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‘Keep Moving Forward’ Epcot Segway Tour & Breakfast Debuts September 17

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

We have an update that’s sure to be a real treat for fans of early Epcot history.

Beginning September 17, Epcot guests can enjoy a new Segway tour that explores Walt Disney’s vision for a better tomorrow – and the results of that vision: The Florida Project and Epcot. The “Keep Moving Forward: See the World, Share the Dream Segway Tour” lasts three hours and includes a Segway training lesson, breakfast at Sunshine Seasons, an in-depth tour of World Showcase, and an exclusive Disney pin.
The ‘Keep Moving Forward’ Epcot Segway Tour

The tour will cost $99 (plus tax) for guests age 16 and older. A parent or guardian must sign a waiver for participants age 16-17. Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club Members will receive a 15% discount.

For more information or to book, call (407) WDW-TOUR (939-8687).

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  • Yes – 250lbs

  • Is there a weight limit for the Segway?

  • I also booked the “Around the World” tour for October with the Disney Visa discount. Will I get a confirmation stating that the tour has changed since it was booked as “Around the World” and not “Keep Moving Forward”?

  • I’ll be doing the new Segway tour the morning of Oct. 1. EPCOT Center’s 30th Anniversary!

  • This sounds great. Timing breakfast is a bit awkward when doing the Segway tour so this solves the problem! We already have a tour booked in November so can I assume it will now be the Keep Moving Forward tour and we should allow 3 hours? And I don’t need to have breakfast??

  • Just booked it! Yea!!! Very much looking forward to it.

    I received the 20% VISA discount with no problem, but my rep did have a problem finding the tour unless I mentioned it would be replacing Around the World, then she knew what I was talking about.

    As always, a great experience booking the tour.

  • I just book the segway tour for Sept 14. OH, NO you are starting a different tour the following Monday. I love the segways and can not believe we are missing out on the new tour. Are you sure they dont need to test drive the new tour on Sept 14th. 🙂 with our group. HAHA. I already can not wait to come back to Epcot.
    Do you think we could get the pin because we are the last tour. Never hurts to ask, right.

  • I really wish Disney would do fun things like this for an age group that is a bit younger. I have a 12 yesr old and we are are planning our 3rd trip there this year and it seems many of the activities are for the 9 and under crowd or 16 and over. Tough to find other activities for us to do.

  • I just booked this tour for November for my husband’s 50th birthday trip. I am soooo excited – can’t wait, I’ve always wanted to do one of the Segway tours.

  • My family has always wanted to do the Segway tour! Any thoughts whether D23 members will ever get similar discounts?

  • We took the “Around the World” segway tour a couple of years ago and it was, hands down, our favorite Disney experience ever. They train you well on the segways and don’t proceed outdoors until everyone is comfortable and doing well. I was nervous I’d be the crazy one who would crash through a door, but it’s alot easier than I thought. I highly recommend it!!! (And it was a great bonus experiencing the World Showcase when it was empty! Doing the slalom through the columns was a highlight)

  • I’d love to do this tour some day. Put it on my list of things to do if I ever get to take a solo trip to WDW.

    • 🙂

  • Disney Visa card holders get a 20% discount. I just booked a tour.

  • The new tour will replace the old tour, and will have an entirely new script – although the general experience will be the same.

  • Is a discount available for Disney Visa Card members?

  • I just called and booked this tour for October and was told it replaces the existing Around the World tour.

    • Correct

  • Adding to the chorus – is this replacing Around the World on a Segway?

  • As many other have been asking: Aside from the breakfast, is this tour different from the Around the World? The around the world is 2-hours. I’m assuming breakfast is 30 minutes, so is this tour basically just 30 minutes more?

  • I’m sure this has been said elsewhere, but I appreciate it that these new photo galleries open in a new tab, it makes it easier to get back where I started!

  • @Timothy, I know helmets are required on both Around the World and BackTrail Adventure Segway tours.

  • Will the tour be substantially different from the existing one? I already have the old tour booked for Dec.

    • The Keep Moving Forward Tour will offer longer storytelling (all countries in the World Showcase) with more heritage content, enhanced technology (whisper units to hear your guide), breakfast at Sunshine Seasons and a new commemorative pin. Your reservation will automatically be moved to the KMF Tour.

  • I’d also really like to know if the Around the World tour is going to end. If so, I need to try it out before it is gone!

  • Do you have to wear a helmet or is it optional?

    • Yes, a helmet is required to be worn on the tour and it is provided.

  • I have done the Segway tour twice previously, it is by far my favourite tour so this sounds like a great addition. The only problem with the Segway tours is I come away from them wanting to buy my own Segway, unfortunately they are not legal on the publics pathways here in the UK!

  • Will this be replacing “Around the World on Segway”? Or will it be a new tour offered in addition to the existing tour?

    • Keep Moving Forward: See the World, Share the Dream” Tour will replace the Around the World Segway Tour at Epcot on September 17, 2012. Guests booked on the Around the World at Epcot Segway Tour will automatically be placed on the Keep Moving Forward Tour at the same time with the same reservation number.

  • That sounds like fun! It’s in the morning too so World Showcase will not be filled with people everywhere. The Segways are great way to get around World Showcase.

    • Early morning tours are fun. 🙂

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