Create Your Own Disney Parks Magic at Home this Halloween

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Between carved pumpkins, after-hours parties and tasty treats, Halloween is one of my favorite times of year at Disney Parks. Wouldn’t you like to bring some of that Disney magic into your home this Halloween? How about conjuring up the 999 happy haunts that inhabit the Haunted Mansion?

Make Your Own Haunted Mansion Ghost Masks Make Your Own Haunted Mansion Cupcake Tombstones

Our friends at have hundreds of fun, Disney-inspired craft ideas – including tons for Halloween. Two of my favorites are these Haunted Mansion Ghost Masks and Haunted Mansion Cupcake Tombstones. They’re so easy – you just print them and cut them out. Add the mask to an old suit and the tombstones to some delicious cupcakes and you’ve got your Haunted Mansion-inspired Halloween costume and snacks!

Check out for more ideas.


  • I am SO making these cupcakes–the “headstones” are just adorable! Halloween will be exactly three weeks until we leave for Disney World, so it will be a double celebration at our house.

  • Awesome ideas! But both links go to the cup cake pdf. How do I get to the Haunted Mansion Ghost Masks? Got to have that for Halloween night!

    • Good catch, Paul! I’ve fixed the mask link, so it should take you to the correct page now. Thanks!

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