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New Fantasyland Grand Opening Set For December 6 at Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

For more than a year now, we’ve shared updates on the New Fantasyland expansion at Magic Kingdom Park and we’re just as excited as you are to experience these magical new attractions for ourselves.

New Fantasyland Grand Opening Set For December 6 at Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort

Today we’re thrilled to announce that the grand opening of New Fantasyland will take place on December 6, 2012. Attractions included in this opening are Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid, Be Our Guest Restaurant, Enchanted Tales with Belle, Ariel’s Grotto, Gaston’s Tavern and Bonjour! Village Gifts.

Previews of these attractions will begin November 19.

As previously planned, the New Fantasyland expansion will continue with the opening of Princess Fairytale Hall in 2013 and the debut of a new Disney “mountain” in the form of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in 2014.

The Storybook Circus section of the New Fantasyland expansion, which includes Barnstormer – Starring the Great Goofini, the Casey Jr. Splash & Soak Station, and Dumbo the Flying Elephant, opened to guests in July.

How soon will you visit? And which New Fantasyland attraction are you most excited to experience?

Keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog and follow @WaltDisneyWorld on Twitter for the latest on the New Fantasyland expansion. While you’re on Twitter, join in the conversation by using the hashtag #NewFantasyland.


  • By previews do you mean the aforementioned AP previews? How do we sign up?

    • The preview period gives regular park guests a chance to experience the new area and its attractions prior to the grand opening in December. During a preview period, attractions and experiences may experience limited operating hours.

  • I’m gonna be in WDW in less than two weeks. Disappointing that we’re missing New Fantasyland by only a few months, but I guess it gives us a good reason to come back soon!

    • Keep in mind that Storybook Circus is already open. It’s a can’t-miss area. The Imagineers have REALLY taken Dumbo to a new level.

  • When will reservations be available for Be Our Guest Restaurant? Also, will it be possible to eat there prior to December 6? I’m so excited, but I’m coming the week before the grand opening!

    • We’re hoping to have news on this shortly.

  • What are previews? My fiance and I will be going on our honeymoon to Disney on November 25th – will we be able to catch some of the new attractions?

  • I was able to visit the circus and ride the new Dumbo. The que is AMAZING (all you need is plugs to charge cell phones LOL) Once again thumbs up for Disney.

    • I visited the queue for the first time over the weekend and my kid LOVED it.

  • Yay! Now I can plan my winter trip 🙂

    • Let the vacation dreaming begin!

  • How exciting! We will be there December 9th! Do you know when we will be able to make dining reservations at Be Our Guest?

    • We’ll begin accepting reservations for Be Our Guest in late August for guests who wish to dine after Nov. 19. Stay tuned for more details!

  • Phooey, We leave to go home from WDW on 11/17/12!

  • When will we be able to begin making reservations for Be Our Guest? We will be there during Christmas and it is on our to do list.

    • Late August. 🙂

  • Our family will be there the week before Thanksgiving; it will be our 3 year old twins’ first visit to Disney World. I know that Under The Sea would be first on their list of “want to see!”

  • YAY! Now I really can’t wait for our trip over Christmas.

  • Can you explain when it says “preview of Fantasyland will start Nov. 19”. Our trip is planned for Nov. 16-21. I appreciate all your help.

    • A preview period gives park guests a chance to experience the new area/attractions prior to the grand opening. During a preview period, attractions and experiences may have limited operating hours.

  • How exciting! We will be there the week of Dec. 9th. When wil we be able to make dining reservations for Be Our Guest?

  • Thank you for the information! I’m visiting with my partner from December 10th through the 16th. Will you be posting when we can start making reservations for Be Our Guest for dinner? Thank you!

  • What do the previews include? We’ll be visiting 11/23-12/1 and I’d really, really love to dine at Be Our Guest.

    • We will begin accepting reservations for Be Our Guest Restaurant in late August for guests hoping to dine at the restaurant after Nov. 19. Keep watching the Disney Parks Blog for Pam Brandon’s post that will announce when these reservations will open.

  • Any idea who will be let in on the preview dates?

  • When will Annual Passholders be able to register for previews. I have been a passholder for the last 5 years non stop, I never receive emails, have never received a Mickey Monitor in the mail, and I’ve called, emailed, and gone in myself and tried to update my email, address and contact info it all looks correct on my profile but still never get any communications for my annual pass or events going on tied to it. I have to rely on other passholders telling me when things are happening in order to partake. I log in everyday and it says to wait for email well since I haven’t gotten one before I doubt I see one anytime soon. When will I need to register for previews?

    Thank you.

  • OMG I’m so excited!!! Cant wait for our visit in Jan 2013!!!! Just one question, When will you start taking reservations for Be Our Guest???

  • Rats… we’ll be there at the end of October. The original plan was to go in 2015, when we could go on EVERYTHING, but for now I’ll be happy just to ride Dumbo again 🙂

    • Don’t forget Casey Jr., Great Goofini, and the new Dumbo queue (if you have young kids).

  • AGH!!! We miss it by 2 months! So unfair. 🙁

    Why will it take so long to open Seven Dwarfs Mine Train? Mind you, I’m not an Imagineer and don’t work in construction so my question is prompted by real curiosity.

  • I will be just missing it this year but planning a trip for star wars weekends next year!!!

  • We’re going to be there! We’re bringing my mother, who hasn’t been to WDW since my brother and I were kids… and now I have kids of my own. I can’t wait!

    • That sounds like an amazing trip!

  • We’ll wait until 2014 when it’s all open… we live on the “left” coast.

  • Listen…. can you hear the angels sing? YAY! Finally!!! I cannot wait. I just happen to have reservations at Bay Lake Tower for that week. I know where I am going to be everyday. Hanging out with my fave princess Belle. 🙂 SO EXCITED!

    • Enchanted Tales with Belle is going to be amazing! I hope to have an update on this experience soon.

  • Jennifer, do you know when we will be able to make dining reservations for Be Our Guest? We will be at the happiest place on earth on 12/10 and would love to try out the new restaurant.

    • This info is coming soon…

  • I am so excited!!!! The new Ride will open a day before my daughter’s 12th birthday!!!! We will be there celebrating. So we will have two days to experience the New Fantasy Land before heading home!!!! My two younger nieces will also be excited to ride the Little Mermaid ride, that is one of their favorite movies!!!!

    • I can tell by your use of exclamation points that you’re a bit excited about this!!!!! 🙂

  • We have had our trip to Disney planned for that week for a few months. Excited that we will happen to be there for this. Doubt we will attend tho, will be way too many people and longer than usual lines.

    • Keep in mind that both Mermaid and Enchanted Tales With Belle will offer Fast Pass.

  • 90 day ADR would put it at Sept. 6th for Be Our Guest unless they allow for the reservations this month so visitors in November can dine there. Any date set for ADR yet? We will be there in December and April, can’t wait! We want to make our reservations for December asap.

    • Reservations will open in late August…we hope to have a firm date to share with everyone soon!

  • Theres a date! Theres a date! It will probably be a few years before we can make it out there but at least everyone can stop asking for a date. 😉

  • That’s the day we arrive! How exciting!!!

    • Lucky!

  • I’ll be there October 9th. Which means I’ll miss all the new stuff. Oh well, there’s always next year.

  • My next visit is January 4, 2013…can’t wait!!

    • Looks like you picked a great time to visit. Which attraction are you looking forward to most?

  • That’s awesome. We were there in February, March and May. Coming for labor day weekend and then a week in October. Hoping to make it back in late november to check everything out. What does “previews” mean? Will they be open and available?

  • Oh, Jennifer this is so exciting! I can hardly wait! Do you know when the advance dining reservations will open for Be Our Guest dinner? I know you said near the end of August, but has that exact date been determined yet? Thanks again for sharing.

    • Not yet…more to come.

  • Will operation be limited during the preview period?

  • That is fantastic!! I’ll be there on my honeymoon starting December 30th! 🙂 Do you happen to know when we can start making reservations for the Be Our Guest restaurant?? Beauty and the Beast is me and my fiancée’s movie and I need to take her there on our honeymoon! 🙂 Thanks so much!

    • Congrats! This should be one magical honeymoon. We’ll post an update on Be Our Guest reservations as soon as we get that info.

  • Previews start the day after we leave. That is SO not magical.

  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!

  • We are going to be there on 12/3 – 12/10! YAY!!

    • That’s great timing!

  • You rock, Jennifer!!!!

  • Oh, I’m sad we’ll miss it being that we’re visiting in October, but it gives us all the more reason to come back (like we needed an excuse)!! It looks magical! 🙂

  • Will be there opening day!!!!

    • Maybe I’ll see you there!

  • Oh, darn! 🙁 Even after hearing “holidays 2012” I was hoping at least some of it would be opened by end of September.

    Nevertheless, I’m very excited to visit this new area when my family and I save up enough money to come back in 2014 after our trip in late September! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie of all time.

    Thank you so much for the updates!

  • My husband and I saw Beauty and the Beast in the movie theater on our first date. We celebrate 20 years of marriage 12/19. I hope we can get reservations to eat here for our anniversary!!!!

    • Such a nice connection! Best of luck.

  • I can’t wait till my trip beginning Dec 30th – Jan 5th! All of my ADRs are made except one… I’m hoping to get reservations at Be Our Guest Restaurant. Any word on when we can begin making them?!?

  • We look forward to exploring the new section with our own new addition. What exciting news to read today! Thank you for the update.

  • Such exciting news … but, we leave on the 18th … sad face … ahhh, that just means we’ll have to plan a trip for next year!!! Thanks so much for the info!! Wooohooo!!!!

  • YAY!!! We will be there December 10th! Can’t wait to see absolutely ALL of it 🙂

    • I hope you love it. From what I’ve seen, it’s pretty darn magical.

  • I am so excited! I am visiting in March 2013 for my 60th birthday! Can’t wait to see the “new” Fantasyland!

  • So when you say “previews” will begin what does that mean? We will be there the week after Thanksgiving for my daughter’s birthday and she is a HUGE Belle fan.

    • The preview period will give park guests a chance to experience the new area/attractions prior to the grand opening. During a preview period, attractions may have limited operating hours.

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