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A Look at Festival Center Merchandise for the 2012 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


I’ve been looking forward to the return of the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival since the day the 2011 festival ended. This year, the festival returns to Epcot from September 28 through November 12. I love this event as it combines a few things I enjoy: food and beverages from around the world, and great music during the Eat to the Beat Concert Series (can’t wait to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy again). This past week, I stopped by the Festival Center at Epcot while the merchandise events team was setting the Festival Store. The Festival Center operates daily from 9:00 a.m. to park close, and is the best place to find an assortment of goods. Here is a look at some of my favorites from this year.


In July, Lindsay Voigt, product developer for this event, told me about the colorful “Sketch” program she was introducing for the Festival. It was nice to finally see the entire assortment in one sport. I loved the four mini-dishes with different icons, and the set of four stemless wine glasses would be a nice addition to my cupboard.


This year, there are several different apparel options for both women and men. We are introducing a new program called “Brews Around the World,” which features a shirt, sweatshirt, some glassware and a bottle opener. I personally like the “Mission: Around the World” shirt as it always feels like I’m on a mission to visit each booth during the festival.


One thing that will help during my multiple visits this year is a new food tray. It conveniently contains a checklist and a place to hold glasses (no more balancing act!).

We will be holding a special week-long sale of select items from October 8-14 via the Disney Parks online store. We will offer the ever popular festival cookbook, the shirts seen in the third image above, the set of two wine glasses and the “Brews Around the World” glassware. I hope to see you in World Showcase in the coming weeks. I’ll most likely be at the Hawai’i booth.

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  • I like the checklist tray as well, Danielle. I need one of those mission shirts.

  • I would love to buy the Beers around the World merchandise….Is theere a way to buy it?

    • @Bill – I invite you to visit the Disney Parks online store – – from October 8-14. We will offer that shirt and the associated glass on the site.

  • I do think I favor the 2011 merchandise more. Of course I notice a lot of similarities too though…(especially how the items that were in the entrance planter last year are back)

  • Love the first shirt you posted; will that be available online??

    Could you please tell me…are those coasters you mentioned in your very first 2012 F&W Festival pictured??? If I had to guess, are they in thumbnail #8..I’m guessing are they either the items next to the cutting board or the clock??? Any chance they will be offered online, and is there any chance we’ll get that mail order policy changed back, so I can order items without having to wait until November after it’s over (assuming the items I want aren’t online??)

    • @Jonathan – That first shirt will not be part of the online sale. The shirts seen in the third image of the article are the only ones being offered from October 8-14 via the Disney Parks online store. Sadly, the coasters will not be offered online. You are correct in that they were pictured next to the clock.

      I don’t know of any plans to change the mail order policy at this point. The merchandise for Food & Wine Festival was created for Epcot. Guests attending the festival will have the first opportunity to purchase it before it would be made available via mail order. Please know that your feedback has been shared.

  • It all looks great, but it makes miss the wine and food festival California Adventures. Do you know of any plans to bring it back in 2013 or 2014?

    • @Christine – Sorry. I don’t know of any plans at this point. I can say, however, that Carthay Circle is awesome! Highly recommended if you haven’t been. Those cheese biscuit things were yummy!

  • I LOVE the checklist tray! I am buying one ASAP!

  • Can we but the Brews around the world Tshirt online?

    Just did that in July

    • @Ken – You are in luck. That “Brews Around the World” shirt will be offered via the Disney Parks online store – – from October 8-14.

  • So excited! I will be there Tuesday! A little sad I am missing the big 30

  • Awesome merchandise! Greatly appreciated that some of the items will be available online – someday I hope to take the family to the FWF.

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