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All in the Details: Hidden History at Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

We previously took a look at the opening of Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station at Magic Kingdom Park when it opened back in June, but there are actually some hidden details here that are worthy of another Disney Parks Blog post.

Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

If you know anything about Disney Parks, you probably know that Walt Disney Imagineering often includes nods to Disney history in their projects. (The names on the windows on Main Street, U.S.A., are a great example).

Colorful Train Cars at Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

Well, check out Casey Jr.’s colorful train cars, which sport a specific set of numbers on the back: 71, 82, 89 and 98. Know what they reference? Leave it in the comments section below and check back later today to see if you’re correct.

Horse Hoofs and Other Signs of Circus Life Made Their Way into the Concrete's Designs in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

When you’re walking through this area, be sure to check out the little details on the ground beneath your feet. Horse hoofs and other signs of circus life have made their way into the concrete’s designs. (Be sure to look for the elephant tracks and false peanut shells in the concrete that leads into Dumbo the Flying Elephant!).

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  • 71 Magic Kingdom opened
    82 EPCOT opened
    89 MGM opened (now Hollywood Studios)
    98 Animal Kingdom opened

  • They reference the years that each of the four parks at WDW opened.

  • 71, 82, 89 and 98 = The years in which each of the Disney Parks opened.

  • Those are the years the parks opened I believe, 71 was Magic Kingdom, 82 was Epcot, 89 was Disney’s Hollywood Studios (or Disney-MGM Studios as it was known then) and 98 Animal Kingdom.

  • 71-Year Magic Kingdom Opened
    82-Year Epcot Opened
    89-Year MGM Studios (Hollywood Studios) Opened
    98-Year Animal Kingdom Opened

  • 19″71″ – The year Magic Kingdom Opened
    19″82″ – The year I was born (and EPCOT opened) lol
    19″89″ – The year MGM Studios Opened (now Hollywood Studios)
    19″98″ – The year Animal Kingdom Opened

  • This is an awesome way to display the opening of each park at WDW. Do we have hidden Mickeys to look forward to finding.

  • You forgot to mention the AWESOME nod to Casey Jr himself… with the #7 & #9 on each side of his light box, representing both the #7 & #9 trains at the Disneyland attraction

  • The 4 Parks at WDW, I will have to go back and look more closely. I missed the

  • The years each WDW park opened. 😉

  • When we visited last June, we noticed the peanut shells in the ground in the new Fantasyland right away…seems like a small thing, but definitely adds to the whole circus feeling! Love finding those little details throughout WDW!

  • 1971 – the year Magic Kingdom opened
    1982 – the year EPCOT (Environmental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow) opened
    1989 – the year MGM Studios opened (now called Hollywood Studios) also the year I was born 🙂
    1998 – the year Animal Kingdom opened.

    I love everything Disney, but especially the little things like this. I love going to the parks and seeing these little details and being able to tell someone else what it means! Makes me feel like I know a little secret!

  • These are the years that the four theme parks opened: 1971 Magic Kingdom
    1982 Epsot
    1989 Hollywood Studios
    1998 Animal Kingdom

    Ava and Sadie Cordell

  • Those numbers represent the opening years of each of the 4 Walt Disney World theme parks:

    71–1971, the year that the Magic Kingdom opened
    82–1982, the year that Epcot opened
    89–1989, the year that Disney’s Hollywood Studios opened
    98–1998, the year that Animal Kingdom opened

  • It was the year that each of the parks opened.
    71 Magic Kingdom
    82 Epcot
    89 Disney MGM
    98 Animal Kingdom

    I made two out of 4 park opening years.

  • I really was going to say the years that each of the 4 WDW parks opened, but I see many others knew that too.

  • Those are definitely the 4 years WDW opened its parks. What I found even more interesting about the area is that guests with peanut allergies have actually panicked and worried that the peanuts in the ground were REAL! Now that’s attention to detail!

  • @Sarah, that’s “Experimental”, not “Environmental!”

  • That is so cute! And DUH!!! The years the parks opened!!!

  • The years the four parks opened! 🙂

    This is great. The attention to detail is always so impressive!

  • The years the Walt Disney World parks opened 🙂
    I love Disney’s way of hidden details.
    Are there any Hidden Mickeys in this or any of the other attractions in New Fantasyland?

  • These are some of the number sequence from Lost.

    Okay, I know, I know… =D

  • Can’t wait to check out the new Fantasyland for Hidden Mickeys!!
    I found the hidden Mickey on Gaston’s cup on the post about his Tavern and the new drink.

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