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New Books for the Disney Library from Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

New Books for the Disney Library from Disney Parks

When I was in high school, I spent many hours at my local library immersed in Disney books (this was before the days of the internet). The hours I spent with my nose in a book probably formed the foundation for my personal Disney library. I recently visited Betsy Singer whose office is three doors away from me. She is the product developer for Media and visiting her office reminds me of visiting a library. There are bookcases lined with newest Disney books, music and movies. I asked her about some upcoming books for Disney Parks.

'A Disney Sketchbook' by Disney Editions

The first book Betsy shared was “A Disney Sketchbook” by Disney Editions. This hard-cover book contains 152 pages of amazing concept sketches from a variety of animated classics. I love looking at concept drawings as they represent the beginning of an idea. Ken Shue, vice president of Disney Publishing Global Art Development, described this book in the foreword he wrote.

“This Sketchbook celebrates the very early stages of Disney filmmaking, in which the human touch defines both a character’s performance and its role in telling a story,” said Ken.

The book reminded me of the recently opened Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, which is filled with similar concept sketches. I was happy to see an image of my favorite Disney villain Hades was included (he rules!). The book will retail for $50.00 and will be released at Disney Parks in October.

'The Toy Story Films – An Animated Journey,' a Recently Released Book by Charles Solomon

From pencil drawings to the computer age, Betsy also shared with me a recently released book by Charles Solomon titled “The Toy Story Films – An Animated Journey.” This 192-page book from Disney Editions features a detailed history of the creation of all three “Toy Story” films. It contains concept images, interviews with those involved with the films and tons of beautiful and brilliantly colored images. It has a retail of $60.00 and is coming to Disney Parks in October.

'Duffy the Disney Bear - Mickey's New Friend' and 'Chef Mickey – Treasures from the Vault & Delicious New Favorites,' Available from Disney Digital eBooks

Speaking of digital things, we have released our first two Disney Digital eBooks. One is the “Duffy the Disney Bear – Mickey’s New Friend,” which was released as a hard cover book in October 2011. The other “Chef Mickey – Treasures from the Vault & Delicious New Favorites” by Disney Parks Blog author Pam Brandon and the Disney Chefs. Both books are now available for download from your favorite eBook retailer.


  • So when you say look for them with your favorite eBook retailer, is Barnes & Noble not included? I don’t see them in the Nook Book Store.

  • these books look AMAZING!! i am definitely going to get the sketch book and the Toy Story one when i come in Jan for the WDW Marathon. i will look for the Chef Mickey book for my Kindle soon. so glad Disney is able to share these awesome books with their fans.

  • Love that you have all 5 of the Kingdom Keepers books out!

  • Can the Disney Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters be updated and brought back? My son used it as an autograph book during our first vacation a few years ago and even the “human” characters got a kick out of seeing their pages. We gave away several as birthday presents to friends that we knew were coming to Disney and they loved them. I was sad to see that it was out of print. Please update it and bring it back!

    • @Chris – I spoke with Betsy and unforutnately there are no plans to reintroduce that book to the market. Sorry I don’t have better news.

  • Steven,

    Too funny! I thought I was the only guy in High School that would spend hours at the library or book stores trying to read about anything Disney. My very first Disney book, that I still have was Birnbaum’s WDW-1986. I was a Sophomore then. Today at age 41, I have a Disney book collection that is worth around $15k. I have every Birnbaum book from 1986 to present along with just about every Disney park book ever written.

    Like you, I have a huge passion for Disney. I also love reading about the merchandise since I have spent my entire career in merchandising, managament, and marketing in the world of retail. I am glad to see I was not the only “Disney Nerd” in High School!!

    • @Shaun – What a great story! I too am glad to know I wasn’t alone. Seriously – I read nearly every Disney book I could find. Sounds like you have quite the collection (color me green 🙂

  • Can you do a video what’s inside of the books? Can’t judge the book by it’s cover. 🙂 You got to show the guts, it will determine if I need to purchase the books.

    • @Shanna – I don’t know of any plans to carry that book outside of Disney Parks.

      @Richard – Have a safe trip! If your daughter loves Duffy, I hope you have seen this article that contains a video version of Duffy’s story –

      ShellieMay is Duffy’s girlfriend and you can currently find her only at Tokyo Disney Resort. We are only focused on Duffy the Disney Bear right now for all other Disney Parks.

      @Kirk – I unfortunately don’t have immediate plans for such a video. Sorry about that. I can say that they both look pretty awesome, and should be available at Disney Parks and other national market locations very soon.

  • Love looking through this section at downtown Disney as well as writers stop int the studios. My daughter loves Duffy so we will have to ge this edition next month on our visit from the UK. I’ve heard rumours that he will be getting a ‘girl friend’ is this true?

  • Is the Disney in Details book ever going to be availble outside the parks? There are alot of books offered in the parks that should at least be availble online at the Disney Store.

  • I look forward to sharing the Duffy book with my daughter today. I’m still on the fence about the cook book. The preview looks great and I love the mix of Disney history and the recipes. It’s not yet available through Amazon, but I can buy it through iTunes.

  • I wanted to purchase the eBook version of the Chef Mickey book, but I just looked and did not see a Kindle edition available on Amazon. Is it not available through the Kindle Store?

    • @Derrick – I spoke with Betsy about your question. We don’t have any plans to carry them via the Disney Parks online store. I know I have seen them available via some other national market online stores.

      @Mary – I’m guessing you probably saw the Poster Art of The Disney Parks book that was recently released –

      I spoke with Betsy who said there will be a new holiday cookbook coming soon. We also released a new souvenir book in June called “Let the Memories Begin.” She didn’t have any confirmed new development at this time for the immediate future.

      @Eric – I learned from Betsy that it should be coming to that store soon.

  • But what about books *about* the Disney parks?

  • Will any of the books be available through Disney Store online?

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