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Epcot Photo Flashback: From the Cranium Command Control Room

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

By popular demand, this week’s Epcot Photo Flashback will focus on the Wonders of Life pavilion attraction Cranium Command.
Cranium Command in the Wonders of Life Pavilion at Epcot

Cranium Command opened at the park on October 19, 1989, and offered a fun look at how “the lean, mean thinking machine,” the human brain, worked. Guests first watched a video in which a rookie recruit, Buzzy, was assigned to take the controls of a 12-year-old boy’s brain. They then entered a theater to join Buzzy inside the boy’s head and saw firsthand how the boy’s brain reacted when different things happened throughout his day.

Which Epcot attraction should we spotlight next Monday? Leave your requests in the “comments” section below.

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  • Cranium Command!Had to see that when we visited! I wish they’d bring it back along with the waffles!! Waffles and Haagen-daz..that would be wonderful!! Really LOVED Parade of Dreams, the music and the feeling was just so awesome, don’t know why they ended it 🙁 It would be a great way to bring people back especially in the slow season don’t you think?!

  • I’d like to see pics of the original entrance to Epcot before Leave a Legacy was put in. Also how about the parade that was at Epcot? Parade of Nations I think?

  • Everyone in my family loved this attraction and whenever we go to Epcot someone always comments on how they miss it. I’d love to see something permanent go into this pavillion. I’d also like to see a flash back to Food Rocks. That is equally missed.

  • Our family had the opportunity to visit Disneyworld back in the early 90’s. I have to say that Cranium Command one was of our favorites! So so funny. We went back several times on that trip just to see it. Anyone know if a video exists somewhere of it? Always wished they had brought that out here to Disneyland.

  • I’ve gotta give a shout out to “Delta Dreamflight” from Tomorrowland. I love the rides that chronicle history (Walt’s Carousel of Progress is my all-time favorite).

    Grew up in the 90’s going to Disney and staying at Fort Wilderness every year – someone else has to remember River Country.

  • Love these articles! Seeing the history of the parks is great!

    My vote would be Horizons. Followed by The Seas, World of Motion, Body Wars…original Journey (including all activities on the second floor!).

    Keep up the great articles! Thanks!

  • Ahh, another gem! I wonder if that chicken in the end ever made it into politics…

  • One thing I really remember about Cranium Command is that the kid never did use the bathroom.

  • Whatever happened to the original Figment?? that was my FAVORITE ride!!! I was little though and don’t remember what the actual ride was called just remember Figment of imagination lol

  • Horizons! I have all the original pavilion logos tattooed on my back, but Horizons- being the fav- is on my calf so that I can actually see it.

  • Kitchen Kaberet – I loved the broccoli with the shades, used to sleep with him every night, until I left him in my Disney bed one night – He took a trip to Textile Services and never made it home 🙁

  • How about “Food Rocks”. I loved that show.

  • Jennifer, is there any upcoming news of anything being put into the Wonders of Life pavillion? I miss seeing these attractions, but would love to hear of them being brought back to life (no pun intended) or something new in its place.

  • I love these classic Epcot flashbacks. Keep them coming! So many great memories. I, too, loved the line, “Where do you think you are, Disney World?” 🙂

    • Thank you!

  • Horizons, Horizons, Horizons, Horizons…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Horizons.

    • So, Horizons then?

  • Thanks for posting this, I can’t wait to share it with my 9 year old son, as we just read about it in the Kingdom Keepers III book!

  • LOVED this attraction! I think it’s still totally relevant today. Hans and Frans wanting to “pump you up”? Classic!

  • My favorite one-liner of all of Disney is from this ride. The mini-show before going in, “Where do you think you are, Disney World?”

  • Yes agree Body Wars!!
    What ever happening to this pavillion anyway, and why??

  • I loved Cranium Command – the casting was great. Bobcat Golthwait as the adrenal glands, George Wendt as the stomach, and Hans & Frans (Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon) as the heart…brilliant! Lots of charm too – we always made a point to see Cranium Command right before or after we ate the waffles in the pavilion for breakfast in the morning.
    For the next photo, how about the original Universe of Energy with the blocks that did a really neat video pre-show?

  • Thank you for this! This was one of my favorite Epcot attractions as a kid. Very funny! It is unfortunate that the Wonders of Life Pavilion is no more, Body Wars was also great fun. Hopefully the space will at some point be used for something new or to resurrect these classic attractions.

    The Original World or Motion or Horizons would be great for future installments!

  • Wonders of Life was such a great pavilion… As for looks back…how about Horizons? A classic and one of my favorite all time rides. Or if you have stuff for what Trons Game Room would have looked like had it been completed…OR…the original Living Seas concept…OR…maybe even Equatorial Africa and Spain? That would all be fun stuff to view and I remember the posters/art/signs while walking along between Germany & China…

    • Oh, Horizons is on the list. 🙂


  • Thanks Jennifer! I loved this attraction! Next week, Body Wars or original Spaceship Earth.

  • Body Wars! Next to Cranium Command and the original Journey into Imagination, Body Wars was a classic when I was a kid in Disney.

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