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Finish that Disney Parks Sign: Calling All Baseball Fans

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

One of my favorite indulgences at Magic Kingdom Park is a big, fat hot dog from Casey’s Corner on Main Street, U.S.A., covered in a delicious mess of toppings. Whenever we stop there, we always try to grab a seat (and some air conditioning) in the adjacent baseball-themed dining room. Game memorabilia lines the walls in that room, and I always find myself checking out this sign below.
Can You Finish This Sign at Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom Park?

My fellow Casey’s Corner fans out there may remember the name of the home team, which is blurred out here. If so, leave it in the “comments” section below. I’ll update the post with the correct answer later today!

Now I really want a hot dog…

A Sign at Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom Park


  • @Philip

    He could have been put in the game for a different player. Even if he was a good player, the player he was put in for could have had more seniority.

  • Mudville.

  • Phil, as you must know well, there was no joy in Mudville that day.

  • I think everyone is just about stumped on this one!

  • Nope, not Mudville.


  • Yup, Mudville. Incidentally, has anybody ever noticed that in that poem, when Casey comes to bat as the last batter for Mudville, that is very likely NOT his first at-bat in the game?

    In other words, they counted on him to win the game with one swing, but thus far in the game he’d likely already been contained by the visiting pitchers. Had he delivered in the first inning (a player that good at hitting would usually be batting third), his time would not have needed to bat in the bottom of the ninth. Just sayin’.

  • Yep I am hungry now! Mudville 🙂

  • Best lunch spot in the Magic Kingdom! I am pretty sure the home team was the “Mudville” nine that day.

  • Mudville!

  • It’s Mudville. Casey played for the Mudville Nine.

  • Mudville!


  • mudville!


  • Isn’t it Mudville?

  • Mudville!

  • Mudville 🙂

  • Mudville!

  • Mudville! I eat here at least twice a trip

  • Mudville!

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