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A Sip of ‘LeFou’s Brew’ from Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

We think this signature beverage will be a big hit at Gaston’s Tavern when New Fantasyland opens later this year – LeFou’s Brew, named after Gaston’s sidekick in “Beauty and the Beast.” It’s no-sugar added frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow, topped with all-natural passion fruit-mango foam. We bet the souvenir steins and goblets are going to go fast. (And, yes, if it sounds familiar, guests at Cars Land at the Disneyland Resort may have tasted the frozen concoction at the Cozy Cone.)
A Souvenir Stein and Goblet from Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland

The quick-service restaurant, created to look like a comfy lodge in the French countryside, will be a great place to escape from the Florida sun. Outside is a statue of Gaston hoisting two kegs of his favorite brew; inside he’s center stage in a big portrait over the fireplace.

The signature sweet at Gaston’s, by the way, is warm, gooey cinnamon rolls, served all day.

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  • Since this is Gaston’s TAVERN will alcohol be sold there or anywhere in the New Fantasyland? I know that Magic Kingdom is currently alcohol free, but have heard rumors that Be Our Guest Restaurant or Gaston’s Tavern would be selling beer.

  • How much will Lefou’s Brew in the souveneir mug going to be priced? :)…and of course, since this is quick service, we won’t need a reservation, right?

  • No one has his sidekick make a signature beverage like Gaston!

  • At least we’ll be able to eat SOMEWHERE in the new Fantasyland when we come back in December. I booked our next trip the DAY after I came back from WDW in August, and there were NO open tables at BOG the entire 10 days we will be there. SO disappointed!!!

  • We had this drink in Cars Land and loved it!! I got it without the marshmallow or foam for my son since I didn’t think he would like the texture. The marshmallow has sugar in it, but the drink is just 100% apple juice frozen to a great slushy consistency. Very refreshing on a hot day! So if you are worried, just ask for it minus the toppings.

  • Hey Pam, thanks for confirming the apple juice has no sweeteners (artificial or otherwise) but what worries me is that it says, “hint of marshmallow.” You did not confirm if there is artificial sweetener in ANY component of the drink.

    This is a food allergy to me so it’s important the answer is completely clear so I know if I can have it or not.

    Is there artificial sweetener in the drink, period?

    Thank you.

  • The drinks and mugs are so clever! I can’t wait to try one. Question: is Lefou’s Brew carbonated? I don’t like carbonated drinks, but I would love to try this, assuming it isn’t…

  • THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! I hear a lot of people in California LOVE that drink so I can’t wait to try it out!!!

  • When does it open cause i will be there this month from the 18th to the 25th and i want to check it out please tell me it will be open then

  • Please, please, please tell me these will be gluten free!?!?!

  • Is it only apple cider/juice or are they going to have other options? We are coming in December and would love to get those cups but my tummy can’t handle apple juice or cider. Thanks! Lisa

  • Barbara, read post #3 and the answer below it

  • Disney – does this new brew have any artificial sweeteners? We will be visiting WDW this November and would love to try this, but sadly my best friend is allergic to artificial sweeteners.

  • What about those 5 dozen eggs?

  • “We bet the souvenir steins and goblets are going to go fast.”

    Does that mean the cups will be a limited run? Our yearly trip won’t come until next May/June, and we’ve been looking forward to the Beauty and the Beast portion of the expansion since last year. It would be a shame to have the souvenir cups only be around for a limited time.

  • I love this drink at Cars Land in Disney California Adventure.

    Clearly it was very popular to have it come to Florida.

  • I need to plan a trip to Disneyworld with all this new stuff happening, i haven’t been there for 10+ years. But i will say that Apple Freeze drink is DELICIOUS! I went to Cars Land the first week it opened and could never get the souvenir cup, guess they sold out the first day.

  • Can you get the cups online?

    • No cups online, sorry!

  • All I want from that area is a Baker walking around with his tray like always!

  • As hinted at in the article, the same signature drink is currently sold as Red’s Apple Freeze in Cone #4 at Cars Land. Think of it as a candy-apple flavored Slurpee. It’s popular and I think it’s quite delicious, but it is VERY sweet. If you don’t like sugary drinks, save your (just guessing here) $4.29.

  • Hidden Mickey alert!!! Gaston’s mug showing some love for Mickey

  • Would love to hear more menu details. Will it be a QS? The cinnamon rolls sound yummy, the signature drink, not so much.

  • I bet you those cinnamon rolls are how Gaston got so popular, not his wrestling or hunting skills. 😉 I’d have to say, Gaston should’ve included a life of cinnamon rolls in his proposal to Belle.

  • No sugar added could just mean it’s all natural and it’s just the fruit sweetening the brew.

  • Yay! We’ll be in the Magic Kingdom on December 14th and 19th! (first and last full days of our trip) and have reservations at Be Our Guest on the 19th. Hoping to stop in Gaston’s tavern on the 14th.

    Any word yet on what else they’ll have on the menu?

    • Just snacks — fresh fruit, water, etc.

  • Yay, please order extra of these goblets so they don’t sell out like they did at CL. You *know* they are going to be a big hit! Can’t wait to toast my family!

  • Cant wait to try this drink! Hope they dont run out of cups before I get there on the 25th!

  • it does say French Countryside 🙂

  • I will definitely be stopping by for the warm, gooey cinnamon roll. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

  • That sounds delicious. I’m really glad it’s not going to be a Butterbeer clone. Gaston’s Tavern continues to be my favorite part of the FLE!

  • Is this going to just be a snack location or will there be some quick service meals available ?

    • Snack location!

  • I really hope that’s just a typo in the description here in the blog. I’d hate to think that the Imagineeers overlooked a detail that obvious – Beauty and the Beast takes place in France, not England.

  • Sounds like Gaston’s Tavern has become a franchise and opened up its first location across the Channel… 🙂

  • By “no sugar added” do you really mean “artificially sweetened?” Because that would be highly disappointing to those of us who do not consume artificial sweeteners by choice or, in my case, by allergy. It’s very sad when products have “diet” only options these days – especially when they fail to label it as diet.

    Can you please confirm?

    • Apple juice is naturally sweet, no artificial sweeteners in the juice.

  • You had me at the cinnamon rolls being hot, gooey, and avaiable all day.

  • Why is it modeled after a lodge in the “English countryside”? “After all, Miss, this is France!”

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