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Reservations for Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park Open at 7 a.m. August 20

Ready, set, make your reservations beginning at 7 a.m. August 20 at 407-WDW-DINE for Be Our Guest Restaurant in the New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park.

You can make reservations up to 180 days out – the very first seating will be for dinner on November 19 by calling 407-WDW-DINE (3463), or visiting any Guest Relations theme park location or Guest Services desk at a resort. Online reservations will be available August 22 by visiting www.disneyworld.com/dine.
Artist Rendering of the Be Our Guest Restaurant Coming to New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

On the Disney Dining Plan, Be Our Guest is one quick-service entitlement for lunch, and one table-service restaurant entitlement for dinner.

Lunch is quick and casual, with guest-activated terminals that make ordering a snap (there also will be traditional cashiers for cash orders and special dietary requests). You order, take a seat and lunch is delivered to your table – on china, not paper. Dinner is table service. You can find the lunch and dinner menus here.

Cuisine is French-inspired to match the hit animated film’s theme, with three themed dining rooms: the mysterious West Wing with the “enchanted rose”; the Rose Gallery with twirling, larger-than-life figures of Belle and Beast; and the elegant Ballroom with domed ceiling, twinkling chandeliers and glimpses of softly falling snow outside.

Initial sneak peeks (and tastes) are amazing! We’ll share more details and photos of the restaurant and food soon.

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  • No escargot on the menu? I am disappointed.

  • I just got off the phone with Disney Dining. The Cast member I spoke with said that reservations for the restaurant during its preview dates (which is Novemebr 19 – December 6), have to be by certain types of people/guest. She said you have to be either a Cast Member, DVC member or a WDW Annual Passholder. If this is true, this should be noted on the Disney Parks Blog.

    • Katie- I have verified that this is NOT correct. The restaurant will be open to any guest wishing to make reservations during this time.

  • Just curious why this restaurant requires a credit card guarantee? The other restaurants that require credit cards are either character meals or signature meals at some point during the day. Be Our Guest is neither.

  • I’ve wait all summer for this news. Coming in Nov.with family and will be making reservation as soon as lines are open Aug.20. I’m so excited!

  • No resvervations needed for lunch right? And it will be open everyday during the preview period?

    • Reservations are only taken for dinner. 🙂

  • Hey Pam, thank you for another informative post.

    Question: Do you think, or do you know, or can you influence Disney releasing their passholder preview date(s) before Monday at 12 noon?

    I would love to attend during the passholder preview, but would also like to reserve dinner during that preview too (because I only have enough time off work for one trip this winter).

    Let me know if you can? Thanks :o)

  • I have always made my dining reservations online. What info is required when making dining reservations over the phone? I feel that I will be hiding in the bathroom at work when making these reservations, and I want to have all the correct info available!:) Thank you for all the updates!

    • Katie, you’ll need your name, address, and credit card number.

  • This is so exciting! Thank you so much for the update, Pam. I’ve been organizing my family’s trip for this Christmas season, and this is the last item remaining on my list. Hopefully I’ll be able to get reservations. Do you know if I can ask in which of the three areas I would like to be when making reservations?

    • You can request a specific dining room when you arrive at the restaurant for your meal.

  • Thanks Pam! Oh how very exciting!
    Are you able to give us the times of service for lunch and dinner?

  • I heard thatfantasyland on November 19th is open annual passholders only. If there are no restrictions to reserve for dinner- what are chances of getting in for quick service as a regular ticket holder on that day?

  • Will you take the Tables In Wonderland discount?

  • What time does the restaurant switch between lunch and dinner service? And is there downtime in between?

  • Thank you, thank you, Pam! I cannot wait and am just THRILLED it will be open when we are there Nov. 23-Dec. 1. Do you have a favorite dining room yet? They sound like such different experiences! Maybe we will have to eat there for lunch AND dinner during our stay to really check it out!

  • Excellent!! We’ve been looking forward to this one. Any idea when the dinner menu will be available?

    • They have been released – You can find the lunch and dinner menus here.

  • Is “Be Your Guest” on the Disney Dining Plan? If so, is it considered 1 sit down meal or 2 like with the Cinderella Castle?
    Will there be any new character meal resturants opening up in the New Fantasyland section of Disney World?

    • On the Disney Dining Plan, Be Our Guest is one quick-service entitlement for lunch, and one table-service restaurant entitlement for dinner.

  • It’s not a “character dining” experience, but is it an audio-animatronic dining experience? Do we know about this for sure yet?

  • Will all of Fantasy Land be opened after Nove. 19th? I am trying to decide if I need to change my vacation plans and arrive after the Grand opening date.

  • Hi there, I’m coming from Sweden for a few days in oct with my sons…
    Can you help me reserve a table for the 25 or 26 of oct?
    We´re only there for 2 days, then off on a Disney cruise:) for 7 day, coming back to Disney world nov 4 so we could do it that evening to:)

  • Yay!! I’ve been waiting for this. =) I hope I can get an ADR! It’ll be a great 30th birthday present to myself! I’m sure it will a beautiful place to dine.

  • So, will it be open the week of Labor Day (September 3-7) for lunch or anything?

  • @Cindy, they previously posted the menu in another blog post

  • So does this mean the restaurant will be open to eat in for late november early december before the whole new fantasy land opens up? Because my family is going down last week of november into early december so doe this mean we will get to eat here?

    • The first day to dine in the restaurant is Nov. 19.

  • Darn. We missed it by a day…..Celebrating wife’s 50th birthday at WDW from Nov. 9 to Nov. 18…

  • Will it open for counter service lunch on 11/19 as well? We arrive 11/24 (exactly 100 days from today!) and are planning on stopping for lunch while we’re there if possible. (Fingers crossed!) Thanks, and can’t wait!

    • Yes!

  • Is there an online menu to look at for lunch or dinner options? thanks! So exciting!

  • I am very please that this restaurant does both quick service and table service – gives everyone a chance to try it out. We look forward to trying it during our November visit.

  • Great news. Hoping there will be extra supports to handle the phone lines. It’s going to be a busy day for the cast members who handle ADRs. I promise to be super sweet to the person I catch on the phone. 🙂

  • So excited planning my daughters birthday 🙂 Will there be character greetings at dinner service?

  • Thank you!!!!!!! for the information. PLEASE let us know if it is central or eastern time. You all are WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • so this is part of the dining plan? Is there going to be a Characters walking around??

    • This will not be a character dining experience.

  • Soooooo Excited!!!!! Now hopefully I’ll get through quickly and be able to get an ADR!!! My coworkers are probably going to see me cry either way. This would be such an incredible surprise for my Belle loving daughter. Fingers crossed for November 19th!!!

    • Best of luck!

  • Making reservations for December and April (when I can), so excited. Its been a long time coming and I have tracked the progress since the beginning. Was just at MK in June and seeing the castle got me all the more excited!

  • I ask the same question as was posted above: Do we have to reserve a spot for lunch as well as dinner? Thanks!

  • We go home november 9th 🙁

  • will you need a credit card to hold a reservation at be our guest?

    • Yes, Be Our Guest will use the cancellation policy already in place at other select WDW restaurants. When booking, you’ll be required to provide a credit card to hold the reservation.

  • Will there be a dinner table service menu coming out?

  • Are there going to be any restrictions on who can book reservations between 11/19 and grand opening on 12/6? Can’t wait.

    • Nope, no restrictions. 🙂

  • Yay!! We will be there! Curious how many people it seats?

  • 12 noon Eastern time? I assume since the park is in the Eastern time zone that this is the case, but wanted to confirm.

  • That’s great news! Come 12pm Monday afternoon .. my fingers will be dialing making those reservations for our arrival on 12/6. This trip will be one of our best yet to Disney!

  • What are the Hours for Lunch? Dinner?

  • Is that reservations only for dinner? Or do we need to make reservations for lunch as well?

    • Lunch is quick-service cuisine, so no reservations are required.

  • @Sally, no, Be Our Guest is the new restaurant in Beast’s Castle in New Fantasyland. The restaurant in Cindrella Castle is “Cinderella’s Royal Table”

  • Great news but does noon mean eastern time? I am in central and want to make sure I call ASAP

    • Yes, this is Eastern time.

  • Wait…isn’t that Cinderella’s Castle? Did it change? We live in CA and my son wanted to take his girl and propose to her there.

  • Hello. Can you choose a particular themed dining room you want to eat in when making the reservation?

    • You can make specific requests at the restaurant podium when you arrive.

  • VERY EXCITING! Thanks for sharing, Pam. My dialing fingers will be at the ready at 11:59:59am Monday…. 🙂

  • Really??? Ughhhhhh!! We go home on Nov. 17th!! That is so close to being a possibility it just hurts. Oh well, guess it’ll have to wait till the next trip. Really looking forward to seeing all the new Fantasyland debuts. Guess that means the counter service portion also will not be open until the 19th?

  • Yay! This is fantastic news! I’ll be at my computer on Monday ready to make reservations!

    • Sounds great!

  • To confirm, is that Noon Eastern time?

    • Yes, Eastern time.

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