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A Cool Souvenir Glass for Be Our Guest Restaurant Beverages at Magic Kingdom Park

Check out this fun souvenir goblet for the L’amour Vrai (French for “true love”) beverages to be served at Be Our Guest Restaurant when it opens in New Fantasyland.
A Souvenir Glass from Be Our Guest Restaurant at Magic Kingdom Park

The light-up, castle-themed glass is filled with one of two signature non-alcoholic drinks: an all-natural fruit juice punch and wild berry extract sweetened with organic cane juice and topped with lemon-lime foam, or an all-natural lemonade sweetened with organic cane juice and topped with wildberry foam.

The souvenir goblet is $18.99 with beverage. For just the beverage, it’s $4.19.

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  • Great that there is an all-natural drink! The designer cup is beautiful but a bit beyond my budget.

  • Id the top part of the glass, the clear part, a plastic cup that sits on top or is it integrated into the base? Is it washable?

  • Alicia,

    The top part is a plastic cup that screws out of the base for washing. You can buy the souvenire glass at Village Gifts without the drink for $15.95 (plus tax).

  • I appreciate Disney for always setting an example with special diets. Thank you for your natural and organic offerings as well those that are gluten and casein free.

  • Isn’t French for true love “l’amour vrai” with no “s” on the end?

  • How fun! Is this just for dinner, or available during the counter service lunch as well? We will be there for lunch in just over four weeks, and I can’t wait!

  • The goblet looks wonderful, but not practical for everyday use. Are they also selling glass mugs or pint glasses similar to the Liberty Tree Tavern mugs that are $5 each. I love using my mugs and my pint glasses from Race for the Taste (2009 runDisney) for everyday beverages and so do my kids! Maybe a pint glass set for each park is in order!

  • Is there going to be any way to see the inside of the castle if you aren’t eating at the resturant?

  • This cup is beautiful! I’m looking forward to trying that lemonade. 🙂

    Do you know if the drinks are carbonated? I don’t really like soda.

  • I HIGHLY recommend LeFou’s Brew… It was not quite what we expected, it was BETTER!!

    I love that the cup portion screws out of this goblet. I’ve drank out of it since I purchased it! <3 😛

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