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Reservations for Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park Open at 7 a.m. August 20

Ready, set, make your reservations beginning at 7 a.m. August 20 at 407-WDW-DINE for Be Our Guest Restaurant in the New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park.

You can make reservations up to 180 days out – the very first seating will be for dinner on November 19 by calling 407-WDW-DINE (3463), or visiting any Guest Relations theme park location or Guest Services desk at a resort. Online reservations will be available August 22 by visiting
Artist Rendering of the Be Our Guest Restaurant Coming to New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

On the Disney Dining Plan, Be Our Guest is one quick-service entitlement for lunch, and one table-service restaurant entitlement for dinner.

Lunch is quick and casual, with guest-activated terminals that make ordering a snap (there also will be traditional cashiers for cash orders and special dietary requests). You order, take a seat and lunch is delivered to your table – on china, not paper. Dinner is table service. You can find the lunch and dinner menus here.

Cuisine is French-inspired to match the hit animated film’s theme, with three themed dining rooms: the mysterious West Wing with the “enchanted rose”; the Rose Gallery with twirling, larger-than-life figures of Belle and Beast; and the elegant Ballroom with domed ceiling, twinkling chandeliers and glimpses of softly falling snow outside.

Initial sneak peeks (and tastes) are amazing! We’ll share more details and photos of the restaurant and food soon.

Read more about Be Our Guest Restaurant in the posts below:


  • Hi there – I was wondering if you know if they are going to be opening any more time slots in december? Right now it looks like a lot of days are only open 4-5:30, are they really not doing more than one dinner service?

  • Wow, could not get any time at all on December 10.

  • Got reservations for THANKSGIVING DINNER:)
    Question: Will there be a special Thanksgiving menu or regular dinner menu?

  • Just booked our dinner for my girlfriend! Is there anything special I could get for her to make the dinner even better and more romantic?

  • I’m having the same problem as LUCAS but only for the november dates. If I look in December, it just tells me it is full.

  • Pam,

    I´m trying to make a reservation, but I keep getting this message:

    “The dates on your Resort reservation do not qualify you for extended booking dates. Please try another date or call the Disney Reservation Center at (407) WDW-DINE or (407) 939-3463. Guests under age 18 must have parent or guardian permission to call.”

    Do you know why? I´m flying from Brazil on Nov. 20


  • You said 12noon originally, they started at 7am today!

  • I was able to successfully get a reservation this morning only to panic when people started saying you needed to call back in with a credit card. I was not prompted this on the automated reservation! I called back at 6p this evening and got through in about 20 minutes. The rep said you DO NOT need a credit card for today. Disney was making an exemption for today only! WHEW. Hakuna Matata!

  • Perhaps the next time Disney knows there is going to be a LOT of people trying to get in maybe they could get more reservation cleres. I am seeing from the board, that they went through what I did. When it answered, it said all circuits are busy, most of the time it rang busy, or just said your call could not be completed. Sally

  • Sadly, I tried from 6:00 AM to 7:30AM when I had to go to work, then 9-9:15, finally got in at 9:14, only to be told by the computer all the times for 12-1, 12-2, and 12-6 were unavailiable. Would have been nice if they would have opened the phone lines on the weekend so that those of us who work during the week had more of a chance. Sally

  • HAKUNA MATATA! READ IF YOU FAILED TO GIVE A CREDIT CARD NUMBER! I just called the Disney Dining Hotline and the rep told me that due to the high volume of calls today specifically in regards to the automated system not taking down credit card information that they are overriding the auto cancellations for those of us that made the reservation today. If you want to call and double check that your reservation was made properly note that the wait time to get an actual person is about 25 to 30 minutes. You could also go online and view your reservation as well.

  • I just made my reservation for Valentines Day for a party of 6! Cannot wait to go!

  • Your reservations are safe if you used the automated system today! I got off the phone with Disney Dining and guest who used the automated system today still have reservations eventhough you didn’t provide a credit card.

  • I would really appreciate hearing something official from Disney in regards to reservations that were made without the system asking for a credit card number. I thought nothing of the fact that the system did not ask for a credit card number and now I am reading that my reservation will be canceled if I don’t call back. Disney needs to respond to this situation. I don’t want to spend an hour on hold, as I’m hearing that people are, if it is not necessary.

  • 🙁 🙁 so sad. Called for 6 solid hours before I finally got through only to be told they are completely booked for the week we are there. I guess we’ll do the quick service meal this time and plan another trip soon

  • After seeing so many comments regarding problems with the ADR I guess I should be lucky that we got through relatively quickly. I noticed the time change late last night and decided to pull an all-nighter just to be safe. At 6:59 my father and I started dialing, and within a few minutes I heard Disney music coming from his phone so I knew he must’ve gotten through. I have been eagerly awaiting the Fantasyland expansion since I first saw the early renderings back in June of 2010. Although I have been to WDW numerous times, this upcoming trip will undoubtedly be the most special for me. Every visit was magical for my family and created memories that we will never forget, however I always felt like there wasn’t enough dedicated to one of the most beloved animated films of all time. Beauty and the Beast was the first full-length film I saw and throughout my childhood it was the one movie that I would watch over and over again (to the point that I wore out several copies of it on VHS!). Of course I can always see Belle at Akershus or in the France Pavilion, or watch the Beauty and the Beast show at Hollywood Studios. But for someone who was never crazy about Cinderella, learning that this expansion would finally give my favorite princess a proper home at the Magic Kingdom was literally a dream come true. Now as I am getting ready to start my junior year of college, I am so overjoyed to know that not only will I be at the happiest place on earth for my 20th birthday, but I will be able to celebrate by eating in the restaurant of my favorite animated film!

  • 🙁 finally got through after repeated calls and then on hold for 35 minutes and unfortunately was told no reservation for week we go of dec 10 through dec 15 all booked up.

  • I got worried when I saw posts indicating reservations made without a credit card confirmation would be deleted so I called back. Just a heads up if you do get thru and just get the automated system it should ask you for a credit card # per the guest services gentleman I just talked to. If it doesn’t ask you for one when it gives you the option to talk to a reprsentative ask for the reprsentative. Otherwise you do have to call back and give a credit card # and they have to re-book you. I asked the gentleman what the point of the automated system is if it does not get the card # and we have to call back. He indicated the system cannot always match up the info requested to your address. If they system can’t do this it overrides the credit card prompt and the reservation is not guaranteed.

  • So sad 🙁 – Finally made it through to the reservation line and all of the dinner times for our honeymoon are already booked. I even check the day before we arrive and the day after ( Some how I would have extended the trip either way, just to eat here). My FI and I were SO excited…we are walking down the aisle to Tale as Old as Time and have an enchanted rose (in the glass case) and everything in the wedding. I did not expect things to fill up this fast 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • didn’t get reservations for any of the dates I’ll be there. I’m glad there are great places to eat at Downtown Disney as an alternative.

  • Oh dang – I marked my calendar to call right at 12pm EST – but I didn’t get through until nearly 1:20pm. When I finally got through – reservations were already completely full for the only day we will be there (November 19th). Oh well, I am not complaining because we will at least go to the Quick Service part of the restaurant (Which should be open from 11:30am-3:30pm) but I do wish that the announcement that the reservation time opening today had changed was made more obviously 🙁 We would have called earlier if we had known!

    I checked the Disney Blog every single day for the past two months for news about these reservations, but somehow I missed that the time was switched to 7am EST. Anyway oh well – I know the people who did get their reservations wanted it just as much and I hope they enjoy it for us :)!!

  • Just got off the phone with Disney Dining agent and if you made a reservation with the automated phone service this morning, you must call in to confirm it with a credit card or it will be dropped by system

  • For all those in question about the credit card policy, I got through to the automated system this morning after about an hour of trying to call. I then just called back and spent about 45 minutes on hold. If you made your reservation through the automated system, you do need to call back and provide your credit card information.

  • Keep trying though, I had multiple “hang-ups” after two seconds on my cell, but was eventually able to get through.

  • I called 407-939-7531- which said it was the ticketing line. After talking to a person, she transferred me to dining where I was able to get a table for the 22nd. They did take a credit card #.

  • Just keep trying! I just got through!

  • Dear Disney,
    Beauty and the Beast is my absolute favourite Disney movie and I was so excited about this project that my family instantly booked a trip down to Walt Disney World to go see it. However, we found out the original estimated date was moved for the real opening and now we leave three days short of the grand opening, our last day in the magic kingdom is November 16th. Is there any possibility of an earlier opening? My heart is broken!
    Love, Tabitha.

  • Okay, I am really starting to freak out and I need help with this! We’ve been calling for literally 5 and a half hours with no luck. How are some people getting through with no problem?! My fiancée and I are having a Beauty and the Beast themed winter wedding, and then going to Disney World for our honeymoon… so it is VERY important for us to get to eat here right after the wedding! Can’t seem to get through and we’re losing hope! 🙁

  • hi can you please share the annual passholder’s line?

  • After hours of trying on the dining line, I switched over to the passholders number as an annual passholder after seeing someone else’s comment about getting through on there. Only 15 minutes of redials, and I GOT THROUGH! We will be eating there on December 22nd. I am so excited right now.

  • hi I have been calling all morning since 8am. every single phone line is busy. are your phone lines down?

  • Agreed with Christine. I don’t monitor this blog all the time, so it was frustrating to learn that I could have started attempting to make reservations at 7:00 AM. Hopefully it will all pan out and my family can get the reservation for the appropraite time.

  • What’s the annual passholder line? Ive been a passholder for years and never knew of it?

  • I just booked reservations at the Be Our Guest restaurant for January 25. We will be celebrating our granddaughter’s 7th birthday and this is going to be a total surprise. We live in Colorado and we will have a hard time keeping this surprise from her but it will be worth it just to see her face. CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  • We got lucky right at 7 and got through! Booked for 11/25.
    Good luck to everyone else still trying.

  • Wooohooo!!!!!!! After several hours and multiply redials, we were able to get the date and time we wanted!!!!

  • Too bad the time was changed from noon to 7am with little notice.

  • Call the annual pass holder line if you want to get right in. I just called, and it was busy a few times, but less than 10 tries and I got in and got my reservation.

  • Like others it took me 2 1/2 hours of redialing to finally get through to the automated system but was fortunate to get a reservation on our first date of choice. Hurray!!!

    Pam – could you please verify that those who booked via the automated system and were NOT asked for a credit card will be ok. I dont want to call the reservation line and tie it up for others still trying to get through to simply confirm my reservation. Thanks and we cannot wait for December to arrive.

  • We’ve been trying to get through all morning, but I think something might be wrong with the phone lines?!?

  • I made my reservations through the automated system and have also heard that if you do not call with your credit card information by the end of the day the reservations will be canceled? Is this true?

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