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First Look: Lumiere, Madame Wardrobe Welcome You to Enchanted Tales with Belle at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Last week, we shared the first look inside New Fantasyland’s Enchanted Tales With Belle attraction, which included a tour of Belle’s childhood home and a peek at the magic mirror that transports guests into Beast’s Castle. (Is it just me, or were you amazed by this magical transformation?).

We just received Part II of the video from our friends at Walt Disney Imagineering, so get ready to feast your eyes on a whole new kind of character experience. From here, our Storybook Adventure continues as guests enter Beast’s castle through the magic portal and are greeted by Madame Wardrobe, who invites everyone to help retell the story of Belle and Beast’s first meeting. Once roles are cast, Lumiere welcomes the group into Beast’s expansive library, where they’ll surprise Belle by acting out the “tale as old as time.”

What happens next is an experience that Imagineers Chris Beatty, Chris Kelly and Ted Robledo have waited years to see come to life. And the experience is something that has to be seen to be believed.

Enchanted Tales With Belle will open at Magic Kingdom Park in preview phase November 19, with a grand opening set for December 6.

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  • Jan6th can’t get her fast enough!!!!

  • Hi Jennifer, I am so excited to be coming to WDW again this New Year’s holiday and am really looking forward to all these new attractions. I was wondering if in addition to these updates on Fantasyland someone could post an update on The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow in Hollywood Studios. The latest posts I can find online are the announcement last May that it was opening this fall. Can we get an insider peek?

  • This is like a dream come true for me! Despite being 24 years old I can honestly say I enter Disney World with the same love and excitement as a 5 year old. Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite movie and I cannot even put into words how happy I am to see this expansion! I cannot wait to experience this wonderful fairy tale! 🙂

    I just wish Jerry Orbach was still alive to provide the voice for Lumiere…

  • This looks absolutely incredible!! We planned our trip to WDW months ago for September, so unfortunately we will miss the preview and grand opening. 🙁 I know when we DO get to come back and experience it my 2 kids are going to flip!!

  • This looks so amazing – after watching this video I’m picking even my 10 and 13 yo sons will humour their Mum and queue to see it when we visit from next year! Disney combining their wonderful storytelling and state of the art technology to do what they do best – that’s what keeps us coming back, despite the 20 hour flights from NZ!

  • I can’t wait to experience this wonderful part of the disney magic! I am glad i am going in November for NJ week!

  • I can’t wait…can’t wait…can’t wait! Belle looks fantastic and right at home! The kids are going to love it as much as they loved Storytime with Belle!

  • This looks really amazing! I love how the wardrobe and Lumiere move, they look so real!
    I was wondering if this will be fun for non-English speaking children. Will they also get the story and be able to join in?

  • I think I’m about as excited for this as Belle was to receive the library as a gift! It’s my favorite scene from the movie!! It’s times like this that I’m glad to be a local and can hop on over the moment I have a free moment to do so.

  • Wow, can’t wait until it open.

  • Is this going to be a standard wait-in-line or fast pass attraction, or will this be a special ticket/reservation scenario? My family and I are visiting WDW in November and I would love to go ahead and reserve our spot if possible!

  • Gosh, this was absolutely amazing. I want to be a little girl again. I can actually feel part of the theme and animation. Disney, you outdid yourself. Wonderful for children. You make so many people happy in kids of ALL ages (llike me). I can’t wait to see it someday.

  • OH MY GOSH. This is ABSOLUTELY INSANELY CRAZY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been looking forward to this, but this is beyond my wildest expectations (and since it’s Disney, my expectations were high!). Lumiere and the Wardrobe are remarkable… they look exactly like they do in the movie! I am so impressed with the Imagineers. I can’t wait to see it in person! December 6th can’t come soon enough!

    • Lumiere totally looks and moves just like he did in the movie – he is REMARKABLE!

  • Is there going to be an age limit on the participants of the play?

    I mean, I understand that children get first dibs but I’d be a little sad if there wasn’t any chance for me.

    Can’t wait for the Grand Opening, December 6th!!!

  • We are so happy to have scheduled this “what the heck” trip for the Christmas party and this puts it over the top! Our four year old son will be mesmerized by this and it looks like it was well worth the wait! Come on December 8th!


    • I hope you have an excellent visit. The park is amazing during the holiday season, and it will sure be merrier with the addition of New Fantasyland.

  • Just unbelieveable! To pass through that portal and be in the castle – truly magical! Having the guests involved in a story will make it something you’ll remember forever. Being in an intimate setting is genius…you’ll really feel like this magical moment is just for YOU and you’ll forget about the world outside. It will also be wonderful for children because they can see and experience it without a crowd or noisy surroundings. Kudos to everyone involved!

  • This looks like it’s really geared to young kids. I’m a bit disappointed that there is no appeal to older kids or adults here.

  • Typically when we arrive at Magic Kingdom we head straight for Frontierland and work our way around from there. With all that the new Fantasyland will bring we will definitely have to create a new plan!!! This meet and greet is beyond any expectations I could have ever had.

    • That’s great to hear, Jennifer.

  • AMAZING! Lumiere looks incredible. I will be so excited to experience this in person!

    • After this, I think he’s a new favorite of mine.

  • 98 more days and I’ll be there – December 6 is the day we arrive! I can’t believe that we are lucky enough to be there when all of these attractions are opening at Fantasyland. Usually we “just miss” everything. This looks so amazing on video – cannot wait to see it in person.

  • Absolutely blown away. Mr. Beatty and his team have really outdone themselves. While I love all of the new things that are constantly coming to the parks, I honestly believe this is the best experience created in a while. This is not a meet and greet, its an attraction which just became what I am looking forward to most in New Fantasyland.

    • The Imagineers really gave all their creativity and passion into this project. It really shows!

  • Who were the lucky people who got to be in the video?? I’m so jealous. can’t wait to see this and eat at Be Our Guest in Jan!!

  • I have to admit, the visuals, animatronics and immersive theming are top notch here. I’m curious as to the repeatability of this guest experience. Will Belle be switching up the stories she reads?

  • Wow! I seriously think Disney has outdone themselves with this one! I’m no fan of the Princess Meet & Greets but if they were all this amazing I’d be waiting in line myself! I actually got a little misty-eyed while watching the videos it was all so magical. 🙂 When your animatronics look like you’ve plucked them straight out of their film then you know you’ve done it right!
    Stunning work, congrats to all involved with this masterpiece!

    • Just watching the kids (all the kids in the room) is an amazing experience. I was there for this taping and boys and girls of all ages were mystified that they were able to spend time with Belle.

  • Wow, truly amazing! I can only imagine what the wait times for this is going to be though…

  • Excuse me while I pass out from excitement and amazement. (Falls on floor. 10 mins. later) Back, this is amazing!

    • I just laughed aloud. I’m glad you like it. 🙂

  • Wow… This looks so cool. Madame Wardrobe’s expressions are amazing! Thanks for sharing these!

    • She is amazing1

  • I am sooo bummed – we leave 2 days before the soft opening! My daughter loves Belle!! If it weren’t so expensive to change flights I would! Ahhhhhhhhh!

  • I can’t wait to experience this with my daughter on December 6th!

    • I hope you have a great trip and an excellent time in New Fantasyland.

  • Thanks for the update, I’ve been waiting for this one!!! Looks amazing!! I can’t wait!! Way to go Disney!

  • Once again, Disney does not disappoint! My kids and I sat around the computer watching this video, and we can hardly wait to see this in person! It will be a couple of years, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait!

    • The experience is unbelievable. I’m sure your kids will love it.

  • AWESOME!!! The animatronics are absolutely amazing! Can’t wait!

    • 🙂

  • I am so excited to share this with my daughter–she just turned three and is a HUGE fan of Beauty and the Beast. We’ll be there less than a week after it opens and I can’t wait!

  • You are absolutely right – the theming and set design is just spectacular. The idea of welcoming children into Belle’s story is a remarkable one. From what I can see on the video it doesn’t seem like lot of families can be welcomed in at once. Do you have any info on how the wait time will be managed for this and other Fantasyland meet and greet attractions? Will Fast Passes be offered to offset crowd numbers? Thanks!

  • Great video update! Disney imagineers never cease to amaze me! Also, I think I spotted Jenn Fickley-Baker half way through the video. 😉

  • Simply AMAZING!! I can’t wait. 157 days to go. Whoo Hoo!!

  • OMG!!! The animatronics are amazing. Can’t wait to see this once the new Fantasyland is fully open. Great job, Disney!!!

    • They are UNREAL. 🙂

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