New Entertainment Experiences Coming to Fantasyland at Disneyland Park in 2013

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

We have some exciting news to share today! The Creative Entertainment team is hard at work on a spectacular live entertainment experience for the Fantasyland Theatre in Disneyland park. This amazing new show is set to debut in summer 2013. In order to get everything ready, Princess Fantasy Faire will be closing August 12.

Of course, you can still meet your favorite Disney Princesses whenever you visit Fantasyland. You’ll be able to find them along the path to “it’s a small world” from August 13 through the opening of the all-new Fantasy Faire near Sleeping Beauty Castle next spring.

Here’s a look at the Walt Disney Imagineering model for Fantasy Faire, and keep checking back with the Disney Parks Blog. We’ll be sharing more details about this project and the new Fantasyland Theatre show as they develop.

Walt Disney Imagineering Model for Fantasy Faire, Part of New Entertainment Experiences Coming to Fantasyland at Disneyland Park in 2013

Walt Disney Imagineering Model for Fantasy Faire, Part of New Entertainment Experiences Coming to Fantasyland at Disneyland Park in 2013 Walt Disney Imagineering Model for Fantasy Faire, Part of New Entertainment Experiences Coming to Fantasyland at Disneyland Park in 2013


  • Will it be possible to enter these village homes? I think there should be meet and greets in each one like at WDW’s new Fantasyland. We could have a scaled down mini version. Is that the plan?

  • A few more questions…

    1. What can you tell us about the new show at the Fantasyland Theatre?

    2. Are all ten Disney Princesses (Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana and Rapunzel) going to be part of this new experience or only some of them?

    3. If only some are going to be featured which ones?

  • So what will take the place of the current Fantasy faire at the Fantasyland theatre? A new Show?

  • With the construction in progress the castle’s left side is covered with many trees I hope the trees will be relocated so we can see the hidden part of the castle once more to show how far back it really goes. 🙂

  • The tent structure looks great reskinned in Medieval. Will be really nice.
    I sure hope that one of those other facades is going to house a food location. It’s been sorely missed since the original Carnation stand was removed.

  • Is that a Rapunzel Tower I spy in the center? It kinda looks like it! I do hope so 🙂

    Just returned from Disneyland and was SO disappointed that they removed the tower and Punzie’s hair from Fantasyland where the Tangled meet and greet still resides, just adjacent to Pinnochio. I thought it was such a beautiful addition to the park since the film used Disneyland as its model for all the architecture.

    A girl can dream…

    • You have a sharp eye!

  • Yes I am glad they are keeping the dancing too, traditions & memories are very valuable. I just wish there had been a way to preserve the waterfalls at the Disneyland Hotel. My one true wish is that they may someday reopen the Tahitian Terrace Restaurant in Adventureland – it was always a favorite and it’s location area is still unused.

  • I have the same question as Corey…What does this mean for Troubadour Tavern???? Will it close too on August 12th??? I LOVE those baked potatoes. Can you please let us know? Thanks.

    • Corey and Lauren, I’ve heard from the General Manager for Food & Beverage at Disneyland, and he has confirmed that the Troubadour Tavern will also be closing for refurbishment Aug. 12. There’s good news, though, for baked potato lovers! Those popular baked potatoes will be available at Harbour Galley near Critter Country, beginning shortly after Labor Day.

  • Does that mean that children can no longer go to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique? Will that be closed or just the covered area?

    • Erika, Bibbidi-Bobbidi Boutique will continue to operate as normal, and the Disney Princesses will still be available for greetings and photographs. We’re just closing the Princess Fantasy Faire experience in the Fantasyland Theatre, so we can prepare for the new show opening next summer.

  • Looking forward to the official debut! My husband and I have three little girls (ages 5, 3, and 3 months)…so this area of Disneyland has special appeal for us. 😉

  • hey shawn! thanks for the update…any hints as to what the new show might possible be? gonna be tough to top animazement!

    • I loved Animazement, too, Chris. That was a terrific show! Not much I can say about the new one yet, but so far it looks like it could become another fan favorite. Stay tuned…

  • When you say that the Princess are going to be along the path of Small World is this the place where the villians do there meet and greet for Holloween time and if so where will the villians be at this year if the Princess are in that spot?

    • Aaron and Jeffrey, I reached out to our producer for Halloween Time at Disneyland with your question about the villains. He said they will still be appearing, but they haven’t quite locked down a location for them. Look for more here on the Blog as we get closer in.

  • With the Princesses going along the elevated pathway going towards Small World, where will the Villains be for Halloween Time?? Then new Fantasy Faire looks great!

  • This gives me a great reason to return next year! It looks awesome. Will the fantasy faire and character dancing be combined in the new dance area? Can’t wait for my kids to experience the new character dancing in CAP.


  • What kind of Shows will be there

  • Wow! That looks even better than the sketches made it look! This is a huge improvement for that sleepy little corner of Disneyland. After how great Cars Land and Buena Vista Street turned out, and both of those far exceeded my expectations for aesthetics and detailing, it appears that the same level of very high quality is being installed over in Disneyland too.

    Bravo, Disneyland!

  • Regarding the princesses along the path to small world. Will they just be randomly and periodically appearing or will there be a designated area with a constant line?

    I too hope that is Belle’s village…

    • Good question, Brendan. They’ll be in a designated area, on the elevated platform along the right side of the path leading toward “it’s a small world.”

  • This looks great! I hope that it doesn’t upstage the castle, though. Sleeping Beauty Castle ought to remain the dominant structure, but this new element should complement it well.

    Fred from CA: That’s great news about the dancing. It makes me happy to see Disneyland preserving old traditions even while it adds new experiences.

  • ..And also, I am very intrigued and excited by this note;

    “The Creative Entertainment team is hard at work on a spectacular live entertainment experience for the Fantasyland Theatre in Disneyland park.”

    Thanks for the info Shawn! 🙂

    • I’m excited, too, Fred! The show is still in a fairly early stage of development, but it already looks really cool. We’ll be sharing more details as things get further along.

  • Wow! It looks beautiful, so detailed!

    And as anyone can see, the classic stage is still there, and Disney has already confirmed that swing dancing will still take place at night.

  • Oh my gosh that looks like Belle’s village!!? Is Beauty and The Beast FINALLY going to become a part of Disneyland?

  • I hope this will be opening just in time for D23 Expo 2013!

    • Yes! The next D23 Expo is scheduled for August 2013, so both Fantasy Faire and the new Fantasyland Theatre show should be open by then.

  • This looks very, very cool. I love when Disney theming takes over and just goes over the top fantastical! Yes, the picnic area will be missed by me and many other Annual Passholders, but having it replaced by something top notch and classy (and not plywood cut-outs painted to look like a fantasy town) takes the sting away for me.

    • I’m so glad you like it, Brett. Fantasy Faire is going to be really beautiful!

  • I think I missed a post. 🙂 What is the new Fantasy Faire replacing in Fantasyland? Also is there going to be anything a bit interactive to help the wait time spent in line go faster?

    • Nicole, the new Fantasy Faire is under construction on the site of the former Carnation Plaza Gardens, just to the left as you’re facing Sleeping Beauty Castle.

  • As great as this news may be—and it’s AWESOME news!—I can’t help but wonder just one thing: What’s going to happen, if anything, to the Troubadour Tavern?! I can’t live without my baked potatoes!

  • Wow! More great news for Disneyland! Keeping my fingers crossed we will be hearing some exciting announcements for Walt Disney World soon, too.

    • Chris, there’s tons of excitement already coming to Walt Disney World with New Fantasyland. Look for even more news and details from that project very soon!

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