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What You Might Not Know About Disney’s Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World Resort

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

I’m a big fan of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. You walk through the resort’s doorway in Florida and, suddenly, you’ve been transported to America’s Great Northwest. The seven-story lobby is built with eighty-five truckloads of Lodgepole Pine, brought from Oregon and Montana. The layered look of the main 82-foot fireplace duplicates the layered rock strata of the Grand Canyon. The resort’s 727 guest rooms reflect themes of wildlife, nature and Native American designs.


Disney’s Wilderness Lodge has something for everyone — fans of American history, lovers of the great outdoors, and folks who just want to relax by the two pools and the white-sand beach. For fans of classic Disney animation, guest rooms just went through a refresh – including the addition of shower tiles featuring Meeko from “Pocahontas,” “Bambi,” and Chip ‘n Dale. Here’s a video tour around the resort.

What do you enjoy most about this resort? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • Did the room refresh with the new character tiles include the DVC rooms also? Can we see a picture of the new tiles?

  • we love it here, stayed many times. I would recommend this resort to everyone…

  • This is my favourite Disney resort!
    It is the perfect combination of being just a boat ride away from Magic Kingdom and coming back after a long day at the parks and feeling a million miles away from the hustle and bustle!
    We stayed here when we got married at Disney in 2010, my husband hadn’t been since he was 16 and thought it was incredible (his fav bit!) and my parents had never been before and they adored the resort and have booked to go back!

  • We’re staying at Wilderness Lodge for the first time this coming Thanksgiving. We chose this hotel because it reminds us of our favorite Disneyland Hotel, The Grand Californian. We heard that both hotels were designed by the same architect, but I’ m not sure if that’s true. We’re hoping that the lobby will be decorated for the holidays while we are there. It’s great to see that so many people love this hotel, I think we’re in for quite a treat.

    • I’ve stayed at both and they do seem similar. Both are very lovely.

  • I can sit in that lobby for hours! It just has that welcoming feel. My wife and I love staying there!

  • I stayed at the Villas in April! The first time I walked in, I looked up and really couldn’t stop looking up lol. “we need ketchup”!!! I liked Whispering Canyon Cafe! The villa lobby area is so nice and cozy! The only minor thing was getting caught in the rain bringing in luggage. I will be visiting the resort in December to see it it all decorated!!

  • Going in December for my wife’s birthday. Taking my mother in-law too. We are all excited. This blog made my wife cry because she is so happy/thrilled that we are going. Of all the Deluxe resorts this is the one we have been wanting to stay at since the day we saw it. My wife is in love with Disney and Christmas, and now that we are combining the two it’s like she is in Heaven. Katie and Paul’s posts had her jumping up and down like a kid. I can’t wait until we get there.

    • I hope you have an excellent trip.

  • It’s hard to go to sleep here (not to fall asleep – big difference) because I don’t want to miss a minute of this beautiful lodge. We went around Christmas and I’m not sure there is a place that could be more comfortable to be. The main lodge is breathtaking especially lit up for the holidays, and there is tons to explore. All it takes is a little walking around and you will find a quiet rocker by a fire to relax in. Make sure to go upstairs and find the door to the balcony. Can’t imagine a better view or a better place to stay at the resort. We will be back, if only to check out the carvings in the Villas lobby one more time.

    • It looks amazing during the holidays, doesn’t it?

  • I love the HUGE Christmas tree during the holidays. Sitting in one of the giant rockers by the fire next to the tree is amazing.

  • It would really be fun if they reopened River Country, so that you could hike over there from the Wilderness Lodge. That would be a total same themed era package.

  • We were engaged at Artist’s Point in the first year it was open and then returned 13 years later with our son. We have stayed there many times and it will always be one of our favorite resorts.

    • Those are great memories to have!

  • Hi,
    My husband loves this resort and I do too except we live in
    central PA so when we stay here I don’t feel like I’m in Florida.
    We did have a neat experience there and one you did not mention. We were the Flag Family and went to the roof and raised the flags!
    Another fun thing is the resort offers a tour of the resort and you learn more information about this lovely resort.
    The lobby is awesome and I love sitting there and watching people enter for the first time.

  • The lodge is by far my favorite resort. I remember from years ago there was a newspaper that was given to each resort guest that contained the lodge’s “history” in newspaper article form. Stupidly I never kept a copy and can’t seem to find one anywhere. Would it be possible to do a blog post on that newspaper? Maybe even provide a copy in PDF form like you did for the Magic Kingdom 40th Anniversary map?

  • One of our favorite resorts! We’ve only stayed one night at the Villas but we will be back. Even though we haven’t stayed here but one night, it is the one resort we make a special point to visit each trip. Whether we dine at Artist Point or Whispering Canyon, go check out the geyser or just shop at the resort store, we always love to visit Wilderness Lodge. Just can’t get enough. You definitely don’t feel like you’re in Florida when you visit the resort!

  • I was lucky enough to spend Christmas the first year Wilderness Lodge had opened in 1994. I truly believe out of all the wonderful resorts at WDW, Wilderness Lodge is the one that truly makes you feel like you’re experiencing the holidays in all the Disney splendor. I treasure my memories of that wonderful 10 days at one of the most spectacular resorts on Disney property.

  • The only place we stay!! Love Love Love and can’t wait to come home again in November!!

  • I feel as though I am instantly transported to the Great Northwest as soon as I pull in the drive. It is very easy to forget ( when the temps are cooler) that you are in Florida. The attention to detail is phenomenal. Must remember to try the Wilderness waffles on our next visit! Thanks Katie!

    • I get that same impression when we drive in. 🙂

  • Ah, “home”….!

  • We completely love the Wilderness Lodge resort. The atmosphere is very relaxing, the proximity to the Magic Kingdom via the launch, and the view of the electric water parade all combine to make for a grand stay at WDW!!

  • I love the whole decor! i didn’t know Meeko was in the shower tiles. He’s one of my favorite characters, so now I have to go back and look. My favorite aspect of the Lodge is the back — it looks like the face on a bear. 🙂

  • Stayed at Wildness Lodge last week and my kids and myself got to be in the video. We had a great time, this was our second time there. Its a great resort.

  • I love this resort! It’s my favorite. My husband and I stayed here for our honeymoon. Hopefully we will be able to come back for our 2 year anniversary next summer!

  • stayed here 6 times. thought long and hard about my fav. thing. I got it at last, EVERYTHING!!!!

  • While I love the Grand Floridian, this is definitely my favorite resort. Artist Point is a great hidden dining secret that I’m glad we decided to do on a whim one night because we were feeling too tired to trek out to our original dining reservation in Epcot.

  • Wilderness waffles, ..and it’s where we stayed for our honeymoon. ..and wilderness waffles. Did I mention the wilderness waffles?

  • I enjoyed the Smoky Portobello Mushroom Soup at Artist Point so much our server gave me the recipe, and the Carolwood Pacific Room is a great, quiet place to take a nap in front of the fireplace.

  • The Territory Lounge and Roaring Fork are two of the best kept dining secrets in WDW. The cheese plate at Territory is fantastic … and different from the one at Artist Point. Roaring Fork’s waffles are unique and delicious. They have one with fresh strawberries and orange-butter. Great!

  • I love the staff in the restaurant when they serve “Creek Water” or should I say “Crick Water.”

  • My family and I will be staying there for our first time next month, for my birthday and my parent’s 30th anniversary!! I am so excited to stay there!!! 🙂

  • My family and I enjoy having hot chocolate by the fireplaces overlooking the lobby during the winter months.

    • Sounds great.

  • Everyone talks about Whispering Canyon but my favorite thing about Wilderness Lodge is Artist Point. We ate there for the first time about 5 years ago and fell in love with it. We have yet to eat anything that isn’t fabulous. A truly wonderful restaurant. Can’t wait to go back when we visit in December!

    • It is REALLY good. 🙂

  • Transportation to amd from the lodge is best. Done here so it is important all other resorts to difficult or very expensive to stay at . A important part of planning a stay is ten transportain aspect of it when your tired and feet hurt. The busses have to go f

  • This might be may favorite resort. Only Deluxe resort we’ve stayed at twice. Love the ambience…and of course, the Whispering Canyon Cafe!

  • Hee! We’ll be at this resort tomorrow! I can’t wait! 🙂

    • Have a great stay, Christine!

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