of Star Wars Characters

Fans attending the event will also find two event tee-shirts with Disney characters playing the roles of Star Wars characters. We are also introducing an Aurebesh nametag with a few additional destinations not found during Star Wars Weekends 2012.

For those guests who missed being “frozen” in carbonite, the Carbon-Freeze Me experience will return for a limited, four-day engagement during the event. Using state-of-the-art imaging technology, this experience casts your likeness as a three-dimensional, eight-inch figurine (as seen in this video by my fellow Disney Parks Blog author Gary Buchanan and Star Wars: The Clone Wars star Ashley Eckstein). Retail is $99.95 (plus shipping), and event guests can participate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Star Wars 'D-Tech On-Demand' iPhone Cases Available from Disney Theme Park Merchandise

Speaking of printing, we are introducing “D-Tech On-Demand,” a new option where guests can select from 12 different iPhone 4/4S case designs and watch as they are printed onsite. The four cases in the top row will premiere at this event, while the bottom row features some designs that can be printed.

Finally, we will offer a first purchase opportunity for the next waves of Disney and Muppet character action figures (which are coming to Disney Parks later).

If you are attending the galactic celebration, please stop by booths #331 and #341 to say hello.

Star Wars Vinylmation Figures from Disney Theme Parks Merchandise

Star Wars Vinylmation Figures from Disney Theme Parks Merchandise Star Wars Vinylmation Figures from Disney Theme Parks Merchandise


  • The Muppet figures look amazing! Will they be released in stores as a normal set, or will it be a limited run, meaning only the leftovers from the Celebration will be sold in the parks later?

    Many thanks!

  • Do you know if they will be doing the special Star Wars Indiana Jones show that was done a couple of years ago? My son missed it and has not let me forget it!

  • Will there be any special events at Disney World for this year’s event? A couple of years ago, there was a separetely ticketed evening event at Hollywood Studios.

    • @Heather – There are no special events planned at Walt Disney World for this event. I know a special “after 4:00 p.m. convention ticket” will be available to purchase for event guests who wish to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the evening. You can find out details by visiting the Disney Parks merchandise booths at the event.

      I hope to see you there. I will be attending for most of the day on Friday.

  • steve , is there a way i can call and have someone put some on hold for me and my sister?

    • @Susana – Unfortunately, we are unable to hold any merchandise. I wish I had a better answer for you. Sorry.

  • Thanks for the answers about the Droid Factory. Now we know for sure to plan a proper visit to the park, with plenty of time to build droids and ride Star Tours! Can’t wait for CVI and for DHS!

  • And one last thing, Do you know if there will be an evenly distribution per day? or is it possible it can all sell out before sunday?

    • @Susy – You’re welcome. We typically don’t hold any Vinylmation figures back. In other words, they entire allocation (2,500 units) would be introduced for sale on Thursday. They would continue to be sold until gone. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to say if any figures will be remaining by Sunday as it will depend on the popularity of the figure during the first three days. Wish I had a better answer for you.

  • thank you for getting back to me. I truly hope i can get one on Sunday 🙂

  • Hi, Just a question. I know that you guys will have the Hologram Leia at the convention. But my concern is if there is a limited amount? Will there be a certain amount distributed per day? Because im going sunday and i would love to get one and im hoping that it isnt sold out by then.

    • @Susana – I spoke with the merchandise events team about your question. Since the Vinylmation figure is limited edition, there will be a purchase limit of two figures per Guest. They want to mirror the limited edition purchase policy we have at Disney Parks.

  • Steven Miller, those are some good merchandise. But I was wondering that if you have the time to design another action figure with a popular Disney character. Would you prefer Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as Obi-Wan Kenobi and to be released at the 2013 Star Wars Weekend? ( 🙂

    • @Gabriel – Glad you liked the merchandise. There are lots of options that exist for future development. If you are attending the event, I would invite you to attend the conversation Brad and Cody are having on Thursday, August 23 from 3:00 to 4:00 at the Behind the Scenes Stage (W414 ABCD). It will give a sneak peek into some of the things they are working on in 2013.

  • In reference to question4 above-I got the Darth Maul donald at SW Weekends and there was no part for Goofy-is this in the new ones at C6 and in the future?? Thanks.

    • @Stuart – I spoke with Cody about your question. He said that the Donald Duck as Darth Maul figure was considered a preview figure at Star Wars Weekends 2012. That figure had different packaging and did not have the Goofy figure part.

      The figure coming to Celebration VI and Disney Parks in a few weeks will have unique packaging and one of those Goofy figure parts.

  • Steven, this is actually a general blog comment, not actually about this update. But I love the blogs – I get more of my new WDW info from these compared to anywhere else. But most of all I love the personal responses to (most of, at least) the comments on here. Thanks for your interaction.

    • @Robert – Thank you for your comment! What a wonderful note to read. I’m glad you have enjoyed the Disney Parks Blog. I know it has been a great experience for me (and I believe my fellow authors would say the same thing). I personally enjoy the interaction with folks who love Disney as much as I do.

  • The CVI stuff is all very exciting, and it’s great to see that the Carbon-Freeze Me experience coming to Celebration. But what about the Droid Factory? Will there be any version of Tatooine Trader’s new Droid Factory at CVI? Will there be a way to build/buy droids from the new Droid Factory at the Orlando Convention Center at Celebration CVI? Or will there be any type of event similar to CV’s “Last Tour To Endor” where CVI attendees will get a crack the Droid Factory and the new Star Tours?

    • @Simon – Glad to read your comment about Carbon-Freeze Me. The Droid Factory won’t be at Celebration VI yet it will be available at Tatooine Traders in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. From my understanding, some of the new novelty hats recently arrived at the experience.

      I know that there will be a special after 4:00 p.m. convention ticket for event guests to purchase if they are looking to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios that evening. You can find out details by visiting the Disney Parks merchandise booths at the event.

      There are no other hard-ticket type events planned this year like the “Last Tour To Endor” that was held in 2010.

  • Any idea on the price for the Muppet figures? Will they be sold as one set?

    Also, are there any more planned in the future? Love these guys! Would love to see more characters included in the line!

    • @James – I’m still confirming the retail and packaging of the Muppets figures.

      I can say that if you are going to the event, you should try attending a session with Brad and Cody from our toy development team. They will be speaking on Thursday, August 23 from 3:00 to 4:00 at the Behind the Scenes Stage (W414 ABCD). The talk is titled, “Disney Parks & Star Wars – This is where the Magic Begins.” They will be giving a sneak preview of new items and give an inside look at how they create merchandise.

      In related news, there will another talk on Saturday, August 25 titled “The New Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.” It will be held from 3:00 to 4:00 at the Behind the Scenes Stage (W414 ABCD). A team from Walt Disney Imagineering will be giving a behind the scenes look at the creation of the attraction.

  • Love the Iphone cases; will they be available to purchase from the Disney online store? My nephew would love the top 4.

    • @Shannon – Due to contractual obligations, we are not able to offer the Star Wars themed cases via the Disney Parks Online store. Sorry.

  • Will you be able to make reservations online or on site for the carbon freezing experience or will it be strictly walk ups; first come, first served? Thanks.

    • @Stuart – The Carbon-Freeze Me experience will be booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is not an online reservation option for this event.

  • Any chance you’ll have some of the exclusives from Star Wars Weekends there as well? Are there any exclusive C6 only exclusives other than the Princess Leia Vinylmation?

  • What information can you provide on the Animal/Boba and Scooter/Lando figures? Possible set? And it this just part of the new wave or a CVI exclusive?

    • @Jeffrey – The new Muppets action figures are a continuation of the Muppets series I first discussed here –

      These figures aren’t exclusive to Celebration VI as they will also be sold at Disney Parks shortly after the event is over. Guests attending the event will have a first purchase opportunity for the figures.

      I would say that Rizzo that was released during Star Wars Weekends 2012 would also fall into this collection. And from my understanding, the Celebration VI store will offer that Rizzo figure as well.

  • With the action figures, Is the Goofy only found in the Celebration Pre-Release packaging? Or will it be that way in the parks? Also, what is the release date for these in the parks?

    • @Hannah – The Goofy figure will be found in the Disney Parks as well. Basically, there will be one part for the figure in each package. If you purchase all five of the new figures, then you can construct the Goofy figure. They are currently planned for release at Disney Parks the week or so after Celebration VI. We are offering guests who attend the event a first purchase opportunity for the figures.

  • Thank you for posting your article. 🙂 Does this mean that there will not be any exclusive action figures, Disney Racers, or pins this year?

    • @Katie – The only “figure” will be the Vinylmation – Princess Leia variant figure. The other action figures will debut at Celebration VI but will be sold at Disney Parks as well. There are no Disney Racers or pins planned for this event.

  • I would love to buy a case for my phone. Unfortunately, I am one of the millions that doesn’t have an iPhone, but rather the Galaxy S2. When will I be able to buy Disney products for my phone?

  • NOOO! can we not find these items @ Hollywood Studios during Celebration too??? Is there any other way to get them?

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