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‘Taste Your Way Around the World’ with a Disney Gift Card at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Presented by Chase

Virginia Scanlon

by , Manager Alliance Management, Disney Gift Card Services

This sure looks appetizing! For the fourth year in a row, Disney Gift Cards will release an exclusive design celebrating this year’s theme for the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival presented by Chase: “Taste Your Way Around the World.”

Disney Gift Card Design for Epcot International Food & Wine Festival presented by Chase: 'Taste Your Way Around the World' Disney Gift Card Design for Epcot International Food & Wine Festival presented by Chase: 'Taste Your Way Around the World' Featuring Mini-Sized Wristlet

This design will be available exclusively at Epcot for a limited time during the festival. It is offered as a full-sized card as well as a convenient mini-sized wristlet so you can literally have it on-hand as you hop from country to country.

Activate your Disney Gift Card for as little as $5 and just swipe to pay for food and more. Your Disney Gift Card can even be reloaded as many times as you want at the majority of festival kiosks. When the festival is over, you can continue using your card since, like all Disney Gift Cards, it’s good for practically all things Disney here at the Walt Disney World Resort and beyond.

Once you arrive at the festival, pick up your own Disney Gift Card, available at Epcot ticket booths and select festival locations. And be sure to keep your Disney Gift Card as a special souvenir once the festivities are over. Bon appetit!

UPDATE: Greetings! Hope everyone has been enjoying the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival as much as we have! With the mini Disney Gift Card having to undergo a last-minute makeover from the wrist coil to the blue band, the Disney Gift Card team greatly appreciates everyone’s understanding. The Disney Gift Card is simply the best way to enjoy the festival by expediting purchases throughout the event and we are pleased to continue this wonderful tradition again this year. Cheers!.


  • So can we buy these gift cards once we arrive at Epcot?

  • Can I only get them at EPCOT or can I get it at Pop Century when I check in? If only at EPCOT where at in EPCOT?

  • I love the idea of the braclet giftcard, however to me it seems more like a pain for one reason, a very big design issue! The little plastic clip that is suppose to hold the card onto the braclet never stays closed. We end up just putting the little card in our pockets. But, the idea of being able to keep it on and not have it fall off would be magical. I think I will try some one else’s suggestion and use a metal key ring to keep the card in place.

  • Quick question if anybody knows the answer…

    I love the convenience that the gift card wristlet provides but for me it’s always ended up being more of a hassle. I’m 24 but I look like I’m 16 so I’m asked for ID at every single kiosk. I don’t mind showing them, I get that it’s their job, but I end up taking my wallet out everytime anyway, it makes the bracklet useless. Does anyone know if theres a bracklet I can get at F&W (like at a bar) that proves I’m 21 so I won’t have to keep going into my wallet and I can enjoy my gift card bracklet?

  • Good Grief people … Let the memories Begin!!

  • Cool. I still have mine from last year, but I will get a new one. Like #14 Grace, I will be there in 8 days as well! Well, it’s actually 7 days now! 🙂

  • I’ve always found the wristlet version of the WDW gift card to be incredibly convenient. I have used these cards in the past at Food and Wine, but this year I loaded a card while spending the day at Typhoon Lagoon. I know exactly how much I am spending and if I lose a card with $15 on it, I’m much better off than losing my debit card!! Now, all they need is to add a card holder to the wristlet for your ID so you have to keep pulling it out to buy wine.

  • 45 Days before we hit F&W…..can’t wait !!

  • So excited about going this year!!! Can’t wait to get my card to tour the many food booths (without my kids)!

  • ACTIVATE just means to load money on the card. It is NOT a fee. It just means that they won’t let you load less than $5 on the card. Any amount can be loaded, from $5 on up.

    We always use these. We load $50 a time, to minimize any losses. We also keep the receipt. If you lose the card and take the receipt to any cash register, they will look up the card, see if any thieves have used whatever may have been left (usually it’s just laying on the ground somewhere, not actually stolen), and they will void out the old card and give you a new one with whatever the remaining balance was. Even better than a credit card, IMO. When it runs out, load up some more. And so much easier than paying with cash at each booth (which is how it was in the “old” days – then you ended up with a bunch of sweaty dollars and change in your pocket).

    Can’t wait to get mine in 8 days!

  • Loved mine, it was a small wristlet one, but I lost it last month when I was in WDW. 🙁 hopefully whoever found it got to see there was $10.00 on it and didn’t toss it in the garbage.
    It was so easy to use, and we kept putting $$ on it. Looking forward to next years F&W.

  • You can purchase gift cards with your Disney Rewards Card, But you are not able to purchase gift cards with other gift cards. There is no fee, just a minimum starting amount of $5.00.

  • I use this every time during the F&W Festival. The card is free when you put money on it, i.e., you say “put $5 on this card” or “put $30 on this card” and you can spend every cent of that. You put money on it using any form of payment accepted at a cashier, including cash, credit.
    I spend it at the food and wine stations, but have also burned off the balance at gift shops.
    Each time you spend on the card, your receipt will tell you the remaining balance.
    You can also top the card up as it runs out if you anticipate spending more.
    To avoid taking home a credit balance on a card you can’t use at home, when you make the last purchase to burn off the balance, you can just pay the remainder in cash, debit or credit. If you’re in front of me in a food line, I hope you’re going to do it with cash 🙂
    You can bring the card back next time, but there are new designs each year, and since the card itself doesn’t cost anything, I get a new one with the new design as a souvenir.
    It would be cool to register the card online and top it up over the internet, but it literally takes a minute to buy or add value, and you can get them everywhere at Epcot, and I’ve had no trouble finding them right up until the last day of the Festival.
    Love them, and nice to see the pretty design. I like the wristlet format for F&W. Convenient!

  • I believe that $5 is the minimum that can be loaded on the card, there has not previously been any activation fee separate from what was being loaded.

    We always use these, easiest way to do Food and Wine. Since its a Disney gift card, anything left on it can be used any where else at Disney.

  • We have been using the same gift card during our Food & Wine visits for six years now. No fee to use or buy, they never expire, unused funds are still good the next year, and it’s an excellent way to budget if there is only a certain amount of money you want to spend each day, or at the Festival. Your food receipts always include the amount left on the card too. We also removed the wrist strap (uncomfortable) and attached an elastic cord which clips to our shirt so it can be scanned, but it never can be forgotten or lost!

  • can you also use the Chase Disney Rewards card to fill up the gift card?

  • Hello =] Do you have to “re-activate” it next year or its just a ONE TIME fee?? This is a FUN idea and I am looking forward to using it =]

  • In past years there was no fee to activate the card, but I do remember you had to put at least $5 a time on it.

    So I am thinking (hoping) that is what they mean by the $5, otherwise I will also be using my debit card. I also wish you could upload the card online vs having to do at the park.

  • Eric, the convenience of this card comes in several forms. First, it’s much easier to track and budget your spending. Going from kiosk to kiosk throughout the day ads up and can get quite expensive.

    However, the primary convenience is that it speeds up the lines. If you use your debit card, please have your form of payment ready BEFORE you get to the front of the line so those behind you aren’t waiting for you to dig your card out of your wallet or purse.

  • Eric, you pay $5 to ACTIVATE the card, you get to spend the $5 on whatever you like, food, wine, mechandise, at the festival, in the parks or and Disney store, it never expires and is so much easier than opening your wallet every 15 minutes as you eat your way around the world.

  • So you pay $5 to be able to swipe this card? Sorry,I will stick to my debit card, and use that $5 for more food. =-)

    Maybe if you got a 10% discount off the food and wine stands, now that would be worth it.

  • hi. I have a ton of $50 Disney Gift Cards. Can I either transfer them to one of these or combine them? I don’t want to be carrying around 10 gift cards all at the same time. Also I will have my Visa rewards, can they be loaded onto the F&W wristlet? Thanks!

  • This is awesome! I can’t wait to get there in November–hope they still have them when we get there! Any idea where I could find a daily schedule of events for the festival–free events included?

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