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Wildlife Wednesdays: Animal Care Team Creates Hog Heaven at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Dr. Mark Penning

by , Vice President, Animals, Science and Environment, Disney Parks

For my first Disney Parks Blog post, I am very pleased to share with you an example of how our animal care team is always striving to enhance both the guest and the animal experience at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Wildlife Wednesdays: Animal Care Team Creates Hog Heaven at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

The Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge animal care team noticed that the red river hogs were using some natural mud wallows to stay cool in areas where the guests could not see them. They recognized that this is a natural behavior the guests would love to see, and went about filling in those natural wallows while creating a “deluxe version” where guests could get a good view. Then the animal care team figured out how to encourage the hogs to go to the new wallow, and reinforced that behavior. It wasn’t long before being in the new wallow became a highly desirable activity for the hogs. Now we have very happy hogs, happy animal keepers, happy savanna guides interpreting the behavior—and a wonderful natural behavior for guests to enjoy.

Wildlife Wednesdays: Animal Care Team Creates Hog Heaven at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Did you know?

  • The savannas at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge present an exceptional opportunity for guests to see African wildlife in a large, mixed-species habitat right outside the guests’ hotel rooms throughout the day and into the evening.
  • Although the selection of animals on the savanna often changes, in addition to the red river hogs, guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge may see giraffe, Ankole cattle, zebra, okapi, several species of antelope, Abyssinian ground hornbills and ostriches, among many others.
  • The red river hog is a wild member of the pig family that lives in western and central Africa. In the wild, red river hogs eat grasses, berries, roots, insects, small animals and carrion.


  • Hi Mark, like the Njalas and Impalas in the last picture
    Keep those rhinos save

  • Welcome to the blog Dr. Mark!

  • Welcome to the blog writing team! Congratulations on the first post 🙂

    I love all of the animals getting featured on the blog, would love to visit Animal Kingdom myself someday!

    Good luck and we hope to see more posts in the future! 😀

  • LOVE this resort. The savannas make it the most unique Disney hotel in my opinion. I’m glad to hear they are improving something that is already fantastic. Kidani is my home DVC resort but we’ll be staying at Jambo in December. Can’t wait.

  • Congtats on your first post. I love how they saw what the pigs were doing and made it fun for your guests! My boys would really get a kick out of seeing them!

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