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Join Us for a Live Chat on August 27 about the Reimagined Test Track at Walt Disney World Resort

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Since Jennifer shared those first renderings of our reimagined Test Track at Epcot, there’s been a steady stream of requests for more. Well, we’ve got something better than an update. On August 27, Disney Parks Blog readers will be the first to chat live with one of the key Imagineers working on the project – Melissa Jeselnick.

Join Us for a Live Chat With Imagineer Melissa Jeselnick on August 27 about the Reimagined Test Track at Walt Disney World Resort Join Us for a Live Chat With Imagineer Melissa Jeselnick on August 27 about the Reimagined Test Track at Walt Disney World Resort

Melissa is an Assistant Project Manager with Walt Disney Imagineering and the person to talk to about Test Track. She’s been with the company for eight years and has worked on some of your favorites, including Disney Phineas and Ferb Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, Star Tours: The Adventure Continues, The Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Toy Story Midway Mania, Pixar Street, Soarin’ and more.

Melissa will be chatting about how you’ll be able to design your own custom concept vehicle when the attraction is reopened in late fall and how you’ll be able to put it through its paces on the hills and switchbacks of the Test Track circuit.

We’ll also be sharing something you’ve never seen before from the attraction, so mark your calendar. You can also share any early questions in the comments below and then check back on August 27 at 1:15 p.m. See you then.


  • I’m rather curious how the customization of the vehicle will work when you have multiple parties in the same vehicle. Are groups going to have to agree on their selections, can one outvote the other, or are we going to have to call Figment over to act as a referee?

  • What will the ride vehicles look like? Will there be any hidden references in the attraction to the old World of Motion?

  • Will Melissa actually be allowed to speak on what’s coming to Test Track?

  • Will there still be an on-ride photo and can we add it to our Photopass card?

  • how is progress going??? and chance of a preview around end of sept or start of oct???? Can we see some insider pics like we get every week for new fantasy land??
    What is the hardest part of this project?

  • How are the vehicles customized? To better explain my question, say the ‘Killian’ party customizes their ride. If the ‘Connelly’ party comes later and uses the same ride vehicle, but customize it differently, how does that work? Or am I misunderstanding this?

  • Will the cars still be the same interior dimensions and move along the same path?

  • Any chance you will need volunteers First Week of October to do a run through? We would be more than happy to be a test marketeers!

  • Will we still experience the 65 MPH loop?

  • Is there a line for those of us who don’t care about customizing and just want to ride? I don’t want to have to “work” while I’m on vacation!

  • Will this be a live chat or just an interview article?

    If live chat where do we go to participate?

    • Hi Dominick, it’ll be a live chat. And you can participate by visiting the Disney Parks Blog on Monday – we start chatting at 1:15. I hope you can join us!

  • Will the new Test track will have single rider just like the old test track?

  • Thomas, you never said what time ZONE the 1:15pm chat would be!!

    • Hey Mark, that’d be Walt Disney World time – Eastern time. See you at 1:15.

  • We’re coming to WDW from the UK in October/beginning November. Test Track is my 7 year olds favourite attraction in all the parks and he keeps asking me if Test Track will be open while we’re there. What are the chances of it being available to ride before November 9th?

  • To Mellisa: What is something new and exciting we should be looking forward to in the reimagined Test Track?

  • Could someone record/screencast this chat and post it here/elsewhere/on YouTube so I could see what happened?

  • What are the chances of seeing some internal construction photos?

  • I won’t be able to attend the chat session but I have a question that I would like answered if possible. My daughter loves Test Track and the pictures I see looks like there will be a lot of strobe lights on the ride and that causes her and other people to have seizures. Will the ride have strobe lighting now? I hope not!

  • I may not be able to make it home from work in time to watch. Will there be a recording available for those who aren’t able to make it to the live chat?

    Any updates to the opening date? (I’ll be there Nov. 9 – 16, and at least hoping for a soft opening).

  • I imagine that the Test Track simulations will work the same way that, I believe it was Spaceship Earth or Horizons worked in the early days of Epcot. The majority in the vehicle overrule the minority in the simulation decisions. That way you are prompted to go on numerous times to try different scenarios.

    It would actually be quite smart. If you gave everyone the simulation they individually wanted the one time they went on the ride there would be no reason to go on again.

    And I have a question for Melissa. Is she single? 🙂

  • Hi, I really wanted to know more details on the ride like what the experience will be? I really hope it won’t change much of the “test dummy” concept because i miss it so much already!!! Also, how it’s looking like so far? out of all websites and Disney websites, this ride has been the least one with photo updates. Please show us like you did for fantasy land!! Love you guys !

  • I’m still really confused! Is the new test track going to be a 2 part ride? Is it going to be customizing a ride AND going through the normal test track ride that has been there for a long time? If Disney gets rid of the real and current test track I will be very disappointed, it’s my favorite ride and I think people are getting tired of everything switching to a ride consisting of looking at a screen! Can somebody tell me what’s really going on?

  • I am an actual retired test driver and was wondering if their was anything That I could do to help with this project? I have been following this as it has progressed. his would be the thrill of a lifetime for me to be able to help in any way.

  • Ill try to be online for the chat sounds like fun and informative….assuming ISAAC leaves our power on here in Punta Gorda, Fl….

  • Question for live chat, per twitter: Is the canopy out front of the pavilion coming down?

  • how much are they going to be changing the ride?? i loved the way it was before, i really hope the ride isnt to diffrent it would be the first time ive been dissapointed in disney 🙁

  • when will it be done im going in 2013

  • All I can say is this, if this ‘thrill ride’ is being turned into a simulator they have ruined it for me! No simulator is going to give you the ‘rush’ that you got coming out of that building and flying around the track at nearly seventy miles per hour.

  • When will the ride be re-opened? We’ll be there the week of Nov.4. Hope so we really love the ride

  • What kind of experiences should we expect for the new post-show that will replace the automotive plant/vehicle showcase?

  • August 27 th 1:15 pm EST ? PST ?

  • What kind of changes can we expect in the queue area?

  • Is there any chance that the new version of Test Track will still incorporate Crash Test Dummies, the hot room, and the cold room? I’m a big fan of the Kingdom Keepers series by Ridley Pearson, and those elements of Test Track play an important role in one of the books. Honestly, I’ve only been on Test Track once, and my motivating factor was to see those things in person! I hope they stick around.

  • An important element of Disney attractions and especially EPCOT attractions is music around the attraction, in the queue, and during the ride. The original Test Track was lacking in this aspect. What kind of music/sound can we expect for this iteration of Test Track?

  • 2 questions:

    1) What types of changes will there be to the queue? It seems like judging by the concept art that a sleek and more modern look is being applied to the attraction, so is it safe to assume that all the rigid clanking from the original queue will be replaced?

    2) Is it at all possible to have the canopy outside the attraction taken down? Again going with the sleek and modern look, getting rid of that would be awesome, and would also make the World of Motion fans out there very happy.


  • Question for live chat: How do you balance what people have come to expect from an Epcot pavilion and the park’s heritage with what a corporate sponsor may want to accomplish?

  • 1) Will the giant overhang in front of the pavilion be removed? (Hoping the answer is yes)

    2) Will there be any changes to the internal ride track layout?

    3) Will there be any new music/theme song for the attraction?

    4) Will there be any scenes with sets/Audio Animatronics, or just the “warehouse” look of Test Track?

    5) Will any elements of World of Motion be incorporated?

  • Will Bill McKim make an appearance in the updated attraction?

  • Oh so many questions. First off, is the ride being re-branded as strictly Chevrolet? Second, can we get an explanation about how the vehicle customization is going to work? And the last one is just me being a dork…can you divulge what vehicle(s) built by GM gave inspiration for the new vehicles and the old ones?

  • Will this overhaul make the updated Test Track feel more like a dark ride compared to before?

  • Will this be like everyone in the car votes for which path to take as they go? Or will everyone in the vehicle choose a design before leaving the loading bay?

  • I’m really interested in being an Imagineer and would love to talk to someone first hand of how to get into that role. What other ideas were thrown around for the re-imagined Test Track?

  • Will we see an application of the Augmented Reality Technology that was applied in the Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking ghost scene.

  • Will there be any use of Animatronics within the attraction which weren’t there previously?

  • How will the exterior of the show building be changed?

    Will the focus remain on vehicle safety and endurance testing? Or, will the focus perhaps shift towards the exploration of developing technologies and efficiency? Will it feature a vision for the future of transportation, like in the early days of EPCOT Center?

    Will the ride’s interior feature more fully-themed environments like a dark ride, or will the ride continue to have the look and feel of a vehicle testing facility / warehouse?

  • Judging from the sneak pics, there appears to be some Tron-like influences here. Am I right or way off the marker?

  • How will the success of Radiator Springs Racers at DCA, which has an entirely different tone and feel but features a similar ride system, impact this new rendition of the Test Track attraction?

  • I’m wondering if she thinks they will make the original completion date in November. This sounds like an extremely aggressive time frame to gut an entire ride of that size, add some extra features, and re-theme it.

  • How much, if any, of the original Test Track will remain in the new version? Also, is there still going to be “vehicle testing” elements like original (ie: Belgium blocks) or is that completely out?

  • Will the Canopy from the front of the building be removed to allow the sleek exterior of the Pavillion to once again be showcased?

    I always felt the original ride could have been much longer due to all the unused space inside. Will the layout be different from the original to utilize all the dead space?

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