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Wildlife Wednesdays: Celebrating $20 Million Donated to Conservation Through Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund

This week, the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF) awarded more than $1.8 million to 75 organizations that were selected for their efforts to protect the world’s wildlife and to connect kids and communities to nature in 40 different countries.


I can remember when the DWCF was created in 1995, so I am especially proud to share that this year’s DWCF annual grants mark the $20 million milestone in conservation giving through this program – supporting more than 800 projects.


One of my favorite Walt Disney quotes is, “You’ve probably heard people talk about conservation. Well, conservation isn’t just the business of a few people, it’s a matter that concerns all of us.” The DWCF truly reaches out to enable many people — from youth volunteers restoring recreational sites in California’s San Bernardino National Forest, to scientists monitoring and training local educators about waterbirds in the Caohai Nature Reserve in China — to take conservation action.

Hats off to the incredible organizations and people who are having such a positive impact on the planet and working to ensure a bright future for the next generation! To see a complete list of 2012 DWCF grant recipients, as well as other information on Disney’s commitment to conservation, visit

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  • Please let us know in what countries these two photos were taken. Thanks~

    • Thank you for asking! The first photo is from an International Crane Foundation conservation project that is helping black-necked cranes at Caohai Nature Reserve in China. The second photo features youth volunteers helping to restore recreational sites in California’s San Bernardino National Forest.

  • The incredible thing about that quote is that it was in 1950! So way before it was “on trend” to be “green.” Walt was an innovator in ways that people don’t realize. Not only in art, animation, and theme parks but also in environmentality. Brilliant!

  • I am SO GLAD when Disney does stuff like this.

    It only helps to perpetuate that Disney does in fact GIVE BACK, and is not ALL ABOUT profit.

    That’s awesome!

    And, not only do they “talk the talk” with their pocketbooks here, they “walk the walk” EVERY SINGLE DAY at their very own Animal Kingdom.

    Awwwww – the animals….. Such new news!! 🙂

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