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Disney Parks After Dark: Main Street Electrical Parade in Fast-Forward at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

It’s Thursday night, which means it’s time for another Disney Parks After Dark photo.

Attractions aren’t the only things that add bright color to Disney Parks during the evening hours – entertainment elements, like the Main Street Electrical Parade also brighten up the night.
An After-Dark View of the Main Street Electrical Parade in Fast-Forward at Magic Kingdom Park

In this week’s update, photographer Todd Anderson shows us what the Main Street Electrical Parade would look like in fast-forward. I like these shots because it’s as if you can see the glittering pixie dust whisking by!

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  • I’ve never seen it before!!! When will it be back to Disneyland???

  • Please Please bring the parade back home to Disneyland. We miss it out here so much!

  • HaHa Charles! That was my exact thought when I first saw this! I remember when they packed up the parade to leave. Now I think it is about time for it to come back to CA. I mean we have “glow with the show” and this parade should be the next item on the list! HINT HINT!

  • Jennifer,

    When is the Light Parade scheduled to come back to Disneyland (California) or California Adventure?

    We’d all like to know 🙂


  • The first picture of the Tinkerbell float is from Disney California Adventure (you can see Grizzly Peak in the background) and is not from the Magic Kingdom.

  • Um…. the pictures posted don’t match the description. These look like normal photos, not long-exposure ones to give the effect of “super speed” (which are always really fun pictures to take/see)…

  • Hi, I was wondering, can you see the Electrical Parade every night at Magic Kingdom or are there special nights? Thanks!

    • It’s nightly. 🙂

  • I so miss this being at Disneyland… I even had the Electric Light Parade Theme in part my my wedding (very happy music)

  • I love the MAIN STREET ELECTRICAL PARADE. I watched it every time I went to Magic Kingdom as a child and my kids have grown up watching it. We have had so many memories over the years waiting for and watching the parade. PRICELESS!!!

  • When is it coming back to Disneyland?

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