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Exploring New Fantasyland: The Worlds of Ariel, Belle, Beast & More Come to Life December 6

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

A few readers have recently commented that they’re new to the Disney Parks Blog and need a bit more information on what the New Fantasyland expansion is all about. If you fit in this category, this post is for you!

Let’s rewind:


First of all, Walt Disney Imagineers are bringing the stories of “Beauty and The Beast,” “Dumbo,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” and “The Little Mermaid” to life at Magic Kingdom Park in the form of new attractions, interactive queues, character greetings and one-of-a-kind dining experiences in an expansion called New Fantasyland. This is actually an expansion of the existing Fantasyland, where so many of the attractions you’ve loved in the past, such as Peter Pan’s Flight and “it’s a small world,” are still in place.

Exploring New Fantasyland: The Worlds of Ariel, Belle, Beast & More Come to Life December 6

When New Fantasyland opens December 6, “Beauty and The Beast” fans will able to explore Beast’s Castle (yep, they built it), which is the setting for Be Our Guest Restaurant. This place was inspired by Belle’s fun dining experience in the film, and will offer quick-service lunches and table service dinners (check out the lunch and dinner menus now), and the Disney Dining Plan will be accepted. This restaurant is expected to be extremely popular, so book dinner reservations now!

“Beauty and The Beast” fans can also spend time with Lumiere, Madame Wardrobe and Belle at Enchanted Tales With Belle, a character greeting that truly has to be seen to be believed. Get a sneak peek here! Guests can also visit Belle’s “provincial town” to grab a LeFou’s Brew punch drink at Gaston’s Tavern or shop at Bonjour! Village Gifts.


And now onto “The Little Mermaid.” Prince Eric’s Castle will house the Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid attraction, where guests can travel through an impressive queue that features rushing water, rocky cliffs, and a few surprises. Once inside, they can travel “Under the Sea” to join Ariel on her journey to meet Prince Eric and battle Ursula the evil sea witch.

Exploring New Fantasyland: The Worlds of Ariel, Belle, Beast & More Come to Life December 6

All of New Fantasyland will be in preview phase beginning November 19, which means some of these attractions will be open for very limited operating hours. For guests who can’t wait until then to start their journey in New Fantasyland, the Storybook Circus area of the expansion is already open, which includes the “doubled” Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Casey Jr. Splash N Soak Station, and The Barnstormer – Starring the Great Goofini. Guests in this area will also soon be able to enjoy Pete’s Silly Sideshow character greetings and visit Big Top Souvenirs.

For more news and updates on New Fantasyland, including the addition of Princess Fairytale Hall in 2013 and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in 2014, keep watching the Disney Parks Blog.

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  • When the Disney Storybook Princess’ are relocate the meet and greet areas to Fantasyland, what will become of the meet and greet area of Town Square Theater that is currently designated to those Royal ladies?

  • How do we find out what the exact dates the public previews of fantasy land will be? Also will passholder previews still be happening after the public ones start? Our trip is Nov 22 – Dec 2.

  • I am on pins and needles waiting on the passholder preview. I so want to attend. I have been going at least once a week to keep checking out what has been done. It is going to be fantastic once fully done and open.

  • Jennifer my family and I are planning to visit WDW during the first week of January. I understand how busy this time of the year is but we have tried day after day to make a reservation to the “Be Our Guest” restaurant to no avail. We are vacation club members and have been for years. What should we do?

  • We are taking our granddaughter that will be turning 4 in May. Would you recommend anything special to celebrate her birthday?

  • My best friend and I REALLY wanted to be there for the grand opening; It’s on her birthday! But sadly school got in the way of that so we are going during Christmas instead, which is cool too since I’ve never been to disney during Christmas 😀

  • I love that previews begin the day after Mickey Mouse’s birthday and grand opening is the day after Walt Disney’s birthday. It makes my Disney-trivia-stuffed heart happy.

    • That is cool timing.

  • We will be in MK as well for the Grand Opening, my wife can’t wait. Have they decided a certain time for the Grand Opening yet? Well keep checking the blog for any information.

    • We haven’t announced grand opening details yet. Keep checking back!

  • Hi – When can you find out when the limited times will be that these attractions will be open in November? We are going from November 23-28 and already have reservations for dinner at BOG!

  • Got back from Disney a few weeks ago. It was supposed to be open then. Just booked our trip for next year. Hopefully it will actually be open then.

  • Thank you so much Jennifer for all your help with our questions.

    • You’re welcome.

  • Very exciting we are going january 24-29th.. can’t wait to see the New fantasyland

  • What is the expected date for the Princess Hall in 2013 as we are there in March. So Excited!!!

    • No opening date has been announced yet. Please stay tuned!

  • Hi all looking good cannot wait to see but any more news on well at least which month snow white and the dwarfs is opening??

    • We don’t have this info just yet. As soon as we have a date to announce we’ll post it.

  • I can’t wait for New Fantasyland!!!!! I’m so excited that we’re going for the Grand Opening!

    • Bring your camera! This place is amazing.

  • When the preview phase starts, will there be hours for the new attractions posted each on the board in the park or listed on the Times Guide? Or maybe updated on the Mobile Magic app? Or will we just need to walk by periodically to see what’s open at the moment?

  • Looking forward to the Passholder Preview just waiting on info for date so I can book hotel, etc. Any news on the date yet?

  • You indicate that the Nov 19 opening is for all guests, so does that include the passholders? Received an email that it would be open for us passholders sometime in November and have not received any further updates

    • Yes, “all guests” means anyone. From what I understand, more communication is coming soon on the Annual Passholder previews, so please watch your email carefully. 🙂

  • Would also like to know more info about Passholder previews! We are there for our wedding and honeymoon from 11/1 to 11/12 and would really like the chance to see it.

  • Do you know when the menu for Gastons will be released? Can’t wait to be there, we arrive 11/28 for two and a half weeks of magic!!!

    • Pam Brandon, our Food Author, is keeping up with all the New Fantasyland food news. As soon as she has an update, we’ll share it here.

  • Will we be able to see Sebastian for photo ops, or purchase Sebastian merchandise?

  • Any news on when the passholder preview will be? They said to be on the lookout for emails but I have not received anything yet…hoping it’s at least on a weekend so I can attend!!

  • Jennifer please answer the question everyone is asking! What about the Tangled area on the other side of Small World. There are pictures of all the buildings and construction all over the internet. But its seems like here on the blog you guys just ignore that area. Please confirm what it is – pretty please!

  • This is really looking good. There is so much work going on everywhere in the parks. Very exciting time to be a Disney fan. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

    • Agreed! There will be much to celebrate this December.

  • We are looking forward to seeing the newest Fantasyland additions but we are going to be there Nov 15 -25. I heard there is a preview starting during that time. Does that mean we maybe able to see the attractions or is that not a preview to the public.

    • Preview Phase begins Nov. 19 for all guests. This means that some of the new attractions may be open for limited operating times.

  • I’m so excited to see it all! It feels like the construction walls have been up forever!

    I’ll be there on Friday, can’t wait to see the portions of the castle wall that’s been unveiled 😀

    • Have a great visit, Elizabeth!

  • I am incredibly excited about this expansion and I can’t wait to visit Walt Disney World when it’s all completed!

    I am curious about something though- I heard that Rapunzel’s tower in going up as well. Is there any truth to this rumor? 🙂

  • @Brian, we did too. How exciting that the party is the same night as the Grand Opening!!

  • Looking forward to seeing all the impressive theme work in person. We coincidentally planned Dec 6th as our MVMCP night.

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