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Frozen Draft Beer Comes to U.S. at the Japan Pavilion at Epcot

Frozen Kirin draft beer? Yep, and you can only find it in one spot in the continental U.S.: the Japan Pavilion at Epcot. (It’s also sold in Honolulu).


Already a hit in Tokyo, Japan, and sold at more than 650 locations, you’ll find the frozen Kirin in the Garden House, the Kabuki Cafe and in the Tokyo Dining restaurant, says Bob Miller, dining operations manager for Mitsukoshi USA at Epcot.

For the record, it’s a light frozen topping made of beer that keeps the draft nice ‘n cold for about 30 minutes. The topping looks a little like ice cream – but it’s actually beer and tastes like beer.

“The guests were apprehensive, but very curious,” says Miller. “But once they try it, they often come back for another and bring their friends – it definitely makes the beer colder and keeps it colder longer, which is a good thing in the Florida sunshine.”

Cost is $8.

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  • Pam, where in Honolulu is this delectable treat available? Aulani perhaps?

  • I will be trying next week…can’t wait!

  • Hubby’s mouth is watering! 123 days and counting

  • I love it! If you a beer lover, you should try it. I bet you will be a repeater.

  • Definitely something we are going to try. Sounds delicious right about now 🙂

  • any chance it’s coming to California Adventure? a nice little cart next to the beer station would be awesome! 😀

  • We’re going to “Drink Around the World” in December so I think this will be my drink of choice for Japan! I’m always down to try something new!

    PS – Anyone have suggestions on any “must try” drinks at the other countries??

  • Definitely trying this in 43 days!

  • I tried this last time I was up at Epcot .. and it’s EPIC!

  • A little kick to teh Kaki Gori. 🙂 I’ll check it out on our Toyko Dining reservation this Sunday.

  • Exciting. I’ve been dying to try this since I heard about it a few years ago. I don’t think it’ll be good, but I’m always interested in new beers / ways to drink beer.

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