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Hauntingly Fun Halloween Merchandise Features the Haunted Mansion at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Halloween Merchandise Coming to Disney Parks

As summer winds down, I’m anticipating the arrival of my favorite season. Fall is host to many things I love, including college football and my birthday. At Disney Parks, fall signifies the return of Halloween, a two-month celebration that includes special events like Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom Park in Florida or the amazing holiday makeover for the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland park. Speaking of the Haunted Mansion, this classic attraction will be prominently featured in new Halloween merchandise arriving in August. You may recall my conversation with Cody Reynolds, Senior Character Artist with Disney Design Group, about last year’s playful artwork. Cody explained that collaboration was a key ingredient in creating this year’s designs.
Mugs and Other Halloween Merchandise Coming to Disney Parks

“This year’s art program has been in development for about 18 months,” said Cody. “Disney Theme Park Merchandise partnered with Walt Disney Imagineering, Entertainment and the Food and Beverage division in order to create one cohesive visual story for Halloween that will be used in several ways at Disney Parks.”

As we talked, Cody showed me the progression of concepts for this year’s art.

“We worked through concepts that had characters wearing a variety of costumes,” continued Cody. “We dressed them as pirates, princesses, clowns and more. We finally settled on their theme park attire with a fun Halloween twist, like Minnie’s classic polka dot dress done in black and orange.”
Halloween Merchandise Coming to Disney Parks

This artwork will be used on a variety of merchandise items, including decorative items, mugs, pins, shirts, hats, Vinylmation, and much more. We are also introducing a line of Haunted Mansion-inspired items that will be carried year round. (I gave a first look at these items a few months ago.)

I particularly like how the Mansion’s gates were used as the place where the characters and Mansion residents meet.

“We intentionally chose the gates as a meeting place,” Cody explained. “They worked really well for the story we were telling, as they are a common feature found at the Haunted Mansion attractions.”
Halloween Countdown Coming to Disney Parks

Cody drew the characters, while Disney Design Group artist Darren Wilson created the “ghostly” type font. Disney artist Patty Landing contributed the great patterns and graphic elements (like that stylized Haunted Mansion wallpaper!).

I think one of my favorite new items is the “Countdown to Halloween” figurine. Now I just need to figure out what costume to wear this year.

Read more about this year’s Halloween preparations at Disney Parks in the posts below:


  • This year’s Halloween merchandise is AMAZING! One item that I haven’t heard any updates on is the Madame Leota snow globe. Any idea when this will be available? Will it be released online at the Disney store? Any info on this item is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • I really, really want the MUG! I collect all things Disney, but especially mugs. Have been following the website closely waiting for it to show up on disneystore, but no such luck yet!

  • That stylized wallpaper should become ACTUAL WALLPAPER! I would buy it in a heartbeat and cover the walls in my room and ceiling with different styles! Can that happen please?

  • Hi Steven,

    What are the SKU#s for the Ladies all-over print Haunted Mansion themed shirt? The one with Minnie and Pluto on the front.

    Also, what is the SKU# for the wine glasses?

    Many Thanks!

  • any news on the pins? we are almost 2 weeks away from the first MNSSHP and nothing yet on the blog or on the disney pin page!!! very hard to plan a trip to know how much $$$ to bring if disney waits til the last minute to post souvenirs available!!! help!!

  • Along with the Halloween merchandise, I see the Disney store has added costumes as well. Does anyone know if they plan to add more costumes, especially to the adult list, which is very much lacking! I’m going to the MNSSHP this year and would like to see what Disney Store can offer me before I spend money to piece together a costume.

  • Thank you, Steven, for the looks at all this wonderful merchandise! Already purchased some stuff available from the online store, which, by the way, has free shipping for Halloween merchandise until Thursday! Didn’t see the mugs or the “Countdown to Halloween” display I wanted, but assuming they will be arriving to purchase online soon, I hope?

  • Loving ALL of this merchandise and have already ordered a bunch through the site!

    Usually my husband and I plan a trip every October for our anniversary, but this year, we decided to see Christmas instead, so November was our designated timeframe. However, since we have been seeing all this wonderful merchandise in your posts, we have decided to squeeze in a quick October trip. Thanks for giving us a great excuse to go to Disney an additional time this year, Steven! 🙂

    • @Derek – That’s a great question. I’m checking with the D-Tech and online store teams. Please stay tuned.

      @Stefanie – Aces! I’m happy to hear you will be making an extra visit … especially in October. Such a wonderful time of the year (four words – Food and Wine Festival!). Glad I was able to help convince you (but if you are like me, I’m thinking you probably didn’t need that much convincing 🙂

  • this stuff looks great!! But do you know of the pirates of the caribbean phone case that you showed a while ago will ever sell online because i really wanted it but I haven’t seen it yet??

  • Are you able to put in a passholder discount on the Disney Store online?

    • @Alyxandria – Good luck on the costume! I’m still debating on mine. I dressed like Sam Flynn from TRON: Legacy last year which was epic. 🙂

      @Tommy – Yes! It’s 400006477651. I’m unsure, however, if it has arrived yet at Disney Parks. I know items are arriving in locations around this time. You could always try the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services team at 1-877-560-6477 or via email:

      @Tim – Unfortunately, there is not an option for passholder discounts on the Disney Parks Online store. I believe they are looking at that functionality for the future but no estimated time as to when that would happen. Sorry.

  • Steve: Do you have the SKU # for the “Countdown to Halloween figurine”? I’d love to have one. Also, do you know when I can order one from Walt Disney World mail order?


  • I was kind of amused that at my recent trip to DCA was greeted with the Halloween Mickey/Minnie plush and nothing else to be found. Now seeing the Halloween Merchandise I believe a trip on the 21’st is in order to make sure I manage to get both of the vinyls. (My aunt only got half of the scented ones because she didn’t get them early.) Also, now I have my costume idea.

  • Only 61 more days and I can get my hands on the t-shirts and mugs!! So exciting!

  • Will you have another post for the Haunted Mansion-inspired items that you mentioned will be available year-round? (Besides the two items that you had mentioned from your June post….Definitely calling mail order for the set of tombstones!)

    • @Bob – You’re welcome. I think the art really pops this year. And I agree – the Parks during fall are one of my favorite times of the year (especially when the time changes).

      @Jonathan – I’m working on a few additional posts related to Halloween. There isn’t one specifically called out for the year-round offerings (as I showed a couple in this article). There are just a handful to start like the Halloween candleabra –

      I believe some of those items, like the tombstones, will be arriving closer to October.

      I’m also writing something a new line of consumables called “Goth Goodies.” Look that that one coming soon to the blog.

  • Thanks for sharing this with us, Steven! I’ve been perusing DisneyStore and have been ogling the Haunted Mansion-inspired items. 😀 I wish we were headed down to Walt Disney World this fall. I love the Parks decorated for Halloween.

  • *starts up music* This is Halloween! This is Halloween! Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!

    I <3 the Haunted Mansion. Leota is so awesome. I just wish I wasn't so chicken, so I could actually say I've ridden on it

  • I really hope all of these are available on the Disney Store website. I really want those mugs and the countdown display.

  • Here, I’m holding my wallet open, just take all my money already! WOW!

  • When will the Haunted Mansion wine glasses be released??? I must have them for my wedding!

    • @Janelle – First, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I wish you many happy years together. The glass is not due to arrive until later this fall, closer to October.

  • can you please advise when the MNSSHP merchandise will be shown? we are planning our trip and would love to know ahead of time what merchandise will be available. Need to see pins and vinylmations….

    • @Melissa – I know that the images of the pins should be shared soon on I’m also working on an article looking at some of the pins for the Halloween parties. I don’t know of any Vinylmation figures planned for the event this year.

  • Are the Minnie and Pumpkin Vinylmations a 2-Pack? and will there be more than just those two released?

    • @Paul – Right now, the release date is scheduled for September 21 at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Retail is $16.95 each (note – retails are subject to change without notice).

      @Greg – They are individual 3-inch figures, each packaged in their own window box with stand. As for other figures, be on the look out for a highly anticipated limited release mystery series celebrating The Haunted Mansion. It’s also scheduled for a late September release. I’m working on a Disney Parks Blog article about it, so please stay tuned.

  • Any idea as to when the vinylmations will be released and a price?

  • Would love to know what the orange Haunted Mansion inspired Wallpaper is on.

  • Love the new Halloween Time merchandise…but I am confused as to why Disney is focusing on the Haunted Mansion characters we won’t even get to see because of the Christmas overlay?? I think that the Haunted Mansion overlay should be moved to November, keeping it nice and spooky for Halloween Time!! :oD

  • What is the orange sheet that looks like the Haunted Mansion wallpaper?

    • @Charles – That image is of the stylized wallpaper I mention. Artists like Patty Landing created a variety of background images and other textures that could be used for packaging and more. These items are featured in the master styleguide. I thought fans would enjoy seeing that wallpaper image. I used some of them as backgrounds for the images above. You can also see some of that wallpaper artwork used on the purple “Trick or Treat” door hanger shown above (and available via the Disney Parks online store –

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