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A Sight Unseen: Disney Cruise Line’s Castaway Cay Before Guests Arrive

Jonathan Frontado

by , Public Relations Director, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney and Disney Vacation Club

Remember I told you I was recently at Castaway Cay for a cool photography project? Well, I’m excited to share more with you today!

I already gave you a glimpse of the island at night, and now here’s another perspective of Castaway Cay you haven’t seen: what might be happening when you’re not there!

Before Disney Cruise Line guests stepped off the ship, we took a unique panoramic photo of the island using GigaPan. The cool part? With GigaPan’s interactive technology, you can explore the image in remarkable detail. The places (and faces) on the island are crisp and clear, even when you zoom in close – real close!

Want to see a larger version? Click here!

At first glance, the island seems empty. But zoom in, and you may be surprised at what you see! Can you find where Mickey is hanging out? What about Donald and Daisy and Chip ‘n Dale? I’d sure love to be chilling where Minnie is right now!

Be the first to tell us in the comments what you discover in this photo. Then, go to the Disney Cruise Line Facebook page tomorrow to see if you found all the special inhabitants of what appears to be a deserted island!

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  • Beyond the rocks in the open ocean I see dolphins, two I believe…this is cool! DH and I are going on our 9th DCL cruise on December 6, 2012. Going to get a little Christmas cheer on the Dream. We have sailed on all four ships now, they are all awesome! Sending out Disney love to everyone, pass it on…

  • Let me see if I can help with the mermaid hunt. If you can find Goofy, slightly up and to the right of him is a large group of different colored umbrellas on what looks to be a large group of white rocks. When you get to the umbrellas, continue going right, and you should see a hammock. The mermaid in question is in the first hammock, so if you start seeing empty hammocks, you’ve gone too far right. Even zoomed in, she is very small and kind of blurry, so she may be tough to see but I’m sure she’s there! Hope this helps!

  • I’m looking for the mermaid as well. My eyes are killing me but I must find her. I also see Skuttle on top of one of the buildings, but I’m assuming he’s a permanent ficture and not part of the hunt. PLEASE someone tell us where the mermaid is.

  • Yes! And now I found Donald, Daisy, Minnie, and some pirates too! Thanks, Jesus from CA, I needed your clues, lol. Too cute!

  • I found Mickey, Stitch, Chip, Dale, Goofy. I’m still straining to find Donald, Daisy, and Minnie! I love how one of the chipmunks is not facing the camera, and thus we can see his cute little tail poking out his shorts. I just find that too cute! Hmm, if I squint reeeeeeaaaaallllly hard I can see myself sitting on one of the beach chairs, but that has to wait until September 28 when I have my Castaway Cay day on my Fantasy cruise. 😀

  • Someone please identify the location of the hammock and Mermaid. I have hunted and cannot seem to find this.
    This was such fun! Daisy & Donald are so cute!

  • seriously super cool. When I first saw the picture I thought there is no way you can’t find anything (except maybe the ship). But after I zoomed in and started finding things I thought it was really neat.

  • It was neat to see the cruisers on their balconies. There also a lot of castmembers under the lifeboats. I bet no one on the boat thought anyone could photograph them from so far away.

  • I think I may also have found the mermaid in question. One of the hammocks definately has something (someone?) in it. Looked like it could be Ariel to me. It’s really tough to find, though.

  • This is an amazing GigaPan. High Quality! Very well done and unique.

  • That is so cool! Very fun to look for all the characters.

  • mickey is in one off the cabanas goofy is in the bycle water chip and dale are playing volleyball
    stitch doing yoga or ready to surf 6 lifeguards running and two pirates one relaxing on the island
    captain hook looking for castaway cay treasures daisy pushing donald so he could go on the water
    and minnie in the water refreshing people making sure the boat is and good condition and some people view in the island from there verandas and pluto hiddin jajajajajj love this cant wait for octuber on my birth day salin on the 25

  • Minnie Mouse is on the inner tube in the water, Mickey Mouse is waving from a cabana, Daisy is laughing at Donald who has a bunch of inner tubes behind the sand bar, Chip and Dale are playing with a beach ball on the shore, Stich is next to the lifeguards rescue surf board, Goofy is on the water bike in the water, Captain Hook is looking at a treasure map between all of the beach chairs and umbrellas, 2 pirates are digging for treasure while one lies back on a beach chair, and the lifeguards are running in formation along the beach. I didn’t find any mermaids though.

  • Is that ever fun! I found a few but I think I’ll wait until my daughter gets home from school to find them all! Thanks for sharing this… I can hardly wait for our Disney Dream sailing in March 2013!!!

  • Loved seeing Donald making sand angels!!

  • whew! took me forever to find Donald and Daisy, but I still don’t see a mermaid.

  • Very, very cool pictures! The pirates have to be my fave. Also, someone is riding the aquaduck. 🙂

  • Found Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, Chip and Dale, Captain Hook, Stitch, 3 pirates, 6 lifeguards, and a Mermaid (Ariel?). Love the detail.

  • I see all of the above, plus Goofy in his little jet ski. 🙂

  • Found Hook, Stitch, some lifeguards, some pirates, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Chip and Dale, Goofy, and a Mermaid (Ariel?.)Love the details and how much fun they all seem to be having.

  • Whoops, that would be Sorcerer Mickey and Brooms on the ship…lol. So haven’t found Mickey, donald or daisy yet. hmm.

  • Goofy is in the water, Pluto and Sorcerer Mickey on bow of ship, Captain Hook near beach chairs by cabanas, Chip and Dale on beach playing with beach ball, Stitch on beach near lifeguard station, with rescue surfboard, Minnie at back door of Cabana.

  • We’ll be there next week! The photo detail is amazing. Found Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, and Chip-N-Dale, as well as Hook, Stitch, Lifeguards and some pirates!

  • WOW – thank you for sharing this new technology with us. I just found Captain Hook, wonder who else I can find…

  • Did the lifeguards know they were being photographed, or do they run along the beach in formation all the time?

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