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Where at Disney Parks Can You Find… Aug. 8, 2012

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks


Okay, Who has a guess for this week’s mystery puzzler? Sure, it’s not our usual Wildlife Wednesday morning surprise but we couldn’t resist sharing this super stumper. I’ve got a feeling even our most observant readers may have missed this shadowy owl perched somewhere at Disney Parks. Please put your answers in the comments and we’ll update the post with the answer later today.

Disney's Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World Resort

That’s right, this week’s mystery image can be spotted by looking up inside Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. It’s one of my favorites to see and explore at the Walt Disney World Resort. And the 82-foot-tall lobby fireplace is worth spending some time checking out as well.


  • Wilderness Lodge. If I had unlimited money, Id live in that resort. Not even joking. Most beautiful and relaxing place I have ever been to. Cannot wait till my next trip to go on an all day photo safari all over there.

  • Snow White’s Scary Adventures? I know I’m definitely off.

  • Our family loves the Wilderness Lodge resort. I remember seeing these light shades while we were there.

  • the great movie ride

  • Wilderness Lodge lamp for sure!

    • You got it. Thanks, Jeffrey.

  • Wilderness Lodge; I remember it well; I loved looking at all the lamps! Didn’t fool me!!!

    • And I thought this week’s mystery image was tough. Well done, Shannon.

  • It’s one of the lanterns of the Artist Point Restaurant, The reataurant is located in the Dinesy´s Wilderness Lodge Resort. In this place, there are murals, paintings and a stunning view of Silver Creek Falls. It’s wonderful and exciting. I like it!!!!

  • One Man’s Dream – Multi plane camera display?

  • yakitori house – Japan – Epcot maybe?

  • The pocahontas themed shop in frontier land?

  • Japan in Epcot?

  • Be our guest resturant.

  • That’s on the lanterns at the Wilderness Lodge!

    • Yes they are. Thanks Sarah.

  • Wilderness Lodge? we will be there 18 days!!!!!

    • Fantastic guess. Look for it when you’re here.

  • Wilderness Lodge lamp

    • You got it, Gary. Great eye!

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