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How a Horse Becomes a Disneyland Horse: Owen Makes His Main Street, U.S.A., Debut at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

As we learned last time, Disneyland horse-in-training Owen has earned an A+ as he has been getting ready this year to join his fellow cast members on Main Street, U.S.A. Today we get to see a very important milestone in his training, “graduation” – his first time transporting Disneyland park guests in the Main Street streetcar!

Next time you’re on Main Street, U.S.A., keep an eye out for Owen and be sure to congratulate him on successfully completing his training!

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  • First of all – Owen! Great Job! You are amazing and it has been fun to see you progress and become a Disneyland Horse!
    My question is … are there behind the scenes tours of the Circle D Ranch area? That would be a huge dream of mine since I was a little girl growing up in Orange County to get to see where the Disneyland horse live and are taken care of. I live in Washington State now. Love to know if this opportunity is available and how to make arrangements on on our next vacation!

  • With that blonde mane, was Owen named after Owen Wilson? Thanks for the very interesting stories and videos!

  • Congrats to Owen for his well deserved “graduation”. Credit is also given to his patient, caring trainers/handlers. The animal cast members are a great part of my Disney park experience. I always go up to the horse and thank him/her for the ride and I pet his/her shoulders or hip areas to show my appreciation. Sounds silly, huh?

  • Thanks for sharing these behind the scene stories. Every cast member has such an important and staring roll including the animals!

    • You’re so right, Andy! Did you know they each have their own name tags, as well? Check out the story here.

      I got to visit Owen this morning on Main Street – and he’s doing very well in his new role!

  • Happy Graduation Owen!

  • Congratulations Owen!

  • Yay Owen! Congratulations!

  • That’s pretty awesome to see. I got to ride on the street car yesterday with Owen. He did a great job!

  • Congratulations Owen! Your a good cast member!

  • Congratulations Owen! I hope to see you soon when I visit Disneyland. And a great big thanks to the trainers as well!

  • Congrats, Owen! I have enjoyed watching your progress. Please keep posting more things like this!

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