NASA Photo Shows Space Shuttle Endeavour Soaring Over the Disneyland Resort

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

On Friday, Sept. 21, thousands gathered at the Disneyland Resort to witness the historic flyover of the Space Shuttle Endeavour as it made its final flight toward its new home here in Southern California. You’ve seen what it looked like from the ground in Valarie’s incredible video, but below you can see what it looked like from the sky – specifically, from the point of view of a NASA photographer who was aboard one of the F-18 chase planes that escorted Endeavour.

NASA Photo Shows Space Shuttle Endeavour Soaring Over the Disneyland Resort

Incredible, right? Were you at the Disneyland Resort on Friday to see Endeavour fly over? Tell us about it in the comments!


  • I was at the top of the Mickey and Friends parking structure as well. It was pretty spectacular to see it fly towards us and then directly above us. I was so excited, my hands were shaking, ha ha. Wish the parking structure got in the photo; that way, I could see if the little splotch of black was me, ha ha!

  • Awesome photo!

  • Thank you Erin for the information.

  • Erin, The plan for my son, Sam, and I was to stop by Cast Member Services on our way out of Anaheim and back to Utah, but it was closed. We drove up to the Mojave Desert and watched the ferry flight from just outside Edwards AFB (one of my photos was picked up by a major news outlet). Thank you for taking time to speak with Sam at the Halloween event. What were the names of the designer that spoke? Was there a photo taken when Sam asked his question about how those men got to where they are? I remember that Dave Bronson joined Sam in asking.

    • It was a pleasure to meet you both, Rochelle! The speakers at our “Get Spookier” Meet-Up were David Caranci and Brian Sandahl.

  • We were outside the park on Harbor and Ball, along with thousands of others. And believe it or not, we were in an area uncrowded enough that there is a little splotch on the photo that I’m pretty sure I can identify as me!

    And a note for Jeff – on NASA’s page on flickr, you can get VERY high resolution versions of this photo – once you find the page with the photo, click on the image itself and a new page will come up with a link to “view all sizes”. (I would post the link myself here except I don’t think it’s allowed.) That will include versions as high as 6048×4032

    • Thanks, Nicholas! I gave the Flickr link above (in case you’d like to use it too).

  • Nice to see it from the “other” angle. Was sure worth the trip down there that day.

  • Hi Erin. I don’t mean to change the subject,but can you tell me if any dates have been set for passholders to attend the candlelight procession at disneyland yet?

    • No problem, Pamela – Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders will be able to attend Candlelight performances from December 3-20, but registration details are not yet available. Keep checking back.

  • Any way to get a higher resolution version of this shot? Thanks!

    • Jeff – Our friends at NASA have the photo available in lots of sizes on their Flickr page.

  • I was in front of the castle….. what an AMAZING site it was to see!!!!

  • We were there on the top of Mickey and Friends parking structure with our kids. We were struck by how directly over our heads it flew. 🙂

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