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Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Epcot with New Merchandise Starting September 28

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Epcot With New Merchandise, Including the “Epcot 30” Logo Shirts, Starting September 28

Being a long time fan of Epcot, I’ve been looking forward to the 30th Anniversary celebration all year long. As October 1 draws near, here are some details about our release plans for the merchandise we’ve created.

For starters, we will release a handful of items beginning Friday, September 28 at select locations throughout Epcot. This “weekend of” collection will include a few previously discussed items such as the open edition pins, the “Epcot 30” logo shirts, the baseball cap, and the “toothpick holder” set.

Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Epcot With New Merchandise, Including Open Edition Pins, the Baseball Cap, and the “Toothpick Holder” Set, and a 12-inch Duffy the Disney Bear, Starting September 28

We will also release new items including a 12-inch Duffy the Disney Bear and four D-Tech on Demand iPhone 4/4S cases each with an edition size of 300. Also look for 11 new World Showcase shirts that are so amazing I’m writing a separate article about them.

Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Epcot With New Merchandise, Including Four D-Tech on Demand iPhone 4/4S Cases, Starting September 28

One of the more interesting items is something new called “Cover Your Ears.” This Spaceship Earth-inspired cover will fit over a regular Mickey Mouse ear hat. Additional special ear hat embroidery will be offered at Mouse Gear through October 1.

For this anniversary, we also commissioned Noah (of Epcot International Food & Wine Festival fame) to create a futuristic image that we will offer as a giclée and deluxe print.

Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Epcot With New Merchandise. Vinylmation Figures Will be Available Starting October 1

On Monday, October 1, we will release several “day of” items including three shirts that have “October 1, 2012” and the “Epcot 30” logo, as seen in the first image above. For those who can’t attend that weekend, those three dated shirts and the 11 World Showcase shirts will be sold via the Disney Parks online store from September 28 through October 4.

Monday will also see the release of a commemorative framed coin set and the limited edition pin collection, including the “I Was There” pin. Noah has created a few custom 3-inch and 9-inch Vinylmation figures inspired by his Epcot image. Artist John Henselmeier also designed three, 9-inch custom figures and several 3-inch custom figures that will feature original Future World pavilion logos. All of these items will be released at MouseGear starting at park open on October 1.

Finally, if you trade pins, look for a special pin that will only be found on cast members’ lanyards at Epcot starting on October 1. I hope to see you there (I’ll be wearing my retro EPCOT Center hat with gold leaves).

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  • I can’t believe they only are making 300 of each of those cases! I NEED that Figment case! I live in AZ now and there was no way I was getting to the park for this… :’-( PLEASE tell me they will make more!!!

  • Will they be having any commerative maps or anything given to guest’s October 1st?

  • Will all the merchandise offered online? I understand the limited quantity, but not everyone can make it down for the 30th but still want to celebrate with Epcot. It would be nice if a limited quantity of each item was available online as well.

    • @Greg – The image you reference isn’t a tee-shirt. It’s artwork created by Noah. Unfortunately, it will not be offered via the online store.

      @Kevin – The only items planned right now are the 11 World Showcase shirts and the three shirts with the October 1, 2012 date. You can find them from today through October 4 at

  • Does anyone know if the Mickey Space Futuristic t-shirt posted above will be available on-line or just at Epcot? I would really like to purchase this shirt but I am not going to Disney until March.

  • Will the merch for disneystore be online at midnight tonight? Really want to get my hands on one of the tshirts but won’t be down until November!

    • @Lauren – Wishing you many happy returns! Have a safe trip and a fun time. I hope to see you at the park.

      @Jessica – I’m unsure of the exact time they will populate the site. Yet, there isn’t a finite quantity for the online sale … only a period of time (ends October 4). In other words, you will be able to select the shirts and sizes you desire. Once selected, they will be made and shipped to your home. It’s sort of like an on-demand thing.

  • Oh, I just love that Epcot and I are nearly the same age! I’m sharing the big 3-0 with one of my favorite friends! See you this weekend — thanks for the great retro merchandise, Steve and team!!

  • Hi Steven
    Will there be a limited number of Figment shirt Duffy plush if someone comes on October 1st? How about the Epcot mouse ears cover?
    I look forward to your reply.
    Thank you so much.

    • @Steve – I’m sorry to hear of your frustrations. I can say that for the upcoming Epcot 30 / World Showcase shirts sale from September 28 – October 4, you can pick which sizes you want. It’s sort of an on-demand thing. Once orders are completed, the shirts will be manufactured and shipped to your home. We introduced this concept last October for the 40th Anniversary of Walt Disney World. It’s great because you can get the exact size you want. In speaking with the online store team, I’ve learned their assortments are every changing. It’s difficult to say how big the assortment will be for the online store. Yet I know they are continually reviewing options. I can share your feedback with them.

      @Jessica – We produced a certain number of shirts for Duffy. It’s not considered a limited edition offering as we could make more depending upon demand. The same is true for the “Cover Your Ears” item we are introducing for the 30th anniversary.

  • Alot of the merch looks great and while I’m a Disneylander here on the left coast, I will be ordering by blue Epcot 30th shirt on Friday. That leads to another parks merch question. We’ve often had a hard time buying products online due to size shortages but these products are carried across much of WDW in all sizes. Are there any plans to increase the availability of sizes and more importantly, expand the selection of park merch available at disneystore

  • Steven, now I’m on the edge of my seat to hear about the World Showcase shirts!! I’ll be there on 10/6 and can’t wait to get some of this great stuff!

  • Steven,

    Will the 8-bit figment, red figment, and blue spaceship earth shirts (all from previous post in) be available via mail order on Friday-this weekend?

    • @Mariah – That’s a good question. It will depend upon popularity of items. Yet I would guess there may be some type of EPCOT 30 related items as the “retro” program at Epcot has been in our assortment for a few years.

      @Katie – I spoke with the mail order team. Your best option would be to contact them after this weekend. They won’t have access to said shirts until a future point (depending upon remaining quantities). Their contact information is Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services – 1-877-560-6477 or via email to:

  • Will there still be some of these kicking around the park, say, Dec 16th-ish? I really love the Figment shirt!

  • Also wanting to know about the procedure for October 1st. We will be there bright and early!

  • Hi Steven. Can you tell me anything about the amazing Figment custom Vinylmation figure??? Is it a 9″ figure? Who is the artist? Is it one-of-a-kind? Do you know the price? Will wristbands be distributed for the one-of-a-kind Vinylmation figures and, if yes, at which of the 2 park entrances? Thank you.

    • @Lois – The Figment figure is a one-of-a-kind custom 9-inch Vinylmation. It was created by Javier Soto who also recently created a custom figure released at Disneyland Resort for the Haunted Mansion Vinylmation release party. The figure will have a retail of $1,500 and it will be released at MouseGear. Wristbands will not be distributed.

  • I also have never been to an event like this before, and am hoping you can give some more specific information about how this merchandise event will be run/organized. First, how early will we be allowed to line up outside the park? Second, will wristbands be distributed for the Limited Edition merchandise and for the one-of-a-kind Vinylmation figures? If wristbands will be distributed, will they only be given out at the main entrance at the front of the park, or will they be given out at the International Gateway entrance in the back of the park? (I specifically ask this as I am staying at the Boardwalk Inn and don’t want to line up early only to find out I am in the wrong place.)

    Also, will all of this Limited commemorative merchandise be only sold at MouseGear, or will there be a separate location set up for event merchandise? Will the Limited Edition pins be sold at Pin Central, or only at MouseGear?

    Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated. Like I said I am a newbie to these kinds of events, and I don’t want to miss out on any of the merchandise because I didn’t have all the information ahead of time. Thank you so much.

    • @Lauren – I hope you will have a great time on October 1. The Epcot operations team has advised that they will have a queue set up between Electric Umbrella and MouseGear. This spot is also known as the east breezeway (the side toward Mission: SPACE / Test Track). At Park open, Guests are encouraged to walk safely to that destination for the limited edition “day of” items.

      There will NOT be wristbands distributed at either park entrance that morning.

      The plan is to release all of the limited edition items – including the pins – at MouseGear on October 1.

      I hope this is helpful, and I hope to see you there!

  • The framed picture of Spaceship Earth looks wonderful. Dare I ask how much it is?

    • @Brad – iPhone 5 cases will start appearing by December. The D-Tech team is creating a few based on popular designs currently in the assortment. There are a few other Vinylmation figures being released. There are three, 9-inch figures by John Henselmeier and one 9-inch Figment figured designed by Javier Soto. John also created some 3-inch figures based on Future World logos. There are no other figures planned for release at this point, only custom figures.

      @Rachel – The coin set will have a retail of $150.00.

  • Are there going to be any iPhone 5 cases available? When might we see some of these type case, limited or not?

    Any Epcot 30th Vinylmation coming besides Noah’s?

  • Steven,

    Any word on where and what time we will be allowed to line up for the LE merchandise? Will there be wristbands? And will all of the LE product be released at Mouse Gear?

    • @Jason – My partners at Epcot operations told me that at Park open they will have a queue in the breezeway outside of MouseGear (the side toward the Electric Umbrella). Guests are encourage to walk carefully to that first destination if interested in the “Day of” merchandise on October 1. There are no plans for wristbands to be distributed. And yes, the limited edition items will be released at MouseGear on Monday.

  • What is the orange BOX pictured to the left of Duffy? Thanks

    • @Andrew – Great name (it’s my middle name :-)! The iPhone cases will be released on September 28. Your best option is to go to MouseGear as you will find the best assortment in that location.

      @Jennifer – It’s a limited edition pin set that has an edition size of 500. Three different pins that have Disney characters in scenes from Spaceship Earth.

  • Will the Iphone cases be released on the 28th as well? Also is there a list of stores that will have the special merchandise?

  • FINALLY! A classy, subtle T-shirt design that doesn’t cover the entire body!

  • As somebody who’s never been to the park before during an ‘event’ when there’s LE merchandise to be had…what should I be prepared for if I want to try and get my hands on some of this stuff? Like how early do I need to line-up? WHERE do I line-up? etc

    • @Joseph – I hope you are able to join us on October 1. The Epcot team will have a queue formed in the breezeway between Electric Umbrella and MouseGear.

  • I agree with everyone. I love all the merchandise especially the phone cases but with only 300 avaliable I doubt any will be available when I get to Epcot on the 1st, bummer.

  • Are the Buzzy and Horizons robots custom vinylmations? Will they be sold just at the park or online as well? Thanks!

    • @Victoria – Unfortunately since many of the items in this article are limited edition / limited release, I doubt they will be available via mail order. I’ll see what I can find.

      @Joy – Yes! They are custom 9-inch, one-of-a-kind figures by John that will be sold at MouseGear on October 1. The closest I got to having them is I got to take their photographs. 🙂

  • Steven any chance you can post the SKU numbers for these items?

    Also please make iPhone 5 cases!! I’ve been dying for an EPCOT case for years.

  • Awesome!!! Can’t wait to see all of this merchandise in person. Especially the iPhone cases. 🙂

    Excited for your article on the World Showcase shirts.

    Question – will there be any shirts on ladies’ silhouettes?

    • @Erica – Glad to hear you liked the items. Should be an exciting weekend. The World Showcase shirts are THAT amazing. “Insta-buy” for me! The redish/maroon shirt is the ladies cut shirt for EPCOT 30. The World Showcase shirts are for both women/men.

  • LOVE the concept art from Disney Imagineering Legend Herb Ryman on the iPhone case cover. Gorgeous.

    • @David – I love that case as well. Here is some interesting information about the case that came from Vanessa Hunt with the Walt Disney Imagineering Art Library. You may recall I spoke with her about the “Poster Art of the Disney Parks” book in May –

      Vanessa said that that art was done by Disney artist Jessie Clay, who was inspired by the initial concept art done for EPCOT Center by Herb Ryman.

      Personally, words can’t express how much I LOVE the concept artwork for EPCOT Center. There were so many beautiful images created by Herb and many other Disney artists.

  • Will the Duffy bear only be available for those few days, or will it stay longer. Gonna be there Oct 20th and wanna get this one!

    • @Katie – It is difficult to say as it will depend upon popularity of items. I’m guessing some of the limited edition items won’t see the holidays. The development / planning teams place orders based on historical sales. If something is popular enough, it could be re-ordered. The exception being limited edition items as they have finite production run.

      @Jamie – We will continue to sell the bear until gone. It was a one-time buy and so it will depend upon popularity of the item.

  • Will ALL of the 30th anniversary merchandise be available through the holidays (until Christmas)?

  • I love all of the Figment items! I just wish things had larger edition sizes so those of us that won’t be able to be there on 10/1 might have a chance to purchase them as well.

  • I want all of these phone cases, they are fantastic! But I have a Droid RAZR M. Please start including more Android phones in the custom Disney cases — I would buy several and I know I’m not alone!

    • @Diana – Come on down! It’s the perfect reason for a get away (and oh, the Food and Wine Festival starts the weekend too!!!). Look for new iPhone 5 cases coming this late November / December. They will be based on some of the popular designs currently available for iPhone 4/4S.

      @Lauren – I’m sorry for your disappointment. At this point, there are not plans for such development. I wish I had better news.

  • Steven, this merchandise is jaw-droppingly awesome. I wasn’t going to be down for the 30th, but now I’m thinking of planning a last-minute getaway.

    The only negative is that those gorgeous iPhone cases won’t fit my new iPhone 5 🙁

  • Two questions:

    1. Back in the middle of July you posted an update of Epcot 30th merchandise. Of that merchandise, will the blue shirt with Spaceship earth be available online (the one based on the attraction poster)?

    2. Will you have an update soon on the food and wine festival merchandise? Would love to know what’s going to be available online since the mail order policy change….

    • @Jonathan – I loved that shirt you mentioned. I made it the lead image in that article because it was so awesome. Sadly, there are no plans to carry it via the Disney Parks online store.

      I’m now counting down the hours until the start of the Epcot Food & Wine Festival. My plan is to get some photos this week at the Festival Center this week while they are setting it. I hope to have an article similiar to the Flower and Garden Festival one from March –

  • What is the box in the second photo next to Duffy under the ear cover? Thanks for all the information. I can’t wait D23 celebration Sunday then Epcot Monday!

    • @Ashley – That is a limited edition three pin boxed set. It has an edition size of 500 and contains pins based on scenes from Spaceship Earth. Hope to see you this weekend 🙂

  • I wish I were going to be there for the anniversary! I love the Spaceship Earth ears! I must add it to my growing ear collection

  • Steven,

    Love your articles- they get me so excited for the new merchandise that is coming out!

    I was wondering if you had any idea how the day-of lines will work for souvenirs? It seemed a little crazy last year for the Magic Kingdom anniversary and everything that was LE was gone by the time I got to the park. I’d like to avoid that this year and hopefully get my hands on a couple of these awesome items.


    • @Ryan – I spoke with Epcot operations who said that they will form a queue in the breezeway between MouseGear and Electric Umbrella at Park open on Monday, October 1. They did a similar thing today (September 28).

  • I love the Iphone cases! Will they be available online?

    • @Tiffani – That is the pin that will be found for trade on Cast Member lanyards starting on Monday, October 1.

      @Grace – There are no plans at this time to carry the EPCOT 30 iPhone cases via the Disney Parks online store. Sorry.

  • What is in the Epcot orange box pictured next to Duffy?

  • Super excited! I will be down in November to celebrate! I will just have to get that pin:)

  • Oh my! I so wish they covers came in for Iphone 5 model. I would buy all 4.

    • @Jessica – The edition size was based on a number of factors. As these are new items (that is new EPCOT Center themed cases), the team decided to introduce 300 of each. It seems like there are a lot of folks interested in them. So it could pave the way for additional development based on demand.

      @Travis – Since the iPhone 5 was just released last Friday, we don’t have items in our assortment … yet. Look for several iPhone 5 cases come late November / December of this year based on current popular iPhone 4/4s designs. I intend to write an article about them once I see final samples, etc.

  • Just wondering – why are the edition sizes of the iPhone cases so small? I’d absolutely love to get the Figment one, but with a LE of only 300, my chances are slim to none, even if I plan to be there well before park opening.

  • very nice, can you share what merch will be available at the D23 event on the 30th?

  • Is any of this going to be available online? I so wish I could get out there! I don’t want to miss out on Epcot merch!

    • @Mariah – The only items that I know of are going to be the dated EPCOT 30 and 11 World Showcase shirts. They will be sold via the Disney Parks online store from September 28 to October 4. Try – starting Friday.

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