Disneyland Resort Guests are About to ‘Glow With the Show’ at ‘Fantasmic!’

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

UPDATE: The first “Glow With the Show” performance of “Fantasmic!” for Disneyland park guests will be August 31.

This summer, guests at Disney California Adventure park have been surprised and delighted by the ways in which the new “Glow With the Show” Ears magically interact with everything from “World of Color” to Mad T Party and more. Reaction to the “Glow With the Show” Ears has been so positive, the team is already working to expand the magic at the Disneyland Resort.


I’m happy to tell you that you’ll soon be able to “Glow With the Show” during “Fantasmic!” at Disneyland park. Imagine experiencing this classic nighttime spectacular in a whole new way – shimmering with the lights of romance as Disney’s royal couples drift by or becoming part of a virtual sea of flames when Maleficent sets the river on fire.

You’ll be able to get glowing with “Fantasmic!” later this month – stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for more updates.


  • How will this work on the day of the event?
    We have our reservation ticket – but there is a wristband part?

  • I am going to be at DLR next weekend, just in time for Fantasmic! I can’t wait for these ears. Do they work anywhere else in Disneyland like they do in DCA? Or, is it a surprise? My two year old will have them on so I can see them light up!

  • Well my bff just returned from Disneyland and brought me back my new Mickey ears that Glow and I love them. I,m going to Disney world in like 14 days, now can I wear them there? I will have the best pair of ears at night there, or really should I not wear them?

  • I love my GWTS ears and wear them at WDW, even if they don’t work, just to amaze people. Can’t wait until you finally figure out how to bring World of Color to us here in FL… but to do it right, you’d have to build the Fun Wheel, too!

  • Thanks Shawn, just wondering can I buy them and have them shipped to our home? I would love to add these to my kids surprise bags for disneyland?

    • You can order merchandise from the park by calling Disneyland DelivEars at 800-760-3566.

  • This is for the general public correct? Not the AP preview?

    • Jesse – The AP preview on Aug. 28 will be the first time for “Glow With the Show” at Fantasmic! After that, the ears will interact with every regularly scheduled performance of the show.

  • How can I buy the ears? We are coming to visit Disneyland dec 1 and would love them for my girls?

    • Kyley – “Glow With the Show” Ears are currently available at the World of Disney in the Downtown Disney District and throughout Disney California Adventure park. They will be available in Disneyland park at the end of August.

  • everyone will love the show, we have seen it many many times, and enjoyed it every time

  • Excellent! We’re visiting Disneyland in October, my wife and kids have been really excited to get their Glow with the Show ears. Now there’s another reason to grab a few pairs of ears.

  • The ears would sure ALSO look nice at WDW. Just saying! 😉

  • Twice as many reasons to get our ears when we go in December!

  • PLEASE bring these ears to WDW! 🙂 I go to WDW twice a year, but I rarely go to DLR. Speaking of things that I’d like to bring to WDW… is it possible that WDW’s Fantasmic! could get an update? DLR’s dragon is much more impressive. And I would be BEYOND THRILLED if we could get World of Color over here!

  • Will there be more expantion of this tech into the attractions? It could be used on the Fantasyland dark rides like its a small world! or Mad Tea Party…Just think of the implications…

  • Will this be up and running on a regular basis for all showings of Fantasmic! by the end of this month? Or will there be AP previews first?

  • Awesome!!

    Do the “Glow With the Show” Ears work at all the World of Color showings or is only during special events?

    • Adam, the ears are activated during every performance of World of Color and Mad T Party, as well as when you enter certain areas of Cars Land.

  • Okay, now they should bring this to WDW! I’d love to see the ears here!

  • This is amazing news 🙂
    I was at the AP Fantasmic event and at the AP Glow with the show event(thanks to some generous MW’ers).
    To see the crowd of people Glow with Fantasmic … epic

  • Are additional hat designs/glow headbands on the horizon? The tech is incredible, but I’d prefer the hat in solid black instead of splashy graffiti colors.

  • This is awesome! Its great to see this technology expanding so soon.

  • Is this technology ever going to make its way across the country to WDW?

  • Words cannot express how excited I am for this!

    Will there be any other surprises to look forward to with the ears in other areas of Disneyland Park?

    • Bruce & Alan – There’s no other news to share at this time, but I can tell you the team is always working on new ways to make our Guests’ experience even more magical. Who knows what they’ll come up with next?!

  • This month Fantasmic!, next month Magical? Or will you wait for Believe in Holiday Magic in November…?

    Looks like you just put the IR Emitters for the Ears anywhere they can hook up to the DMX Lighting Control network.

  • SO EXCITED!!!!

  • YAY! So psyched! Hope to see special meet ups for this in the near future!

  • Will these still be available in November? For the geographically challenged Disney fans

    • Ryan – There is no planned end date for the “Glow With the Show” Ears.

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