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Moms Panel Monday: What We Are Looking For at Disney Parks!

The 2013 Walt Disney World Moms Panel search begins in September. Last year, we debuted our very first Disneyland Resort Panelists Amanda and Ari and our first runDisney Mom, Lori. We also began answering guest’s questions in Spanish!


This year we are looking for some interesting, new panelists. In 2013, we will have our very first Sports Team Panelist. This successful applicant is a mom who is heavily involved in planning sports events, from cheerleading, soccer, football to gymnastics. As the Moms Panel expands its reach around the globe, we are looking for seasoned international travelers and panelists who speak Spanish.


Of course, all successful applicants have to have the knowledge, passion and pixie dust needed to fill these big yellow shoes. If you think you hold the fairy wand with enough magic to join our elite team of dream makers, keep checking the Moms Panel site everyday in September to be one of the first to apply.

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  • I’m so excited to apply! This will be my first year to apply, but I spend so much of my time helping other plan their vacations to Disney. My husband’s in the military and this has helped when helping our other military families plan their Disney trips. We are really excited about our next trip (in the early planning stages) to The Art of Animation! We were able to get a sneak peak while staying at Pop Century in April and it looks AMAZING! Good luck to all of the other moms. I know this mom of 4 is super excited!!!

  • I am ridiculously excited to apply! I grew up in Arizona and our family vacation was to Disneyland ever year. My husband grew up in Florida and vacationed to Disney World as often as I went to Disneyland. Our family has a great love for Disney! As adults, my husband and I have always had annual tickets and spend most of our free time traveling to and from Disney! We live in Arizona and drive to California frequently to visit the park. Our three year old daughter could probably guide a tour of Disneyland herself because we’ve taken her so many times. We took her on her first Disney cruise earlier this year and she absolutely loved it! My husband still has relatives in Florida and we love visiting because we always plan to spend time in Disney World. I’m so excited to apply to the panel!!!

  • Hi Laura – oh geez, I feel like so much is riding on this comment – ha!
    I have been a long time fan of disney and now I have 2 tween boys and I want to keep them loving disney –
    between that and spending at least 10 months of the year planning basketball tournaments and attending all kinds of sporting events – I am excited that you are adding a ‘sports’ mom!

  • Hi Laura!

    Super excited for the day when the search panel season starts. Just a few more days away. I have been a lover of all things Disney since I was small, and now I share that love with my husband, and our two active little girls. I love that Disney created the moms panel, as so far all the panelists have offered such wonderful information for so many. It is certainly something great to be able to be a part of. I hope to say I am a part of that something special 🙂


  • Good Morning Laura!

    Walt Disney World Moms Panel search season is almost here! What are we 2, 3, 4 weeks away? The excitment is already building (in that truly Disney way)! We are watching for the post when you announce the day!

    Erin Williams

    -Pixie Wings and Fairy Dust Forever!

  • I posted earlier and just looked again and saw that Laura asked how Disney had touched my family. Well, Disney World is our “escape place”. My husband was diagnosed with congestive cardiomyopathy (unexplained heart failure) six years ago at the age of 28! Our lives changed forever. Two years after his diagnosis we were allowed to take a vacation and chose Disney World. We had to have permission due to the seriousness of my husband’s condition. We have been four times since and each time we make awesome memories. When we are at Disney World, my husband says he is not sick and I am not worried! We escape when we are there. We want this for other families so much!!!

  • Hi Laura,
    I have been thinking about this year’s application process since the end of last year’s! I am so excited! My four year old twins are “Disneyphiles in Training;” they have been to WDW three times and have been on one of the Disney Dream’s inaugural voyages as well! My husband and I pride ourselves on raising Disney kids! Traveling to WDW with multiples is a unique experience (as are most experiences with multiples). With the number of families with multiples on the rise, it would be great to share traveling hints and suggestions to help ensure magical and memorable WDW experiences, because sometimes just going to the grocery store with multiples can be a daunting experience! It is amazing how diverse the panel is becoming! AWESOME!

  • I am SOOOOOO excited!!! I have my reminder on my calendar to make sure to check in September when it opens. As of yesterday at 2:23 p.m. I booked my trip for June 2013. I am so a Disney freak and have been fortunate to go every year for the past 7 out of 8 yrs. It would beyond a thrill to be picked. I’m keeping my fingers crossed again. 🙂

  • Laura,

    It’s great to see that Disney is looking for bilingues….. en Español!! I look forward to applying.

    Saludos Mágicos de Texas

  • Laura,

    You rock! Taking the time to respond to everyone’s comment! You really know something about Pixie Dust and Disney Magic! I got out all of my runDisney medals tonight to share with my social media pals!

    Disney, runDisney, the Disney Moms Panel…they all mean so much to me! I have seen the difference they all make in peoples lives and I strive to pay it forward! Disney has the magic to improve peoples lives one step at a time! Thanks for making it special for each of us!


    -Pixie Dust and Fairy Wings Forever!

  • OH boy oh boy oh BOY! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Hang on to your ears everyone, it’s a fantasmic ride! I love how the group continues to grow and expand, I just wish I knew a little spanish…..I ran in the Princess half marathon this year and am hoping that the pixie dust I collected off the magical trail will help me on this journey!!

  • Hi Laura! I am so excited to apply this year! I think it would be great to have a mom specialize in helping those with health concerns would be so positive! I have helped plan vacations for those with cancer, kids and adults with disabilities (I tell everyone they are abilities!) such as autism, down syndrome, etc. Food allergies are a huge concern to those I have helped as well. There is a lot to consider when traveling with special health needs and I am the girl to help! I hope in the future this amazing group of moms considers this!!!

    • We have quite a few panelists who have or their family has health challenges. When I was on the panel, I was the food allergy girl, at the time I was a vegetarian with a nut allergy, so we welcome applicants with all types of experience!

      Besos y abrazos!!!

  • Excited to apply again this year!! 🙂

    • Cool. Got my eye drops ready for long nights of reading!

  • What a great panel!! Do you think they will start one for Disneyland and California Adventure in California? There is so much to see and do here.!

    • Heather you must visit the website. You have been missing out on all the great magic Ari and Amanda have been providing our DL guests all year.

      Plus, Amanda is all over the Disney Channel on Cars Land spots. Are you still earning your ears?

  • Seasoned international travelers? As a mom who has visited WDW, DLR, Disneyland Paris, and Hong Kong Disneyland, I’m super-excited to hear this!

    • You sound like you are well seasoned! And don’t forget we are looking for Spanish speaking Mouse-lovers too!

  • I am so looking forward to applying this year! I get so excited when I see that a post has been made! I just love seeing that Disney World has touched so many people and so many families around the world like it has mine!

    • How Miss J? Love to know. The moms love the feedback!

  • I am really looking forward to applying again this year. In September, 2012 I will be celebrating my 50th trip to WDW and I will be celebrating it with a group of great friends I have made through this process!

    • Just 50. You are just a youngun’ LOL! But there is still hope for future trips to add to your list LOL! Good luck!

  • Hi Laura, I am so looking forward to applying for the Disney’s Mom Panel this year! I have a great love for anything Disney and have grown up going to the parks and resorts! I am a mom of a 14 yr old girl that keeps me busy with competitive cheerleading and dance as well as a 6 yr old boy that keeps me on my toes with baseball and golf. No matter how busy our lives get we always find time for Disney! This would be an amazingly magical oppurtunity be a part of! I will definitely keep checking back! Thanks for the info!

    • That’s right! Keep checking back. We try to do something different every year for search so be ready!!!

  • Thanks for the update Laura! I am sitting here in my new red running skirt with white dots! I could not resist a skirt that reminds me so much of Minnie Mouse! I think I will take it out for a spin later just to make the coincidence of its arrival in my mailbox and your post twice as Magical! I am looking forward to further updates and applying in September.

    -Pixie Dust and Fairy Wings forever!

    • You know, I just had a fashion epiphany. I was buying yoga/running shorts when I realized that the boy shorts in the lingerie section are the same and like 2 for $5.99! I used them last night in my run and they were super comfy and looked adorbs!

      Good luck fellow runner!

  • Thanks for the update! I enjoyed watching @CM_Marissa’s videos on the Disney Parks InsidEARS website detailing the facilities and programs for youth sports teams at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. It is wonderful that Walt Disney World Resort can help sports teams and their families make wonderful memories by combining vacation and competition!

    With the new Fantasyland in Walt Disney World, more runDisney events, the completed expansion of Disney California Adventure Park in Disneyland Resort, great Adventures by Disney itineraries, expanded Disney Cruise Line ports and all of the other exciting things going on, Disney vacations are more popular than ever. The Moms Panel plays such an important role for Guests. I look forward to applying!


    • Dontcha just love Marissa! I miss her but she promises a BFF night out soon! Yes. We want panelists with all types of experience to match our guests.

      Buena suerte!

  • Do you have any panelists that are either in college or fresh out of college?

    • Information on who is eligible to apply will appear on the application site when it goes live.

  • So excited about the interest for mom’s panel being sports! I have five grown boys and all they did was sports!!! For the past 30 years my husband and I have been going from one ball field, court, tournament to another. We’ve visited the Disney Wide World of Sports Complex and love it! Can’t wait to submit about two things I am most passioniate about, my boys’ sports and Disney!

    • Then play ball and apply! Good luck!

  • Hi Laura,

    I am so looking forward to applying to the Disney Moms Panel and was very pleased to read that you are seeking a broader base of panelists, which will indeed reach even more people all over the world. How incredible is that!

    This way, a more broad range of panelists can make it even easier and more exciting for people from all walks of life to be able to enjoy any Disney resort, Disney cruise or Adventures by Disney vacation. So many folks I speak with think Disney resorts are only for children….can you imagine?

    That’s really going along with, “second star to the right and straight on ’till morning”…..this is really exciting!

    Best regards,
    Jackie P.
    (P.S. It was really difficult not addressing you as Ms. Spencer 🙂

    • Good luck!

      P.S. At Disney we are friends. I’m just Laura or “Mooooooommmmmm!” to my tween LOL!

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