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Where at Disney Parks Can You Find… Sept. 14, 2012

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

That’s right, we’ve got a new mystery puzzler to lead you into the weekend – and this time, arrows point the way. We’re not saying what this arrow “opens” or “closes” but you can certainly see it somewhere at Disney Parks. Let us know if you’ve spotted it before.


You got it, this week’s mystery image can be found at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World Resort. It’s right there to the left of the 82-foot-tall lobby fireplace. And you can bet, I’ll be in one of those seats later this year.


  • The mistery picture is in the lobby of the Fireplace at Disney’s Wilderness Logde. It’s a great place to keep warm. I like it!.

    • I really like this area too. Thanks Carlos.

  • definitely the enormous fireplace at wilderness lodge

    • Well done, Corey.

  • I’ll let you know in 73 days;) (C’mon, vacation!)

  • Agree with the previous posters, looks like Wilderness Lodge. Maybe the sign for Whispering Canyon or Roaring Forks?

  • Definitely by the huge fireplace at Wilderness Lodge.

    • You are correct, Christyn. Thanks.

  • I am going with somewhere on the Wilderness Lodge property, too. But, on what, I am not sure.

    • Close enough. nice job, Christopher.

  • Hmmm – if it’s Walt Disney World Resort I’d guess it’s at the Wilderness Lodge fireplace – the damper opener?

    • Wonderful guess, Jackie. That’s is indeed the fireplace.

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