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Autumn Marks Arrival of New Apparel at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


I love the changes that autumn brings to Disney Parks. Between slightly cooler temperatures and the return of my favorite events, fall is a great time to visit. For the softlines team at Disney Theme Park Merchandise, autumn’s return means new apparel arrives at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. I recently met with Disney Design Group artist Casey Jones to survey some must-have shirts this season.


“This fall, guests will see several new designs inspired by experiences at Disney Parks,” explained Casey. “We also listened to fan feedback shared in the spring, which helped shape some design direction this season.”

You may recall my conversation with Casey in March when the Dole Whip and churro shirts were released. A popcorn shirt now joins the celebration of awesomely delicious treats found at Disney Parks. Designed by artist Dave Perillo, the shirt was based partially on requests by popcorn enthusiasts like me.

Another new shirt features a twist on a familiar phrase heard every day on the monorail. You may recall the concession candy packaging last year that inspired the “Please Stand Clear of My Vacation” shirt.


Walt Disney’s quotes were an important part of shirts by Disney Design Group artist Tim Whalen. Casey told me these amazingly soft, tri-blend fabric shirts were created after a trip to California.

“Following a trip to the Walt Disney Archives in Burbank, we thought shirts featuring images of and quotes from Walt Disney would be great additions to our fall line,” continued Casey. “Based on feedback, we also know there are fans who wanted more merchandise featuring Walt.”


Rounding out the overview, the popular “Original Angry Bird” Donald Duck shirt is now available in a female cut. With New Fantasyland on my mind lately, I found the new Belle and Beast shirt entertaining.

My favorite shirt, however, is the “#DisneyVacation” one, mostly because I love the internet! Conversations about Disney vacations are something I have quite often, especially when someone discovers I work for Disney. I hope to see at least one photo of someone wearing that shirt while enjoying a Dole Whip at Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room (sounds like a hashtag challenge).

Check out more merchandise around Disney Parks in the posts below:


  • Why is there a Walt Disney World insignia on the T-shirt with the dedication to Disneyland on it?

    I think the sketch Disneyland Castle would be more appropriate.

  • We’ll be in Disneyworld in January. I MUST have a monorail shirt…where can I find one? 🙂

  • So many cute shirts but why no V-necks? Most flattering type on all lady figures!

  • Is there a way to order any of the walt disney quote shirts by phone? I won’t be able to go to Walt Disney World soon, and they aren’t available online yet. When/Will they be available online?

    • @Caleigh – I invite you to contact Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services at 1-877-560-6477 or via email:

      The team would be happy to assist you. Please reference the item numbers listed below.

      “To All Who Come To This Happy Place” – 400007064737
      “It Was All Started…” – 400007052000
      Walt’s Face – 400007051966
      “It’s Kind of Fun…” – 400007052048

      There are currently no plans right now to carry the Walt Disney shirts online, so mail order may be your best option.

  • I’ll be in WDW at the end of January 2013… will the shirts still be available then or are they limited? Thanks Steven!!

    • @Erin and Stefani – I asked the women’s apparel team who said that the shirt just arrived at Disneyland (which means it should be introduced to locations soon). There was a small delay in receiving the shirt at Walt Disney World. But they hope to have it available soon as well.

      Once released, you have to promise you will have a Dole Whip while wearing it! 🙂

      @Jennifer – The shirts are not limited so you should be able to find options when you are here (note that availability of sizes may vary). They won’t introduce new shirts until spring 2013.

  • Is the pink V-neck dole whip shirt posted in I think June ever going to come in? I’ve looked for it at WDW every week anxiously waiting to buy it… it’s so cute!!!

  • Do you know when the new Dole Whip shirt will be released- ladies version. I had heard that it would be out this Fall, but would love to know when I can buy one.

  • Hopefully they start giving more 3XL options when we come down next month….

  • I loveeeee the new shirts! I was wondering if the Princess shoes pins have already been released? If not then do you have a date?

  • These are so cute! I love the Walt Disney shirts.

  • ilovethepinkwaltdisneyshirt


  • I was there this weekend and only saw a couple of these designs. I really like the “It all started with a mouse” shirt. Didn’t see it.

  • Please let these be available online. I would love to have a Walt shirt.

  • Is there any way I can order one of those monorail shirts? I have several people on my christmas list that would love one!

    • @Robyn – Retails vary between $24-$28 depending on the shirt.

      @Amy – The monorail shirt will be coming to the online store. Meanwhile, you could contact Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services at 1-877-560-6477 or send an email to:

      Reference this item number – 400007051942

  • love the angry birds shirt! what are the general prices of these new shirts?

  • Love the new shirts. Are these also going to be availble on Disneystore soon? That would be awesome. I think that it is a great idea to be able to purchase items that I would find in the parks.

    • @Shanna – Some of the shirts will be carried via the Disney Parks online store including the #DisneyVacation tee, Thumbs Up Mickey tee, Stand Clear of My Vacation tee and Mickey King Card tee. There will be a few others coming as well. I unfortunately don’t have a confirmed launch date but I invite you to visit

  • I quite like the Monorail shirt!

  • LOVE the Donald Angry Bird shirt.

  • Steven,

    Can you post something about the Dr Who T-shirts that are available in the England Pavillion?

    • @Mark – The shirts just arrived at the United Kingdom pavilion in Epcot and have been quite popular! I saw them on Saturday evening when I was at (surprise) Food and Wine Festival again. The shirts are from the national market meaning you can find them other places besides Walt Disney World. They include a shirt featuring a line drawing of the TARDIS, a shirt that says “You Never Forget Your First Doctor,” a shirt with an angel that says “The Angels Have the Phone Box (I haven’t taken my eyes off that shirt!).

  • I love all the T-shirts and will get most, The monorail one is awesome. I love that more Walt tee’s were added we definitely needed that 😉

  • I love the Walt Disney shirts, especially the “It was all started by a mouse” one. That is one of my favorite Walt quotes, along with the Disneyland dedication speech (which I have on a shirt from the ’55 line). Do you happen to have a price for the “mouse” shirt at this time?

    Thanks, as always, for the great post, Steven!

    • @Nicole – Glad you liked the shirt. The “It All Started” shirt currently has a retail of $27.95.

      Here is a listing of the item numbers of shirts shown in this article:

      #DisneyVacation – 400007076518
      Thumbs Up Mickey – 400007076464
      Please Stand Clear of My Vacation – 400007051942
      I Just Can’t Wait to Be King – 400007152151
      King Mickey Card – 400007093829
      “To All Who Come To This Happy Place” – 400007064737
      “It Was All Started…” – 400007052000
      Walt’s Face – 400007051966
      “It’s Kind of Fun…” – 400007052048
      Original Angry Bird (Women’s) – 400006878649
      It’s Complicated – 400006878779

      And for popcorn fans…

      Walt Disney World Popcorn Tee
      Small -400007076761
      Medium – 400007076778
      Large – 400007076785
      X-Large – 400007076792
      2X-Large – 400007076808

      Disneyland Popcorn Tee
      Small – 400007076716
      Medium – 400007076723
      Large – 400007076730
      X-Large – 400007076747
      2X-Large – 400007076754

  • The Beauty and the Beast shirt will definitely be coming home with me in a couple of weeks. May have to take you up on your hashtag challenge. Any excuse for a Dole Whip, right?

    • @Lauren – Count me in! There is always room for one more Dole Whip.

  • Do you know when the new Duffy outfits will be coming out?

    • @Margie – Funny you should ask! I was working today on an article about some new Duffy items. Look for it soon on the Disney Parks Blog. I can say that you will see a couple new outfits in the next month or two.

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